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Together, we have 9 years of consulting experience with McKinsey & Company and have coached 100s of candidates to land offers with top-tier consulting firms. We consistently rank as the best McKinsey case and PEI coaches on the web (see the PrepLounge ratings below).


– 5 years with McKinsey
– 3 years in Strategy Research
– Now driving global crypto adoption
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– 3.5 years with McKinsey
– 2 years with United Nations
– Now disrupting the restaurant industry

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Why 9 out of 10 candidates that practice with us receive an offer

Getting into top-tier consulting is tough. Only 1 applicant out of 100 receives the desired offer. At StrategyCase.com, we help you to turn the odds in your favor and land your dream job. We guide you and show you how it’s done from start to finish.


We help you pass the screening stage by providing essential tricks for networking, job application advice, and blueprints for outstanding application documents for top-tier firms.

We guide your interview preparation to improve your trajectory, and learnings right from the start. Our candidates don’t lose any time and prepare more efficiently and effectively.


We elevate your case interview performance by sharing the case interview secret sauce. Candidates that train with us understand how to crack every case and what is expected of them.

We teach you how to ace the personal fit interviews by helping you model your stories, covering the ‘what-to-tell’ and ‘how-to-tell’. Our coachees know how to sell themselves and impress interviewers.

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Our approach follows the stages of the consulting application life cycle.

1. Start out by reading our freely available articles on consulting applications, digital assessments, case interviews, and the consulting lifestyle to get an idea of where you’ll be heading. More info here.

2. Check out our application document guides for cover letters and resumes (including ready-to-use templates) that allow you to complete stellar consulting applications within less than 1 hour. The guides and templates are tailored to contain the right content, keywords, phrases, and stories to maximize your chances to receive the invitation to the interviews. Additionally, we offer cover letter and resume editing services. More info here.

3a. Specifically for McKinsey candidates, we have developed a 104-page guide (includes Excel templates and 4 videos on gameplay and strategies) on how to prepare and ace the McKinsey Problem Solving Game developed by Imbellus. The information and strategies contained in the guide will put you on top of current McKinsey applicants. The guide is constantly updated with latest developments in the game. More info here.

3b. For BCG, we have developed a BCG Online Case and AI Chatbot Case Guide here, that will help you outscore other candidates in the online case, the video interview, and the Pymetrics test. More info here.

3c. For Bain, we offer a Bain Online Test Guide, which covers the Bain SOVA, the business case, the video interview, and the Pymetrics test. More info here.

4. Specifically for McKinsey, we have developed our Ready-for-McKinsey (RfM) video academy, which consists of 40 educational videos that dissect a typical McKinsey interview step by step. We cover both the business case interview including structuring, exhibit and math questions as well as the personal experience interview with its dimensions leadership, personal impact, and entrepreneurial drive. We employ a “contrasting method” by showcasing you how bad, good, and excellent candidates would answer the questions. Through this we are able to demonstrate interview best-practices, the most common mistakes to avoid, and what it really takes to receive an offer. This video program is the best resource for McKinsey interviews out there. More info here.

5. We offer drills for each core element of the case interview. You can learn more about the topics by clicking on the following links: Structuring drills, chart interpretation, and case interview math. We also help you understand the most relevant information about all different industries that you have to deal with a case interview with our industry overviews and cheat sheets.

6. Book a case interview appointment to benefit from our real MBB interviewer experience. We have successfully coached 100s of candidates on their journey of getting offers with top-tier firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. Our approach differs from the usual interview coachings and teaches you specific habits and tools to crack every case, regardless of the context or industry. We also offer behavioral and personal experience interview practice and coaching. We consistently rank as the best McKinsey case and PEI coaches on PrepLounge. More info here.

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