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Every ambitious case interview candidate understands the intricacies of preparing for the interviews, yet many approach it in the wrong way, leading to extremely high failure rates and rejections. Our program is designed to transform your understanding into mastery, ensuring you generate replicable successes in every case interview, time and time again.


Dive into the minds of former McKinsey interviewers through 25 video lessons and 100 case and brainstorming problems. Learn frameworks and brainstorming techniques that are the secret weapons of the most successful case coaches on the web. This content on first-principles case structuring and idea generation, typically reserved for high-ticket 1-on-1 coaching sessions, is now at your fingertips.


Master the art of data and chart interpretation with our 29 comprehensive learning modules and data analysis drill package. Grasp the subtle art of deriving insights from complex datasets and visual information. Our expert-crafted content ensures you can analyze and leverage data to bolster your case arguments effectively.


Conquer every numerical challenge with ease. Our curriculum includes a 25-lesson learning program and targeted practice drills and exercises developed to MBB standards, ensuring you’re solving current and relevant case math problems—not outdated scenarios from a decade ago. Each drill is designed to enhance your quantitative agility and precision.


With hundreds of meticulously constructed practice drills and the wisdom distilled from thousands of real MBB interviews, our package is the definitive tool for your case interview preparation. We don’t just prepare you; we make you ready for the consulting world’s rigorous interview standards.

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Your one-stop-shop for case interviews includes the following products

The content is based on our extensive experience as McKinsey interviewers and case coaches with more than 1,600 interview sessions conducted (verified via PrepLounge and StrategyCase directly)

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Case Interview Structuring

Arm yourself with tools and techniques to deconstruct any case interview problem, understand the foundations of a solid case framework, and develop the skills for on-the-spot structured and effective communication. Master the art of structured brainstorming to quickly generate profound and creative answers within a systematic process.

Step up your practice with 100 current and pertinent cases based on real MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) case creation guidelines, complete with evaluation metrics and detailed explanations, offering a genuine consulting interview preparation experience.

strategycase chart interpretation drills course

Case Interview Chart Interpretation

Get the insights you need for every chart, every time, and make your mark in the analytical part of the case interview. Our program offers a real MBB consultant’s approach with specialized techniques for navigating chart and data interpretation, alongside a comprehensive course with extensive basic and advanced drills.

Practice your skills with 50 modern data and chart interpretation cases and gain the confidence you need to excel in any interview situation by mastering chart and data analysis. Outperform your peers by finding the crucial hidden insights in the data.

the image is the cover of the case interview math mastery package for mckinsey, bcg, and bain

Case Interview Math Mastery

Crack every case interview math problem by diving deep with our extensive course and seasoned insider’s guide. Enhance your accuracy and speed with our comprehensive learning program, leaving no stone of case interview math unturned to help you intuitively and naturally understand simple and complex quantitative problems.

Hone your skills through 2,000 authentic practice and case problems with detailed answer breakdowns, enabling you to progress from a novice to a pro in mathematical problem-solving swiftly. Optimize your preparation with instant feedback.


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Dive deep into each element of a case interview and learn how to come up with the perfect case opening or brainstorming answer, interpret a chart like an MBB consultant, and perform math like a quantitative wizard.

Practice what you have learned with our structuring and brainstorming drills, chart and data table interpretation drills and quantitative drills.


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The case interview preparation package is very well crafted. It offers a deep dive into the nuances of the case interview parts and breaks them down into comprehensible steps. The drills closely mirror real scenarios and include a self-evaluation mechanism to help improve your approach. They feature a feedback loop helping you become better and understand why certain solutions work. This package is dense but a must have for anyone serious about nailing their case interviews.

1 day ago

I highly recommend this to anyone who is preparing for consulting interviews. It's a well designed prep suite that covers not only the theory for each element of the case and variations but also all essential practice materials for creating MECE issue trees, analyzing charts from interviewers and cracking case math problems. Florian's offer to help with questions and case problems at all times adds significant value to the overall experience.

1 month ago

Great collection of lessons and practice exercises that accompanied me throughout my whole case prep. Top-notch when it comes to depth of content and quality and variety of practice.

2 months ago

Comprehensive preparation for consulting interviews, also on a tight timeline. The package includes three different courses on case structuring, data interpretation and case math problems. Each course is split into a theory section with videos and slide presentations and a practice section.

The theory lessons are straight to the point and provide clear guidance on dealing with the different segments of the case from a process perspective, like what you need to do and also how to think about it, like thinking techniques and mental shortcuts to break down different problems for a case structure for example. The practice parts are extremely exhaustive with many questions and problem sets to work on. I had a very tight timeline so I made sure to get the insights from the courses and then apply it to a couple of problems, which worked surprisingly well. I still wish I had time to go through more practice.

I think all three courses are great but in the short term I benefitted most from the structuring and chart courses. The way that these courses teach you how to think about the different challenges is quite unique and much more effective and realistic than other materials I looked at.

3 months ago

This bundle was a huge development booster. I've done a lot of case prep and even worked with a few case coaches before but the structured courses and the practice resources are second to none. You need to invest effort to practice but I think this package is all you need to become an proficient case solver.

3 months ago
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