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Last Updated on January 25, 2024

Understanding the nuances of the recruitment process is crucial for aspiring consultants, especially when it comes to innovative formats like the BCG One-Way Video Interview. Developed in collaboration with Spark Hire, this interview style is a key component of Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) modern approach to assessing candidates.

This guide aims to provide a clear and detailed overview of what the BCG one-way video interview entails. We’ll explore the format’s specifics, delve into the types of questions you can expect, and offer practical advice on how to prepare your responses effectively.

Whether you’re new to the consulting application world or looking to refine your interview skills, this article serves as an educational resource to help you navigate this unique aspect of BCG’s recruitment process with confidence and clarity.

Why Did BCG Introduce the Video Interview?

The introduction of the video interview marks a significant shift for BCG, particularly notable because top-tier consulting firms like BCG seldom alter their recruiting strategies and operations. This new format represents a modern approach to their candidate assessment process.

The reasons behind introducing this video interview format align with those commonly found in remote assessments. They reflect a broader trend towards more flexible and technologically integrated evaluation methods in the recruitment process.

1. It helps to filter a greater number of candidates with fewer HR resources

Similar to the Online Case and Chatbot Interview or Pymetrics, BCG can score candidates’ performance remotely, not needing any resources related to administering the test in a BCG office on a BCG computer. This way, a greater number of candidates can be evaluated, who previously would not have made the cut with their resume alone.

2. The one-way video interview is generating more insights into candidates’ profiles

BCG’s primary screening filter so far was the resume or CV, which can only ever provide hard data on each candidate. What have they done? How successful were they? With a test like this, recruiters get a completely new dimension of their candidates. It allows them to see behind the curtain on to the ‘softer’ personality and character factors.

Summing up, with the one-way interview, the evaluation process becomes more efficient, allowing for a greater number of candidates and an additional screening device for cultural fit.

BCG Online Case: The Insider Guide

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The Format of the Video Interview

The BCG one-way video interview serves to personalize your application process. In this format, you’ll be presented with three questions on your device (be it a computer or smartphone). Your task is to formulate an answer for each question and then record your response, one at a time, through video.

Interestingly, you’re given unlimited time to prepare your answers, with each recorded response capped at approximately 3 minutes.

It’s important to note that this video interview is just one component of BCG’s comprehensive recruiting process. Your performance in the video interview will be evaluated alongside all other aspects of your application, ensuring a holistic assessment. The hiring decisions at BCG are made based on the entire spectrum of the recruitment process, not solely on the video interview segment.

As for the specifics of the process, BCG outlines it as follows:

You will receive a link via email 1-2 days after the online application deadline. Once you click that link, the Spark Hire video platform will open in your web browser. First, you will be asked to grant Spark Hire permission to access your webcam and microphone. Then you’ll be invited to watch a welcome video and in-depth tutorial, and to complete a practice video question. When you indicate you’re ready to start your BCG video interview, the first question will appear on the screen. The video interview will not be in the case interview format. Instead, we’ll ask you a few questions about experiences you’ve had and goals you’re pursuing to help us get to know you better.

The video interview process, including set-up and tutorials, should take no more than 45 minutes. You will have the option to pause the interview after each question and come back to it later. You will need to complete all the questions by designated due date (provided with video interview prompt) in order for your application to be considered complete. If you are in the middle of completing your video interview, and the deadline hits, your video will be deemed incomplete. You must submit your completed video BEFORE the deadline hits.

Instructions for BCG one-way video interview candidates

Who is Required to Take This Assessment?

Candidates from European and Asian offices have reported their participation in the one-way interviews. For some, it was part of the first-round interviews, for others it was in conjunction with the BCG Online Case and Chatbot Interview or the Pymetrics Test. Similarly to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game approach, we expect a full global roll-out at some point.

Ace the BCG One-Way Video Interview: Preparation and Tips

With the right BCG One-Way Video Interview preparation and understanding of what to expect, you can easily make a positive impression during this critical stage of the BCG assessment process. To guide you effectively, this article will first explore the types of questions you may encounter.

Following that, we will offer valuable BCG One-Way Video Interview tips, focusing on detailed preparation strategies and techniques for answering questions effectively.

The Questions of the BCG One-Way Video Interview

BCG maintains a diverse pool of questions for their interviews. During your session, three of these questions will be chosen at random. To help you prepare, we’ve listed some standard questions below that you should consider and formulate responses for in advance.

This list represents just a selection of the common questions we’ve gathered from our mentees’ experiences with the BCG One-Way Video Interview. It’s important to remember that your preparation should be broader, mirroring the comprehensive approach taken for consulting fit interviews.

Each question provides an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your qualifications and personality, so a well-rounded preparation is key. For a deeper understanding of what to expect in fit interviews and how to prepare effectively, we recommend exploring our detailed article on fit interview strategies. This resource will offer you additional insights and tips to enhance your overall preparedness for the BCG interview process.

In the next section, we tell you how to prepare these answers.

Preparation Tips for the BCG One-Way Video Interview

Firstly, your preparation should encompass a comprehensive range of potential personal fit questions. This involves not only understanding the typical questions asked in such interviews but also crafting thoughtful, authentic answers that reflect your experiences and skills. Once you have a solid grasp of the content, the next step is practice. Rehearsing your answers helps refine your delivery, ensuring clarity and confidence in your responses. Finally, pay attention to the environment where you’ll record your video responses. Choose a quiet, well-lit space with a neutral background to minimize distractions and ensure you are clearly visible. Ensure your recording setup – including camera, microphone, and internet connection – is tested and functioning optimally.

By addressing these three key areas – comprehensive preparation, practice, and a suitable recording environment – you’ll be well-equipped to present yourself effectively in the BCG One-Way Video Interview.

Practicing Answers for the Video Interview

Drawing from our extensive experience with McKinsey interviewers and personal coaching, we have devised the SCORE Framework. This framework is specifically designed to guide candidates in effectively responding to personal fit and behavioral interview questions. You can also employ the SCORE Framework for your BCG One-Way Video answers.

For more, please have a look at the following article, in which we discuss this framework in great detail.

the image displays the SCORE framework, a tool to answer fit questions in consulting interviews
The SCORE Framework – A tool for answering behavioral interview questions in consulting

How can you use this framework for the BCG video interview?

Let’s use a very common question as an example:

Why do you want to work in consulting?

BCG video interview question

Here is a high-scoring answer based on the SCORE Framework:

Situation: My desire to work in consulting is driven by five key reasons: a passion for tackling challenging issues, the potential for significant impact early in my career, the opportunity to collaborate with talented global colleagues, the promise of a clear career path with a steep learning curve, and the tangible benefits and diverse exit opportunities consulting offers.

Complication: Despite completing several internships in corporates and startups, I found these experiences lacking in terms of motivation and professional growth. They didn’t offer the stimulating environment I was seeking.

Expected outcome: This realization led me to seek a more fulfilling career path, one that would match my ambitions and long-term career goals.

Remedial action: To explore my options, I engaged with peers in the consulting field, immersed myself in industry research, joined a university consulting club, and undertook pro-bono projects for public sector clients.

End result: These experiences solidified my decision to pursue a career in consulting. The insights I gained and my hands-on involvement have reinforced my resolve to join a top-tier consulting firm, which brings me to my application with your esteemed organization today.

Adopting the SCORE Framework for preparing answers to every personal fit and behavioral question is crucial for achieving maximum clarity and impact. This structured approach ensures that your responses are not only comprehensive but also effectively convey your experiences and qualifications. Start by methodically breaking down each question according to the SCORE components: Situation, Complication, Expected outcome, Remedial action, and End result. This will help you craft responses that are both organized and engaging.

By consistently using this framework, you’ll develop a habit of thinking and responding in a way that resonates with interviewers via video or in person. It allows you to present your experiences and skills in a narrative that is easy to follow and leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, this practice will enable you to handle a wide range of questions with confidence, as you’ll have a reliable structure to fall back on. The key is not just to answer the questions but to weave your story in a way that demonstrates your fit for the role and the value you can bring to the organization.

General Tips for Taking the BCG One-Way Video Interview

Here are some general tips for effective interview preparation, applicable to both in-person and video interviews:

  1. Rehearsal: After drafting your answers, practice them thoroughly. Rehearse in front of a mirror or record yourself to critique and improve your presentation style. Alternatively, practicing in front of friends and soliciting their feedback can be highly beneficial.
  2. Structure and Focus: Adhere to the SCORE framework to structure your answers. Always communicate in a clear, top-down manner and avoid digressing into irrelevant topics.
  3. Energy and Authenticity: Exhibit high energy and authenticity in your responses. Aim for a natural and engaging tone, as if you are conversing personally with someone.
  4. Preparation Time: Allocate ample time for answer preparation. There’s no set time limit for preparing your responses. Ideally, have all your draft answers prepared and printed, ready to be adapted based on the specific questions asked.
  5. Clarity and Volume: Speak clearly and audibly, ensuring your voice is projected well.

Optimal Setup for Your BCG One-Way Video Interview

  1. Technical Setup: Check and ensure that your computer, internet connection, audio, and video are functioning properly well before the interview. Avoid last-minute preparations to circumvent technical issues.
  2. Environment and Background: Tidy up your interview area and select a quiet, distraction-free environment for recording. Ensure the background is neat and professional, avoiding items that could cause glare or distractions.
  3. Professionalism: Treat the interview with formality. Dress in appropriate business attire, maintain eye contact with the camera, and make sure there are no distracting elements in your background.

Your Comprehensive Guide to BCG Online Case Experience

We’ve developed an all-in-one solution for all BCG Aptitude assessments. Our extensive 123-page guide, created in collaboration with previous test-takers and BCG insiders, covers the chatbot interview, the online case, the one-way video interview, and the Pymetrics. The guide provides:

  • A thorough breakdown of each assessment, the skills tested, and tips on the best ways to approach each.
  • The most effective preparation advice, tools, and exercises for each assessment.
  • Insider strategies for taking the tests to optimize your scores for each test and game.
  • 5 sample Casey tests to mirror the real BCG Online Case Assessment experience.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to

  • answer all questions accurately within the stipulated time
  • present yourself impressively for the recommendation part
  • practice most efficiently and save time
  • stay confident that you’re always preparing for the most current version
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