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the image shows a candidate going through the bcg cognitive test

The BCG Cognitive Test: Insights and Preparation Strategies

In February 2024, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) introduced a new cognitive assessment in several of its global offices, including Germany – the BCG Cognitive Test. This strategic move, anticipated to expand worldwide, marks a significant shift in how potential consultants are evaluated, and a move away from the BCG Casey Chatbot Test. The introduction of…
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the image is the cover for an article about the LEK numerical reasoning test

Mastering the L.E.K. Numerical Reasoning Test: Your Ultimate Guide

In the field of management consulting, L.E.K. Consulting is a notable firm, established in 1983. It has developed a reputation for providing transformative strategies and actionable insights to businesses globally. The firm, with its offices located in various countries, plays a role in influencing the direction of industries and markets around the world. But as…
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the image is the cover for an article on rejections and ban period in consulting applications

Ban Period In Consulting Applications

The consulting industry is highly competitive, and landing a job at one of the top firms like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain is a major accomplishment. However, not every applicant will succeed on their first attempt, and in all cases, a rejection can come with a ban period that prevents the applicant from applying again for…
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the image is the cover for an article on the kearney recruitment test

Kearney Recruitment Test: How to Prepare and Ace It (2024)

The Kearney Recruitment Test is a typical consulting aptitude test, combining numerical, verbal, and other case skill assessments for you to pass if you want to work for Kearney. It is employed in a similar way as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, the BCG Online and Chatbot Case / BCG Pymetrics or the Bain SOVA and acts as an additional screening device…
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the image is the cover of an article on the bain sova assessment

Bain SOVA Test (2024): Proven Strategies to Prepare and Succeed

The Bain SOVA Test is one hurdle to pass if you want to work for Bain & Company. Bain has partnered with SOVA, a UK-based provider of aptitude tests to add an element to their recruiting process. Depending on the office it can be either a gatekeeper between application screening and the case interviews or is used in…
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