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15 Consulting Brainteasers to Practice

In the competitive world of consulting, standing out from the crowd and demonstrating your problem-solving prowess is crucial to landing your dream job. Consulting firms are notorious for their challenging interviews, which often feature brainteasers designed to test your analytical thinking, creativity, and mental agility. Especially tier-2, the Big 4, boutique, and in-house consulting firm…
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Bain Hypothesis Planning Case Interview

The Bain Hypothesis Planning Case Interview is a specific case interview format. This type of interview is not always part of the assessment yet we are receiving occasional reports from our clients having to go through it. All of them have reported feeling clueless about this format, but with a better understanding of what it…
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Bain’s new case interview format

Bain & Company is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. Founded in 1973, the firm provides management consulting services to businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations around the globe. Bain is known for its expertise in strategy, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, organizational performance, and marketing, among other areas. One of the factors that…
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Ban period in consulting applications

The consulting industry is highly competitive, and landing a job at one of the top firms like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain is a major accomplishment. However, not every applicant will succeed on their first attempt, and in all cases, a rejection can come with a ban period that prevents the applicant from applying again for…
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The Pyramid Principle: A guide to effective business communication and case interviews

Proper business communication is a critical aspect of success in the consulting world, which is also why it is evaluated as one of the key metrics in a case interview. Whether it is through presentations, reports, or client interviews, the ability to clearly articulate ideas and information is essential for advancing one’s consulting career in…
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