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the image shows a sea turtle as the cover for an article on the mckinsey ocean cleanup game which is part of the solve game

McKinsey Solve Ocean Cleanup Game (2024)

The McKinsey Problem Solving Game (PSG) or simply “McKinsey Solve” has made waves since its introduction in late 2019 in the recruiting process of the Firm. It’s been a benchmark for testing analytical and problem-solving skills in potential consultants in a gamified environment. Since we launched the first global Solve Guide at the end of…
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the image is the cover for an article on the mckinsey solve game red rock study. the image showws a consultant working on an analysis on a computer,

McKinsey Solve Game: Red Rock Study

McKinsey Solve’s Redrock Study game is a unique addition to the Problem Solving Game lineup that evaluates candidates’ skills in data collection, processing, and interpretation, case math, and numerical and verbal reasoning. The McKinsey Problem Solving Game challenges candidates to utilize these skills effectively in a simulated setting, making it a pivotal part of the…
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the image is the cover for an article on the McKinsey application process

McKinsey Applications (2024): The Insider Guide by Former Interviewers

Embarking on the journey to join McKinsey & Company ranks among the toughest challenges for job seekers in the corporate world. Esteemed by Forbes as the toughest firm to get, this top-tier consulting firm accepts merely 1% of its applicants. What sets the McKinsey interview process apart is its uniquely rigorous resume screening, case interviews,…
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the image is the cover for an article on the mckinsey solve game

McKinsey Solve Game (2024): How to Prepare and Ace the Imbellus

The McKinsey Solve Game, previously known as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, Digital Assessment, or informally as ‘the Imbellus’, serves as a pivotal tool for the renowned consulting firm in evaluating prospective candidates. This assessment is utilized in tandem with the infamous case interviews and personal experience interviews (PEI). For those wondering how to prepare…
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