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Discover effective structuring and brainstorming strategies from former McKinsey consultants. Learn how to desconstruct modern case problems and practice what you have learned with our drill package.

Transform how you think about case interviews.

Case interview problems demand structure, clarity, and precision. We offer you the training and drills to meet these demands head-on.


Equip yourself with the tools and thinking techniques to deconstruct every case interview problem, from understanding the qualities and principles of a strong case framework to the thinking techniques to get there, and the right communication and probing habits.


Learn the right tips and tricks to think on your feet and quickly create broad, deep, and creative answers for brainstorming questions, all within a structured process, just like an MBB consultant would do in a real client discussion or partner talk.


Tired of practicing with the same old low-quality case interview books with outdated content and standard questions? Practice with 100 current and relevant cases, crafted using real MBB case creation guidelines, evaluation metrics, explanations, and answer keys. You can listen to the case prompt and brainstorming questions for a fully realistic practice experience.

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The one-stop shop solution for your structuring and case interview math preparation.

Combine our video program and guide with 2,000 case math drills to maximize your case interview performance.

Contains 25 instructional videos with examples and a 40-page guide and quick reference handbook.

Additionally, contains 1,000 math drills, 720 advanced math drills, 100 business problems, 50 chart math questions, and 21 full MBB case interview math problems, as well as detailed answer keys.



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The course walks you through each step of creating case interview frameworks in a very structured way. I learned what to do and how to tackle a case from the very beginning, like what the role of the framework is and how to make sure I develop a structure that is broad and deep enough to understand the problem of a client for the analysis that follows.

The practice is great too. I have been working on the sample cases every day now and it made a decisive difference in how I think about case problems and real world problems too. Until now my frameworks were always going into all different kinds of directions without having a common logic that would tie the ideas or buckets together. I am not able to write down all the things I learned but there are many. It's actually relatively easy if you get the hang of it.

1 day ago

The structuring course itself is concise yet explains really well how to approach frameworks and case problems in general. It is broken into several sections with a good flow that starts with why frameworks are needed for a good start into the case and why they are used to assess you. There are different framework and brainstorming sections with simple rules and steps to follow that help with breaking down every problem. A lot of emphasis is on creating a replicable approach that should work in every situation or for any problem. Even if you already know a lot, you can still find ideas to improve your case structuring and brainstorming skills. Still, I wish I had found this earlier as it made me change my approach quite a bit.

It also comes with many case prompts and brainstorming questions that are broken down with several sample solutions. I think the practice really drives the theory home. The questions are fun to think about and very diverse from different industries and problems. There are often several detailed sample answer per question that are equally effective at dissecting the problem. I also like the feature that you can choose between reading the case prompts and listen to an audio recording as this makes the experience more realistic.

The support is also excellent. The course encourages you to share your solutions for feedback. I had one clarification question and received a personal reply within the hour.

2 weeks ago

I bought the structuring and framework course a few months ago and am happy with the comprehensive knowledge it provided. I have found the tips of the lectures very useful. The explanations are written in an understandable way even for someone who has not yet dealt intensively with the case interviews. The drill examples included are also very helpful. They illustrate and make what is learned more concrete.

2 months ago

The course and drills really helped develop my thinking AND communication further. I would consider myself already an advanced case solver having done interviews with many firms before and now recruiting for a full-time offer but I think what makes these drills stand out is that they challenge you to go broader and deeper in your thinking and communicate it in a very structured and logical sequence, always having a hypothesis in mind. It really pushed me further in the drills and now when I practice cases I always receive great feedback on my frameworks.

4 months ago

helpful for sharpening your approach to case frameworks and creativity questions

4 months ago

Get rid of the generic frameworks of Victor Cheng and Case in Point that don’t help you crack modern cases.

The tips from this course help our mentees go from around 40% to more than 90% exhaustive answers. How?


Authentic Problem-Solving Techniques of MBB Consultants

Traditional consulting interview training relies on rigid, memorized frameworks. Our program stands out by teaching authentic problem-solving and first principles thinking used by MBB consultants. We prioritize foundational thought processes over pre-made solutions, preparing our trainees to excel in any case interview scenario.


Challenging, Contemporary, Real-Life Cases

Many consulting aspirants complain about outdated case libraries. Unlike others, we provide our trainees with modern case studies reflecting today’s business challenges. Our collection is diverse, contemporary, and offers a true glimpse into the current consulting landscape.


Swift Transformation of Your Consulting Approach

Our program pairs genuine problem-solving techniques with modern case studies for optimal results. This fusion quickly hones skills, allowing trainees to transform their consulting approach in just a week—preparing them to excel in the most difficult of case interviews.

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