Consulting Structuring Drills

The Ultimate Consulting

Structuring Drills

50 realistic and creative structuring and brainstorming drills

Sample answers and detailed explanations on different performance levels (poor, good, distinctive)

Focus on non-standard cases that are the industry norm now for MBB and tier-2 firms

14 lesson workshop on how to approach structuring and brainstorming problems

Learn creative idea generation strategies and what to do when you get stuck

Get rid of generic frameworks of Victor Cheng and Case in Point and benefit from our experience as the leading case interview coaches with more than 1,000 sessions conducted over the last 2 years

Overview of full course content
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Learn about the different types of frameworks, content creation techniques, and insider tips on how to best structure a case or answer a brainstorming question.


Hone your skills with the most creative framework and structuring drills you will find on the web including detailed feedback and explanations on different performance levels.


Benefit from our strategies and techniques we have developed in our long standing careers with McKinsey, as independent consultants, and as interview coaches with more than 1,000 sessions and 100% 5-star reviews.


Receive free help on the next steps in the consulting recruiting process, profit from our experience of coaching 100s of candidates, and get 15% off our other core consulting products.

Instantly access this 14 lesson workshop and 50 creative structuring drills

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Either choose our fully comprehensive Structuring Drills Course or combine it with our Case Interview Math Mastery Program, which further elevates your case performance.

structuring + CASE MATH

€279 €149

The one-stop shop solution for your structuring and case interview math preparation.
Combine our video program and guide with 2,000 case math drills to maximize your case interview performance.
Contains 25 instructional videos with examples and a 40-page guide and quick reference handbook. Check the course content here.

Additionally, contains 1,000 math drills, 720 advanced math drills, 100 business problems, 50 chart math questions, and 21 full MBB case interview math problems, as well as detailed answer keys.


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Customer reviews

The workshop combines content creation strategies with ample practice opportunities

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In my whole preparation, I have never come across more creative structure and brainstorming questions. I believe they are much closer to reality than the typical business case questions that you come across ever so often and the standard frameworks that are repeated all the time. It is very different from what I have seen at casecoach or rocketblocks and during mock interviews. I am not fully through yet but it definitely helped me to see idea generation from a different lens already.


I can highly recommend these drills. I am working with Florian on PrepLounge and the drills are a great supplement to his coaching approach and putting what I have learned to the test. Some of the case prompts are extremely out there and creative. I think it is worthwhile in all stages of your preparation to challenge yourself to come up with broad, deep, and innovative (as he teaches it). There are also some instructions and problem-solving techniques discussed at the beginning of the course that help you with thinking about problems and approaching their deconstruction the right way. If you have gone through his coaching it is a nice reminder. If you are starting from scratch its a great learning opportunity.