McKinsey’s Solve Game (Imbellus)

The first and most comprehensive guide from former McKinsey consultants with

83% pass rate in Solve, McKinsey’s assessment game*

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Crack each of the 5 games with our proprietary guide and video insights on the exact steps

Score high with tailored strategies and gameplay walkthroughs based on successful test-taker feedback

Focus on what matters most and don’t waste time in your preparation with proven ways to master all skills

Prepare 100% confident for the latest changes in the scenarios with our constant update policy and free lifetime access guarantee

Our credentials

Helped 4,500 students from more than 60 countries since November 2019

Based on 320+ test-taker interviews since the inception of the game, expert game designer input, and our McKinsey experience

Includes a 104-page guide, Excel templates with formulas, and 4 videos on the gameplay and winning strategies + A FREE 14-PAGE MCKINSEY INTERVIEW GUIDE FOR CASE AND PEI

100% proprietary content – often copied, never equaled

*based on customer feedback from Jan – Mar 2022

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Save time to focus on content and strategy by learning about the real games, the gameplay mechanics, the trajectories, the user interfaces, and goals of all Imbellus games with detailed pictures and video explanations.


Prepare effectively with content from real game designers and cognitive assessment experts that helped develop this guide, the tools, exercises and materials to improve your performance and skills as tested by Imbellus.


Benefit from the step-by-step strategies and practical tips we developed with our McKinsey background, expert input and our unique test-taker feedback and strategy database to score high in all games.


Get guidance on the McKinsey interviews, a free 14-page McKinsey interview primer, and 15% discounts on our 1-on-1 coaching, the Ready-for-McKinsey academy, and the Case Math Mastery Program and Drills.

Instantly download the 104-page guide, Excel templates, and  videos of all games we developed over more than one year

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Either choose our fully comprehensive Imbellus Game Guide or combine it with our McKinsey Interview Academy, which covers all aspects of the McKinsey case and PEI interview in a series of 40 videos, teaching you the insider secrets.


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All round carefree package. We got your back, covering all aspects of the McKinsey interview process with our diligently crafted and battle-tested Imbellus preparation and 40-part interview video academy with real McKinsey case questions and Personal Experience Interviews. We have created this program to condense our 9 years in McKinsey and interviewer experience to make it accessible for everyone. Learn the techniques that helped 100s of candidates land their offer.



Customer reviews

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How we ensure our candidates’ success



Latest updates on gameplay, mechanics and interfaces based on constant customer feedback cycles with more than 4500 guides sold and more than 320 customer interviews conducted



Insights into assessment criteria and skills needed beyond what is communicated by McKinsey and Imbellus with tailored preparation plans and materials to upskill every candidate



Key strategies for high-scores provided by actual logic and tower defense game designers, refined by our continuous test-taker feedback – our candidates score significantly better than the average

Covers all possible games of the McKinsey Solve assessment

McKinsey and Imbellus are constantly adjusting the games to prevent candidates from preparing properly, similar as they did with the McKinsey Problem Solving Test in the past. The specific problems in the games and answers change just as the Problem Solving Test questions and answers changed in the past. We interview 10% of our coachees after they took the Imbellus to gather their input on the newest games or variations of existing games. Currently, our guide covers the perfect strategies for the

– Ecosystem creation (moutain and coral reef)
– Plant defense
– Disease identification
– Disaster identification
– Migration planning

I can wholeheartedly recommend the materials. There is a ton of screenshots in the guide and the video to explain everything you need to do. I had little time to go through the preparation and upskilling section but the strategies I learned were enough to pass.


If you look for another guide or help in general with the McKinsey-Interviewing process: stop. Florian not only wrote with this guide the most comprehensive explanation of the Imbellus Game you can find on the internet, he is also a great support. He is kind, competent and clear.


Prepared me well for Imbellus. I got a deep understanding of the games and strategies and had a plan ready. The videos on the games are like the actual games


This is the best guide in a consulting context I have ever gotten my hands on. […] This guide is not only detailed and covered everything I needed during the prep and helped me pre=draft my approach but also the service provided was so kind and always very swift. […] I just heard back yesterday that I am invited for the next stage and very grateful.

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About the authors


Florian spent 5 years with McKinsey as a senior consultant. He is an experienced consulting interviewer and problem-solving coach, having interviewed 100s of candidates in real and mock interviews. In 2021, he had more than 530 McKinsey coaching sessions on PrepLounge with a 100% recommendation rate. He started with the goal to make McKinsey more accessible for top-talent, using tailored and up-to-date know-how about its recruiting. Florian was the first to write about the Solve Game and produce preparation advice for candidates. Apart from, he works as a freelance consultant and runs two start-ups in the crypto/ blockchain space.

A network of game designers

A network of game design experts for cognitive assessments and tower defense games have been instrumental in the compilation of this resource. They have shared their combined know-how of 20+ years in the industry to craft their contribution and shape this guide. Their help has made it possible for our candidates to get Imbellus game practice (via app recommendations they devloped) and score high on the McKinsey Imbellus test results, with a significant outperformance in the McKinsey Digital Assessment pass rate. Due to the nature of their work, the names are confidential.

More than 320 test-takers

Since the first version of the guide was launched in November 2019, right after the McKinsey London office introduced the McKinsey Imbellus test, we have been collecting feedback from roughly 10% of our customers. Their input continues to be key in adapting the guide with the latest games, variants, and winning strategies. In September 2021, McKinsey rebranded the game as Solve, McKinsey’s assessment game.


The McKinsey Interview Primer

14-pages to help you fast-track your preparation for the McKinsey Case Interview and the Personal Experience Interview, written by former McKinsey interviewers

The image is the cover of a how to for mckinsey case and mckinsey pei interviews

There is more…

By purchasing our guide, you get access to our McKinsey applicants’ inner-circle and are eligible for additional discounts on our 1-on-1 coaching sessions as well as the Ready-for-McKinsey Video Academy, and Case Math Mastery Program and Drills

the image shows an example of a mckinsey case interview chart the image shows how a mckinsey interview is conducted