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Dive into the only program worldwide that offers an inside look into the McKinsey interview process. Know how they score and how to stand out!

100% prepared for McKinsey interviews.

This program is handcrafted by two former McKinsey insiders. Dive into 40+ videos and scenarios, condensing insights from our 1-on-1 coaching sessions derived from 2000+ individual interviews. Equip yourself for success with our proven strategies.


Dive deep into McKinsey’s unique ethos. Know what interviewers prioritize and align your answers to resonate with the McKinsey approach.


Gain exclusive insights not found anywhere else. Stand out with knowledge that gives you an edge in the competitive consulting interview landscape.


Use the one-stop resource for both Case and PEI interviews. Save time and ensure you’re fully prepared without juggling multiple sources, outdated or wrong information.


Train with scenarios mirroring actual McKinsey interviews. Tailored interview questions, different sample answers (bad, good, distinctive), and the associated feedback help you anticipate and navigate interview complexities with confidence.

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How does this course support you success?



Led by two ex-McKinsey consultants and interview experts with 9 years of hands-on experience, dive deep into proven strategies that have already paved the way for thousands of successful McKinsey and top-tier consulting firm applications.



Benefit from a culmination of 2,000+ coaching sessions condensed into 40+ videos. Our program offers authentic simulations of both McKinsey case and Personal Experience Interviews, crafted directly from interviewer guidelines.



Get granular feedback on various performance levels, coupled with strategies to transition from bad to good and good to distinctive and become adept at navigating specific, up-to-date McKinsey interview questions, tasks, and processes.

About the program

9 out of 10 candidates, we coached receive an offer with the firm.

Step-by-Step McKinsey Mastery: Dive into our 40-video series, guiding you through the intricacies of the McKinsey Problem Solving and Experience Interview.

Transformative Learning in 4 Hours: Harness the power of our Video Academy to confidently tackle McKinsey-specific questions in the interviewer-led setup. Learn how to approach and answer questions and solve cases, regardless of the actual question or context of the case. Our comprehensive coverage is relevant for both the case study and personal fit interviews, enriched with authentic McKinsey interview examples.

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Streamline Your McKinsey Interview Prep:

🎥 40 Insightful Videos: Dive deep into McKinsey’s interview nuances with 4 hours of mock interviews and thorough feedback sessions. Master both the Problem Solving and Personal Experience Interviews.

🔍 Crafted by McKinsey Insiders: Authored by ex-McKinsey interviewers and top consulting interview coaches, boasting the strongest online success record.

🌐 Versatile Application: Perfectly tailored for every McKinsey journey, from internships to seasoned professional hires.



Customer Reviews
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Coming from a nontraditional background I was frustrated with the confusing information on McKinsey interviews. Even McKinsey fails to explain how their interviews work - it is all very vague stuff like "we want to see your authentic self". What does that even mean?

I found help with this academy with tremendous content about the two parts of the interview with simulations and detailed feedback / explanations. Every aspect is broken down clearly and my doubts were indeed erased. Because of this a great amount of insights and tactical advice I can't recommend the content enough.

I would appreciate it if more practice were included.

3 months ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

This removes the veil of the McKinsey case interview and allows you to be confident in your preparation to ensure that you are not only putting in the requisite time to succeed, but that you are focusing on the right things and making proper use of the limited time you have available- just as you will need to do as a consultant! I was able to secure an offer for full-time employment with McKinsey and it's in large part due to Florian & this case prep program!

10 months ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Great insight into the Mckinsey interview procedure. Very structured, informative and lots of food for thought on how to solve a case. My key learning was that there are is no perfect solution or answer but the same problem can be approached in different ways. The interviewers care more about how you think and communicate, not if you can solve the case in one specific way

10 months ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I would highly recommend this video course. It's an entertaining yet informative way of getting acquainted with mckinsey type interviews and the feedback mechanism. Just watching the videos does not suffice and you definitely have to invest a lot of time to practice but its a great start and the instructions show you how to practice.

11 months ago
Leo YT
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I really enjoyed going through the videos many times. I don’t think they can fully replace a coach and you definitely need practice to incorporate the feedback but if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a coach I think it’s a great alternative. It’s like getting a hidden camera in a Mckinsey interview room with different candidates and the feedback discussions of the interviewer afterwards. It is very easy to “build” your own pei interview stories and preparing for follow-up questions after listening to the examples and the blueprint.

12 months ago


Helped to get more than 150 McKinsey through direct coaching session on top of many more offers for Bain, BCG, and tier-2 firms.

Highest rated McKinsey case and PEI coach on PrepLounge since the first month of registering there and remained at that spot ever since (number of sessions, ratings, and success rate).



Most successful MBB coach on PrepLounge while he was still fully active on the site.

Top-rated interview coach with exlusive 5-star ratings across all sessions.


Our unique approach

Real McKinsey Insight: Bypass materials that are either outdated or from coaches, who have never seen a McKinsey office from the inside. We decided to launch the Ready-for-McKinsey program so that you can profit from our real McKinsey interviewer experience, up-to-date materials, and successful coaching techniques.

Simulated Success Path: Understand what makes a candidate stand out with our video simulations, ranging from poor to exceptional performances. Whether you’re just beginning or deep into your McKinsey prep, our program caters to all stages.

Key highlights


The program teaches you the right habits and tells you what you need to do, how you need to think and communicate to stand out from other applicants, regardless of the actual question or context of the case.


McKinsey’s standardized, objective interviews become your advantage. We guide you away from generic answers to truly understanding their interview style and solving every challenge thrown at you.


Grasp techniques for analytics, structuring questions, brainstorming, interpreting charts & exhibits, and mastering case interview math.


The PEI holds equal weight to case interviews. Discover compelling stories and masterful delivery to leave an unforgettable impression.

Mastering the McKinsey Case Interview

Unraveling the McKinsey Method: Dive into our video academy that demystifies the McKinsey-specific interviewer-led case questions. Experience full simulated business cases crafted from a McKinsey viewpoint and navigate the 5 pivotal questions integral to each interview.

Consistency in McKinsey’s Approach: McKinsey maintains a standardized case format across interviewers and regions to guarantee unbiased hiring. While the case’s content might change, the types of questions and the strategies to conquer them remain consistent.

Your Structured Success Path:

Comprehend & Summarize: Quickly grasp the situation, understand expectations, and pose targeted questions.

Strategize: Lay out a comprehensive analysis and plot your next steps.

Decipher Exhibits: Skillfully interpret various exhibits like charts and tables.

Solve Numerical Challenges: Address the quantitative aspect relevant to the case.

Seal with a Pitch: Conclude with a compelling recommendation summary.

Tailored Training: We provide you with the tools to prepare distinctively for every McKinsey case question. Witness various candidate performances—from poor to excellent—and gain insights from post-simulation deep-dives. Discover there’s no singular solution, but adhering to specific habits can pave multiple paths to success. Bonus: Also includes preparation for the McKinsey phone case interview.

the image shows a mckinsey interview simulation

The Secrets of the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview

Equal Weight, Maximum Impact: Dive into our program’s second phase, focused entirely on mastering the McKinsey PEI. Often overlooked by candidates, the PEI holds the same significance as the case interview. McKinsey’s storytelling standards remain consistent worldwide.

Strategic Storytelling: Through simulated mock interviews, discover the right tales of Entrepreneurial Drive, Courageous Change, Inclusive Leadership, and Personal Impact that McKinsey values. Learn to narrate them in a manner that aligns with the McKinsey ethos.

Performance Spectrum: Watch and learn from varied candidate performances, ranging from poor to standout. Our in-depth debriefs illuminate the nuances that amplify your storytelling prowess.

Craft Your Impactful Narrative: Harness our techniques to ace this pivotal interview segment with ease.

Shape your story the McKinsey way.

Discover the secrets of McKinsey interviews now for just $99!