McKinsey’s new digital assessment gaming tool

McKinsey’s new digital assessment gaming tool

McKinsey and Company is notoriously known as the employer with the world’s toughest interviewing process. The McKinsey interview is feared by most consulting applicants with only 1% securing a job offer. And recently, the Firm has added a new twist to it. It launched a new assessment tool in their recruiting process, which they call an interactive game that should test the applicants’ problem-solving skills in a new way.

Below we have compiled everything you need to know to prepare for this new type of assessment in a nutshell.

Quick facts

  • What it is: A digital gamified assessment creating a simulated world (see screenshots below), highly customized and state-of-the-art.
  • Design: Developed with a team of psychologists from UCLA Cresst, game design experts from Imbellus, and McKinsey consultants
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Structure: 3 scenarios or worlds, each with different tasks that you need to solve
  • Content: Its all about saving the world. You learn about an eco-system that is slowly dying due to a disease. It is your job to stop this process.
  • Tests for: Evaluates how you think, approach problems and make decisions. In general, each scenario is almost like a life-cycle of a real-world McKinsey study (project). The delivery of the concepts is new and the breadth of information you need to deal with is enormous, just as in a real-life setting.
  • In the end, you have imperfect information and need to be comfortable with making decisions based on that
  • Does not test for: No business background or knowledge is needed, to cancel out the effect of your background and cognitive biases. The gaming aspect will be taught in short tutorials before each scenario


  • The purpose of the McKinsey gamified assessment tool is twofold. First, to find new ways to interest people in the Firm in an increasingly diversified market, thereby getting access to a new cohort of people. Second, to create an assessment environment that is agnostic to peoples’ backgrounds
  • Measures a broad set of cognitive skills of the applicant in a digital highly gamified asssessment and environment, creating an experience that is very different from the case interview or the traditional pen and paper McKinsey Problem Solving Test (McKinsey PST)
  • After all, the three worlds present different challenges and choices. It is not important what path you choose, but how you reach your solution. This gives McKinsey insights about you beyond the resume or conventional case interview

How to prepare

  • McKinsey highlights that no preparation is needed to go through the test
  • However, we would highly advise preparing for it, in a similar way to the older Problem Solving Test
  • While no business knowledge might be required, the thinking processes and problem-solving prowess is still the same, whether its gamified or pen and paper
  • Check our latest article with a more in-depth guide on how to prepare for the McKinsey digital assessment here

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