An Oliver Wyman career in the Middle East

oliver wyman career

This series should give our readers an insight into how the consulting roles differ across firms and geographies. We reach into our network to talk to people from the McKinseys, BCGs, and Bains of this world and get their perspective on their jobs and the industry.

If you have any requests for particular firms or geographies and particular questions, let us know and we will reach out to our network to conduct an interview for

Today we have interviewed a Senior Associate with Oliver Wyman in Dubai to answer questions about management consulting in the Middle East, as well as consulting and expat life in Dubai. Where do you work? What position?

Interviewee: I work at Oliver Wyman in their Dubai office, currently as a Senior Consultant What kinds of cases do you work on?

Interviewee: The projects in the Middle East are of a larger scale for big clients. They focus mostly on public sector, telecomunication & energy. How is the travel for Oliver Wyman consultants from the UAE? Do you travel every week? How far?

Interviewee: I travel every week, usually within the region within a 2h flight radius. What are your favorite travel hacks?

Interviewee: My favourite travel hack is flying to different locations instead of returning to Dubai at the end of the work week and spending a weekend elsewhere, which is possible working in Dubai offices of OW, BCG or McKinsey. How does a typical day look in your consultant life? (e.g., distribution between client meetings, problem solving, analytical work in excel, slide preparation etc)

Interviewee: Powerpoint, Excel, and meetings = 100% Whats the typical hours you work during the week and on Friday? How about weekend work?

Interviewee: Sunday to Wednesday I work until 10-11pm, Thursdays until 6pm. Weekends are from Friday to Saturday, so the week starts on Sunday. There is no weekend work. How do you unwind during the week and on weekends?

Interviewee: By traveling to new places, other than the United Arab Emirates. Whats the best part of the job?

Interviewee: Travel opportunities and good pay in the region. What is the worst part of the job?

Interviewee:From time to time unpredictable projects. Distance to family in Europe. What tip would you give applicants for your role and your firm?

Interviewee:Know why you want to come to the region and specific firm. What exit opportunities are you considering?

Interviewee: Transfer to a European office. What have you learned on the job?

Interviewee: Lots, mostly managing people and working with people from all over the world


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