BCG Online Case Bundle (+ Math Course, Industry Overview)


BCG Online Case Bundle (+ Math Course, Industry Overview)


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BCG Online Case Guide (+ Casey Practice Tests)

🚀 Expert-Designed BCG Prep: Delve into our 5th edition guide, offering 123 pages of insights, interactive Casey Practice Tests, and strategies crafted for every stage of the BCG recruitment process.
🎯 Comprehensive Mastery: Boost reasoning skills, streamline calculations with unique shortcuts, and stay ahead with content updated from recent test-taker feedback.
🔍 Instant & Relevant: Secure immediate access to a treasure of preparation materials, ensuring you're equipped to shine in your BCG interview journey.

Case Interview Industry Cheat Sheets

🚀 Comprehensive Industry Guide: A 30-page deep-dive into 27 essential sectors—from Aerospace to Telecommunication—crafted for consulting case interviews. Understand not just the industry basics, but also the underlying metrics, models, and executive concerns.
📈 Immediate, Actionable Insights: Access meticulously curated cheat sheets, overviews, and industry trends instantly after purchase, ensuring on-the-spot preparation for your upcoming interview.
🔒 Surprise Your Interviewer: Benefit from industry insights to improve your business judgement and sense at every moment of the case. Improve your insights and recommendations.

Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

🚀 Top-tier Mastery: Dive deep into math problems with insights from former McKinsey interviewers, strategic calculation approaches, and techniques tailored for all consulting interviews.
🎯 Comprehensive Content: 25 instructional videos, 40+ hours of practice with 2,000+ math problems, and invaluable resources including a 40-page guide and quick-reference handbook.
📈 Proven Success: Empower your preparation with a course that addresses the math challenges faced by 80% of interview candidates, and amplify your performance by up to 5x.


Combine the BCG Course with our Case Math Course and Industry Overviews

BCG Online Case Guide: Navigating the Casey Chatbot

Embarking on the challenging journey towards a career at BCG? Navigate with confidence using our definitive guide to the BCG Online Case – Casey Chatbot.

What’s inside?

Comprehensive Coverage: Dive deep into the intricacies of the BCG Online Case with our extensive 123-page guide. From understanding the Casey Chatbot’s workings to decoding its secrets, our guide provides the insights you need to set you apart from the average candidate.

Strategic Preparation: Craft your success story with tried and tested preparation strategies and programs for different timelines. Learn the right skills to move through the test (and the subsequent case interviews) with ease.

Ace the Test: Turn potential pitfalls into points of strength. Our guide enlightens you with the right test-taking strategies, ensuring you tackle the Casey Chatbot with confidence and precision. Avoid the most common pitfalls and errors of the test.

Hands-On Practice: Theory meets application with our 5 interactive sample tests, carefully modeled after the BCG Casey Chatbot case. These simulations provide a real-time experience, sharpening your skills and bolstering your confidence.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: In the ever-evolving landscape of consultancy assessments, staying updated is the key. Our guide is continuously refined based on the invaluable feedback of recent test-takers, ensuring you have the most current and effective strategies at your fingertips.

One-Year Free Update Guarantee: Benefit from free updates for an entire year, ensuring your preparation is always aligned with the latest changes and requirements in the BCG assessment.

Personalized Support: Embark on your journey with the reassurance of personal support. Whenever you hit a roadblock or need clarity, know that our team is just a message away.

Unleash your potential and position yourself at the forefront of the BCG application process with the BCG Online Case Guide by


Case Interview Math Mastery Course: Ace Every Case Math Problem!

Most consulting interview applicants struggle with case interview math. We have been there and done that – from both sides of the table as interviewees and interviewers.

Enhance Your Math Skills: Prepare for top-tier consulting interviews with our carefully curated program, designed with insights from former McKinsey professionals. Turn mathematical challenges during the case into opportunities and tackle them confidently.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the experience of ex-McKinsey interviewers and respected case interview trainers (with more than 2,000 case interview sessions)
  • Strategic Techniques: Learn how to chart calculation paths intuitively, embrace swift calculation methods, and avoid common pitfalls that most candidates face.
  • Stay Ahead: While 80% of candidates struggle with case interview math, our course is designed to help you stand out with accuracy and agility.

What’s Inside?

  • Comprehensive Video Modules: Explore 25 in-depth videos, blending detailed explanations (setting up the correct logic, calculation shortcuts, communicating answers in the context of the case) with practical examples.
  • Resourceful Documentation: Access a 40-page primary guide, a handy reference booklet, and a wealth of course materials.
  • Extensive Practice: Engage with over 2,000 math drills, ranging from basics to intricate calculations. Further hone your skills with 100 business math problems, 50 chart-based math questions, and 21 complete cases. With over 40 hours of practice exercises, check your solutions and monitor your growth.

Don’t be another case interview statistic who failed during the math portion of the case. Enhance your math acumen and increase your calculation speed with our proven techniques and equip yourself for success in the consulting interview landscape


Industry Overviews and Cheat Sheets: On Top of Your Game!

Prepare confidently and impress during your case interviews with’s Industry Overviews and Cheat Sheets. Our materials provide a comprehensive understanding tailored for those looking to differentiate themselves from the average case interview candidate.

All industries are included in this package with a clear breakdown of the key data and detailed instructions on how to best leverage these insights for each stage of the case.

Efficient Learning for Busy Schedules: Recognizing the demands of your time and the pressures of the case interview preparation, our resources are tailored for quick yet in-depth learning. Grasp essential industry insights, designed for both last-minute preparations and thorough studies.

Detailed Industry Insights: Our materials offer a clear perspective on:

  • Key revenue and cost drivers and their significance.
  • Fundamental business models driving each industry.
  • Current industry-shaping trends.
  • Prospective outlooks for the future of each sector.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our resources span 27 diverse industries, from mainstream sectors to specialized niches, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard.

Speak with Confidence: With our cheat sheets, you can discuss industries with the knowledge depth of a seasoned professional, leaving a lasting impression on your interviewer.

Enhance Your Case Responses: Elevate your interview answers by backing them up with robust industry knowledge, bolstering the weight and impact of your recommendations.

Equip yourself with the insights to stand out and make a standout impression in your case interviews.


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