Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching

Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching

(48 customer reviews)


The session is completely tailored to your needs and usually takes between 75 and 90.

We can work on the following tasks:

  • Full case diagnostic with real case and real evaluation metrics, introduction to the 1% Case Method, detailed feedback, and preparation plan
  • Detailed fit interview session with simple and challenging fit questions with detailed written and verbal feedback
  • McKinsey PEI session, simulating all PEI interviews for the 4 PEI dimensions
  • Real mock interview with fit interview and case interview
  • Tailored drills to work on your weaknesses or elevate your strengths
  • Application, networking, and referrals discussion
  • Industry and career coaching

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Discover the secrets of effective case-solving…

…and storytelling with the intuitive consulting interview approach I’ve developed. This methodology has proven so successful that I helped generate more than 500 consulting job offers for my clients within 3.5 years, making me the most successful case coach globally (with over 1,300 reviews across platforms).


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Your Success in a Nutshell:

  • Every month, my coaching transforms multiple candidates into top-tier consultants. By choosing me, you are going for verified success stories visible across PrepLounge, StrategyCase.com, and Amazon – a testament to my leading position and the success of my clients in the global case interview preparation space.
  • Equip yourself with insights from “The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview”, the best-selling new case interview book. And, with “Consulting Career Secrets”, pave your way for a lasting and rewarding journey with premier consulting firms. I don’t just coach to get you into top consulting firms. My goal is to make sure you create a rewarding and successful career.
  • Dive into a holistic preparation experience: ongoing mentorship, boundless practice opportunities, and elite courses and drills proven by tens of thousands of successful applicants. With tailored practice resources and videos I personally crafted for StrategyCase.com, your consulting success isn’t just possible; it’s engineered.




Free Consultation and Screening Calls

Curious about my approach, success rate, or any aspect of consulting application? Reach out to schedule a no-obligation introductory call. I’m here to answer your questions and guide you along the way.

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Your Golden Ticket to Multiple Consulting Offers

Discover how you can leverage my expertise and gain an unmatched advantage in securing your dream offers:

✅ The Unbeatable Track Record: My clients have a 95% job offer rate and an 80%+ MBB offer rate. Achieve your consulting career goals with a coach who has the highest verified success rate on the web. I have helped generate more than 500 prestigious offers for my direct coaching clients, 170 of which are from McKinsey – deemed the world’s toughest firm to crack by Forbes – in just 3  years. My decade-long tenure in the consulting space, especially the 5 years at McKinsey, and my unique approach to problem-solving make me your best ally. My coaching reputation? Simple: More than 1,300 reviews across platforms and clients that regularly outshine their competition with multiple offers, with some even bypassing the final interview rounds!



✅ Think & Speak Like a Pro Consultant: You won’t find cookie-cutter frameworks and approaches here. Dive deep into a tailored case-solving method that prioritizes first-principles thinking, hypotheses-driven thinking, intuitive problem-solving, and effective communication. The replicable approach works both for candidate-led and interviewer-led case interview formats and touches on every facet: metacognitive case skills, creative problem-solving, impactful communication, and story crafting for personal fit and PEI interviews. The techniques will help you to come up with creative answers for structure and brainstorming questions, interpret charts the right way (including the typically hidden insights), and succeed in the quantitative section of the case. You’ll become the candidate that stands out in every firm, not just fits in. For fit interviews, I have developed a new and unique storytelling framework (the SCORE framework) that has been included in the training of new hire consultants of some consulting firms and offices. You will learn how to create and tell exciting stories that make you stand out in front of your interviewers.




✅ Comprehensive Support – Start to Finish & Beyond: Our partnership extends beyond just sessions. With comprehensive case practices (based on sessions and not billed hours – we always take as long as we need), detailed feedback, personalized preparation plans, and a suite of free resources, your success is meticulously engineered. And it doesn’t end there; you receive ongoing mentorship, direct contact with me for questions, and genuine advice – even if it means recommending fewer sessions.




✅ Tailored Prep for Maximum Impact: Your journey is unique, and so is the preparation. We curate sessions based on your needs, selecting from my diverse library of real and up-to-date consulting cases – based on real case interview standards and evaluation criteria of different firms. Whether it’s current events or emergent trends, I have you covered. And if there’s a specific area you’d like to focus on? I’ll custom-design cases to suit your ambitions.



✅ Empower Your Independent Preparation: Our collaboration equips you for your independent journey too. After our sessions, you receive a meticulously crafted preparation plan and access to exclusive StrategyCase.com resources. If you’re aiming for multiple sessions, our game plan is dynamic, adjusting after each meeting to ensure you’re always on the fastest track to your goal.



✅ Consistent Excellence: Since I started case coaching, I’ve consistently been rated the top coach on PrepLounge, maintaining that position to this day (based on reviews and offer rates, not participation trophies). I offer a global, up-to-date perspective on top-tier firm recruiting, serving candidates across the spectrum: from complete novices to industry experts for Partner positions.





✅ Cultivating Unshakable Confidence: One of the transformative aspects of our collaboration is not just the technical mastery you’ll gain but the deep-seated confidence you’ll develop. Clients often share how, through our sessions, they transition from feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm to a state of empowered assurance. This confidence isn’t just about acing the interview – it’s about recognizing your value, enhancing your intrinsic problem-solving capabilities, and trusting in your capacity to tackle challenges head-on. By the end of our coaching, you won’t merely be ready for your consulting interviews; you’ll approach them with a poised certainty that sets you leagues apart.




Reach out for a free introduction call if you want to learn more!

Let’s ensure your aspirations aren’t just dreams but tangible realities. Your next step in the world of elite consulting is just one decision away.


About Me

Like you, I’ve been through the challenging phases of consulting interviews (once for internships and once for full-time roles). Despite rigorous preparation, I often felt inadequately prepared, some cases went well, others didn’t, and I had a hard time figuring out why. This struggle that I also witnessed across my peer group became my motivation to change the landscape of consulting recruiting and interview training completely.

I envisioned a new approach to consulting interviews and once I left McKinsey in early 2020, I built StrategyCase and everything it entails into what it is today.

When I started StrategyCase.com, I noticed that the information on the top-tier consulting application process, the case interviews, the fit and PEI, and the different aptitude tests and games that is often circulated is either wrong, outdated, or assumed to be the same for any consulting firm. Consequently, the advice given can be detrimental to your recruiting success with the top firms.

I’m your go-to McKinsey consultant for cracking the enigmatic case and fit interview code. With a deep-seated passion for this competitive industry, I’ve made it my mission to usher aspiring consultants into the big leagues – McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other reputable firms.

Over the past three years, I’ve developed and perfected a unique case interview approach, resulting in more than 500 consulting offers for my clients. Of these, a remarkable 170 were from McKinsey, notoriously the toughest firm to crack, based on a study by Forbes. My innovative strategies and relentless dedication have proven time and again to yield successful outcomes, substantiating my reputation as the most successful McKinsey case coach on the web.

Over the last three years, I have built a consulting application and career platform as a beacon of knowledge and guidance, having reached more than 1 million consultant applicants and new hires. With my relentless coaching and mentoring, I am leading numerous candidates month after month to secure coveted offers from top-tier consulting firms.

Beyond just coaching, I’ve also penned two insightful books: ‘The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview’ and ‘Consulting Career Secrets’. The first has achieved Amazon best-seller status for new case interview books, while the second serves as an extensive guide to thriving in the challenging environment of high-caliber consulting firms.


the image is a short bio of florian smeritschnig

My engagement with consulting is not confined to coaching or writing. I recently launched my own boutique consulting and advisory firm, keeping me directly involved in the consulting world as well as recruitment and interviewing processes. This hands-on experience allows me to provide you with insights and advice grounded in the current industry landscape, offering unparalleled relevance and value.

In essence, my mission is to make your consulting dreams come true. Leveraging my expertise, invaluable resources, and unwavering commitment to your success, I stand ready to lead you into the esteemed world of consulting. Together, we’ll conquer the challenges, honing your problem-solving skills to unlock your full potential and secure your place among the consulting elite.

If you are not looking for a coach or just need some free text-based advice, feel free to shoot me a message and ask for advice. I have learned a lot in this industry and I want to pay it forward!

If you are in the market for a coach, please reach out for a mutual introduction and quick learning session.

Let’s work together on your offers!


48 reviews for Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching

  1. Stephanie (Verified Buyer)

    The fit questions and comments were very thoughtful. Florian took time and interest in my story to ensure that my anwers reflect it well. I learned very precise and creative tricks enhance up my answers.

  2. Ali (Verified Buyer)

    I had a remarkable appointment with Florian. He focused on specific areas where I needed improvement and introduced new methods of approaching and analyzing the case. I understand that he adjusted the case specifically for this session upon my request and he was very attentive to my needs. Thank you for the advice! I will continue to practice.

  3. Rajat (Verified Buyer)

    Florian provided advanced-level feedback on my PEI stories and besides had very valuable tips to engage with my interviewer and build a connection.

  4. Ted (Verified Buyer)

    Productive and illuminating meeting.

  5. Niels (Verified Buyer)

    Great interviewer and coach.

    We had our first introduction call and I felt that he fully understood my background and aspirations. I booked a session and was not disappointed:

    I was somewhat at an intermediate stage with my casing with little time left before my first round and I was not sure if a coach can add value. I was fine with math but struggled with structuring. He used a case in an industry that I requested and immediately identified what I needed to change to become ‘distinctive’ in the interviewers eyes. In the feedback he guided me through the case and told me what I needed to do or where I had to change my approach. He went over a few big levers I needed to implement and many micro habits as he calls it and showed me how these changes would impact the score sheet. We ended the session by discussing practice tips and drills to work on these areas.

    Passed the first round and will book one or two more before my final round.

  6. D.C. (Verified Buyer)

    In one case interview and one PEI meeting Florian prepped me successfully for a McKinsey summer internship on a tight timeline.

  7. Ravi (Verified Buyer)

    First session in the books and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Florian spent time and effort to introduce me to his approach. In total we spent close to 90 minute on the case and feedback.
    2. The case and the materials he shared were very high quality and the insights I gained were valuable for each part of the case. He focuses on the outcomes and the process how you get there and he shared many tips and tricks to improve structuring, become faster in math etc etc
    3. The process is well organized. 15 minutes after the session ended he sent several pages of feeedback in a color-coded Excel document, my preparation plan and access to the practice materials.

    As an experienced professional, I commend his approach to coaching.

  8. Sebastian (Verified Buyer)

    Impressive depth of constructive feedback! Just one session gave me a clear vision for tackling cases and moving forward with my work. Florian’s approach was far from generic, he presented a complex, industry-tailored scenario, which was exactly what I needed. I wholeheartedly recommend this coaching to others. Florian is a kind-hearted, honest person and also has a good sense of humour.

  9. N.H (Verified Buyer)

    Working with Florian for my offer was an absolute treat. He reassured me and showed a deep understanding of my situation and ambitions right away. His approach was highly personalized and he always came prepared with a case tailored to my specific development needs. Most importantly, his advice was spot on. He identifies weaknesses and areas for improvement quickly and does this with an insane level of detail orientation. He was not only pointing these out but also told me how to change and practice to internalize the newly learned skills with his drills. He also showed me how to build on my strengths which is something that I never considered before.

    Throughout our sessions, Florian was super friendly and approachable. His ability to crack a few good jokes made the learning process more enjoyable and less stressful. His expertise and friendliness made the entire coaching experience effective and worthwhile.

    One final aspect I greatly appreciated was the flexibility. He was very accommodating with scheduling and rescheduling, which helped me to balance my coaching sessions with my work commitments.

  10. tarek (Verified Buyer)

    Finished a fruitful mock interview with Florian. Great teacher who knows his stuff insight and out. He is also very quick to reply to questions after the meeting. A+++

  11. Sophie (Verified Buyer)

    Phenomenal case coach who drills very deep into your strengths and issues. Florians feedback is very precise and always includes clear instructions and homework. I have seen significantly better case results and confidence since our first case.

  12. Henry (Verified Buyer)

    After reading his book I approached Florian with a very specific case question and he proposed to practice it in a real interview situation. He created a longer case around my question and we did the interview earlier today. The value of the session is hard to overstate. The case was fun and tricky, the feedback was extremely detailed and helpful. I have booked case coaching before with another coach and we did not even touch the surface of what we discussed in today’s session. Florian also provided me with tons of other stuff after the session (a summary of this method, a case cheatsheet, very detailed score card, sample solutions down to small things such as the right sentences to say at certain moments, my custom preparation plan with exercises). He also managed to remove my doubts about case studies by a large degree.

  13. joyce (Verified Buyer)

    I am back after a bit of a break for my third session. I can strongly recommend Florian due to his deep knowledge of cases but also the consulting industry overall. He has helped me so much to chart my course and set a plan. He has a natural ability to teach and a steadfast patience that makes me very comfortable during the sessions. I tend to get very nervous in interview situations and he talked me through several techniques I can apply to calm my nerves. This was after the case and feedback was over and he spent the extra time to help.

  14. Cameron (Verified Buyer)

    I had a very motivating session with Florian. He does an amazing job at guiding you through a case with a very simple approach. Very inspiring way to work on your problem solving. I enjoyed it a lot, thank you.

  15. Ankit (Verified Buyer)

    I was very hesitant to engage a coach for my consulting preparation but just finished my first session with Florian and I had a great experience. We had a short introduction call before this session to go over all my questions and concerns so he could use the case session work on my issues. I immediately learned so many things I was doing wrong and ways to get to the next level on the scoring sheet. Florian was very patient and encouraging and sent me detailed feedback with an action plan to improve. I am looking forward to the next session and see my progress.

  16. M.Y. (Verified Buyer)

    I contacted Florian through a recommendation of my friend who received offers last year and we worked on a bunch of cases and PEI stories together. His interview style is very professional and he always has his poker face during the interview which I found to be exactly like in my McKinsey interviews, friendly but not revealing anything about my performance or if they liked my answers. When the interview was over he always switched back to feedback mode and was very amiable. The feedback that we discussed in each meeting was incredibly detailed and nuanced from general things to a lot of details that make you stand out in front of interviewers. For PEI, he told me exactly how to tell my stories and what to adjust to get the highest scores.

    After every session he sent a scorecard and detailed evaluation for each element of the case with a homework plan. Every session we had took more than the allocated time and Florian was very patient with answering questions or extending just to discuss all details of the case and my performance. He was very responsive and approachable after each session helping me to clarify open questions or things I thought about later.

    I already received offers with McKinsey and Bain and now canceled my BCG recruitment. I am very thankful for what I/we have achieved and I can only recommend working with him.

  17. Samy (Verified Buyer)

    Outstanding first meeting. I have worked with a few case coaches before and this was by far the most insightful experience. Florian deconstructed the whole case into bite-sized chunks and has a very clear step-by-step methodology to tackle them and a way of thinking that helps you come up with frameworks, understand charts, perform math quickly etc. He is also very nice and approachable.

    Can only recommend and I look forward to the rest of the program.

  18. J. (Verified Buyer)

    I clearly recommend Florian as a case interviewer and trainer for the amount of effort he put into every session, the things I learned and finally the successful offer I wanted. Kudos to what you have built and how you guide people through your program!

  19. Adam (Verified Buyer)

    I had two fantastic meetings with Florian and I want to share my experience:

    The first meeting covered a challenging McKinsey case with a long feedback discussion. There was no time limit and we went way over time (he rescheduled a call at the end of the first session to finish going through all my questions). It is hard to describe the feedback in detail but we covered EVERYTHING (80/20 items and finetuning). Florian generously offered to review my resume after this first meeting.

    In the second meeting we discussed three PEI stories presumably in the same way as they will be discussed in the actual interviews. He provided thorough feedback on my stories and communication. We even had time to briefly brainstorm some backup stories and address general fit questions (like the 3 whys). This session also took much longer than planned.

    Florian followed up twice with written feedback and action items for me to work on.

    I was not a complete beginner but I learned so much in both sessions and now I am excited to work on my applications and interview preparation. I will hopefully book more sessions soon.

  20. Moritz (Verified Buyer)

    Thank you for the great session and your help!

  21. Park (Verified Buyer)

    Totally worth the investment:

    1. Very engaging case about a modern topic (ESG) professionally conducted
    2. Extremely detailed feedback and scoring sheet – because of the feedback the meeting took almost 2 hours. The feedback was focused on my strengths and weaknesses. It was professional and highlighted what I need to work on but at the same time warm and friendly
    3. Clear plan on my next steps and to-dos for the coming weeks

    What I value highly is that Florian did not try to sell more sessions but discouraged me from booking another session for now as “I am strong enough now to work on my own and internalize the habits.” I really appreciate the honesty and approach.

  22. P.F (Verified Buyer)

    Another great session. Today was very helpful and encouraging. Florian is very kind with his time he puts his energy and determination into every session.

  23. Tom (Verified Buyer)

    I just had a great session to work on my approach for candidate-led cases. After failing my McKinsey interviews last month I am now preparing for BCG and needed some tweaks in my technique. Florian was very generous with his time and before we started the BCG case practice, he helped me understand my mistakes in the McKinsey final round and what I can learn from it for every new case. I honestly wish I had found him earlier.

    The mock case itself was challenging and longer than usual but what really surprised me was the detailed and methodical feedback I received. We went very deep to discuss my performance, strengths and weaknesses and Florian taught me a completely new approach for every step of the case. It’s all about what you do, how you think, and how to communicate. Very impressive and intuitive to adopt. I received a preparation plan and the detailed feedback notes 20 minutes later.

    Thank you very much. I will book at least one more session.


  24. Amar (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing depth of feedback and insights. After one session I felt really enlightened about how to approach a case and how to proceed with my practice. The session was not cheap but worth every penny. Florian did not just give me a random case but a very difficult and creative one after I asked for a specific industry. I would 100% recommend the coaching.

  25. Celeste (Verified Buyer)

    Accenture offer is mine after 3 sessions. Incredibly grateful for the meticulous feedback Florian provided. Could not be more happy with what I learned and the outcome.

  26. Simon (Verified Buyer)

    The two sessions with Florian were exceptionally well structured! I learned more in these three hours than I did in the month before on my own. In the first session, we worked on a challenging case on the healthcare system in the UK. The case was difficult with some twists and turns and the feedback was very helpful and super exhaustive. I was surprised by the detailed evaluation sheet and scorecards that I received after the session that covered everything we discussed and even more things such as practice cases. The session lasted more than 1.5 hours. In the second session, we simulated one Mckinsey PEI question with feedback for around 30 minutes and then worked on more general fit questions (both standard and difficult ones for the remainder of the time).

    In both sessions, Florian took a lot of time to answer any questions and listen to all my concerns.

  27. I. (Verified Buyer)

    Florian is an excellent mentor and was very patient with my performance. In just one session he made me feel so much more confident in the last stages of preparation for my final round interview last week. He told me what small chances to make and how to practice in the final days. While the changes were small their impact on my thinking and presentation was huge.

    I just got the call with the offer and the interviewer was full of praise for the depth of my approach and structured communication. Thank you so much!

  28. L. (Verified Buyer)

    Florian is definitely the BEST out there.

    1. I reached Florian through the super quality content StrategyCase.com has to offer.
    2. After that, I purchased the product designed to help with McKinsey Problem Solving Game that was made by Florian and proved itself as outstanding and practically made me a master of the real game when I faced it in real time 🙂
    3. I already knew Florian is an exceptional professional and a very kind and thoughtful person as I asked for his advice a few times, but only when we started our coaching sessions I realized to what extent.
    Beyond the fact that Florian is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and caring which makes him the best coach you could ask for professionally, he also has a great character – his patience, responsiveness, and kindness all make the sessions and overall communication not just super helpful but enjoyable as well.

    If you really want to get an offer from top consulting firms, using Florian’s materials and especially the coaching sessions will definitely pay off!

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  29. Jonas (Verified Buyer)

    As the first one in my family who did his a-levels, from a non-target-school and as an exoticism’s (non-economic)-Backround, I had all the disadvantages to land an offer from McK.

    But Florian helped me to translate my skills into an offer.

    1) he coached me for two cases to learn the method,
    2) He did a math drill,
    3) He did several PEI sessions with me and corrected my final version,
    4) I got the offer !

  30. Theo (Verified Buyer)

    I am getting back to add to me previous review. Again, I highly recommend working with Florian.

    I’ve decided to book 3 more sessions with Florian, 5 days before my final round interviews. These were critical to the final stage of my preparation and were structured like this:

    1) Initially, we did a 2-hour sessions focused on PEI, where we went through all of my stories. I have worked a lot on my stories before, but with Florian’s mentoring I was able to polish them and take them to another level. After the session, I’ve incorporated the feedback and sent them to him. Florian added specific and detailed comments.

    2) We also went through a case interview, a very interesting one where I fine-tuned my performance and got confidence ahead of the last round. The feedback that Florian provides is very exhaustive and detailed, followed up with a written form.

    All in all, I went on my interviews feeling very sure and confident about myself. I believe that this came from what Florian says: “Once you have your PEI stories ready, you have nothing to fear”. The Personal Experience Part is very important during final round interviews, as not only it is assessed a lot but also it sets up the initial impression and creates rapport with the interviewer. I would not be able to reach this level of confidence without Florian’s guidance and mentorship. Adding to that the case interview session we had, the mini “Ready for McKinsey” programme we had together, was vital for the success!

    Thank you very much Florian!

  31. Theo (Verified Buyer)

    Having worked with Florian, I can highly recommend him for 3 reasons:

    1) He tailored the session specifically to what I had asked before and we went through a very broad and exhaustive in every area case. This is very important as this is the only way to find pain points in a candidate’s performance.

    2) His feedback is very structured, exhaustive and personalised. He recommends specific action plans on how to improve on each category and runs examples to make them more clear. After the sessions, he goes the extra step and provides a short report with his feedback, which is very helpful indeed.

    3) Most importantly, he is very sincere and straightforward and you can be sure that when he is suggests a plan with next sessions, he does it because he believes that the candidate needs them and not just to sell more sessions. This is very important because other coaches show you from the initial information call that what they prioritize from you is to book as many sessions with them as possible, no matter what. Personally, I want to work with people that are trustworthy and show genuine interest and Florian surely is one of them. He also keeps in touch politely with the candidates and offers help.

    All in all, I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get into MBB or other consulting companies.

  32. Hyunkyung (Verified Buyer)

    I definitely recommend to other candidates to practice with Florian. I liked his detailed and pinpointed comments on each different types of questions and the debrief notes he sent me afterwards. He let me know what I am good at and what I need to improve further. Very effective coaching session!

  33. Barbara (Verified Buyer)

    I had one mock interview solely focusing on the personal fit part of the interview and it prepared me for all the dimensions and stories that you need in the McKinsey PEI. I loved it because it was a very efficient way of prepping. Had no surprises afterwards in the real interviews! Also, follow up questions were answered promptly and exhaustively! I will recommend to others/ tell them what’s important about the personal experience interview.

  34. Sybren (Verified Buyer)

    Got it recommended by a friend, booked the case practice for the same day, quick and easy. I really liked it since it’s kind of a different approach, really focusing on structure and creativity during the case interview. I did two more case practices with Florian within 3 days and benefited a lot from it!

  35. Hannah (Verified Buyer)

    I usually refrain from writing reviews, but I have to make an exception here. Florian went above and beyond helping me with my case practice. Even though I just booked a normal case mock interview, after we finished the case, we did almost an hour of feedback, also touching on other aspects of case interviews and more general questions. He does not get tired to reiterate certain habits that I should internalize to effectively move through the business problems. We talked through several other cases I did with my friends where I was quite unsure about my approach to the problem. He helped me frame them and go through some issues I had. I hope to make these changes stick and be able to translate what I learned in the coming cases. My confidence has improved through this coaching. After we talked, I got an email with an evaluation sheet, briefly summarizing what we discussed including improvement advice. The whole interview which almost lasted two hours was much cheaper than other case coaches I was researching. I already booked my next case practice with him. Thanks!!!

  36. Eric (Verified Buyer)

    I would absolutely recommend the experience. The whole process was flawless and I ended up doing 5 interviews. The feedback is very detailed and extensive and I have learned a completely new way of attacking cases. The coaching extends outside of the practice calls and the team was very responsive to my email questions. I landed 2 out of 3 mbb offers and accepted the one I was striving for.

  37. Stefan (Verified Buyer)

    I got the offer!!! The approach I learned during a few case practice sessions here helped me to go into the interview confidently. The coach is super diligent with drilling in the right habits to tackle every problem. I passed both interview rounds and could not be happer!!!

  38. Alice (Verified Buyer)

    Florian is an amazing coach. He provides constructive feedback and his comments are very spot on. I can feel my improvement after each session. Thanks Florian!

  39. Johannes (Verified Buyer)

    I practiced two cases with a very detailed debrief from which I took a lot. The case itself covered everything that is included in the actual interviews and feels very real. It was nice to do one case in English and one in German.

  40. Mark (Verified Buyer)

    The interviews were amazingly on-point and really reflected what I went through a week later with McKinsey. I have booked the package and the feedback I got and tricks I learned were golden. I am confident that this made the difference for me to receive my offer.

  41. Robert (Verified Buyer)

    The interview practice feels very real and the feedback that I got afterwards is very thorough and helpful. I think it needs a few more sessions either here or with peers to make the habits stick. I definitely had a steep learning experience during the interview and two A4 pages of feedback notes.

  42. Julia (Verified Buyer)

    Florian uses a very cool approach to tackle case interviews. I definitely saw a few new angles that helped me to progress during the case and zero in on the right solutions combining structure, problem solving and creativity. The 2 mocks I had were definitely the most valuable I had during my prep. Detailed feedback after the case! Thanks again!

  43. Julio E. (Verified Buyer)

    did 3 cases with Florian (drugs, fast food, helmets). it comes with a steep learning curve and very detailed de-brief/ feedback. liked it a lot!

  44. Aaron (Verified Buyer)

    Bought both the applications and 4 private case interview preparation interviews with the team. Both helped me tremendously!

  45. Jeff (Verified Buyer)

    Straightforward and super practical advice. Will book another few rounds before my actual interviews…

  46. M (Verified Buyer)

    Tough but fair. definitely pushed me further in my prep

  47. Deepti (Verified Buyer)

    the interview covered all important sections; feedback and debrief was very thorough

  48. Michael (Verified Buyer)

    Had three sessions while preparing for BCG, Bain, and ATK. The feedback I got during the first case helped me to overcome some sticking points. In the latter two cases I solidified the habits. Can recommend it!

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