Charts and Case Math Mastery Courses and Drills


Charts and Case Math Mastery Courses and Drills


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Case Chart & Exhibit Course and Drills

📈 End-to-End Approach: Progress through an exhaustive 33-lesson course detailing every nuance of how to approach and interpret charts and data tables—from basic understanding to advanced insights. Learn how to approach chart interpretation with a step-by-step method, derive insights and implications, and communicate with your interviewer.
🎯 Realistic Drills: Engage with 50 meticulously designed chart and data table interpretation exercises. These are built to replicate the kind of exhibits you'd encounter in genuine top-tier consulting interviews.
🔍 Feedback & Clarity: With our sample answers categorized across varied performance levels—from 'poor' to 'distinctive'—you'll gain clear insights into areas of strength and necessary improvements, as well as directions on how to improve.

Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

🚀 Top-tier Insider Knowledge: Gain insights directly from former McKinsey interviewers and case interview experts with the best track record in the industry.
🎯 Strategic Approaches: Leverate the 25-part video course and learn to derive calculation approaches and logic, quick calculation techniques, and avoid common mistakes spotted in thousands of interviews. Practice with 2,000 sample question and answer keys, the largest case math library on the internet.
📈 High Success Rate: Overcome the challenges that 80% of candidates face with case interview math. Become faster and more accurate quickly and stand out from the rest.


Combine the Chart Preparation Course with Our Case Math Mastery Course


Master Chart and Data Interpretation Like a Top-Tier Consultant!

Interpreting charts and data effectively is a must-have skill for nailing consulting case interviews, especially if you’re aiming for top firms.

Yet it is an area that most candidates we have worked with and seen in real interviewers are unfamiliar with, hurting their performance and confidence.

That’s why we’ve put together a straightforward yet thorough course to turn you into a chart interpretation expert, ready to impress.

What’s Inside the Course:

  • Complete Learning Experience: Dive into our 33-lesson course that covers everything you need to know about interpreting charts and data tables in a case interview context. From the basics to the more complex data interpretation, we’ve laid it all out for you with a comprehensive and simple approach to follow.
  • Learn What Matters: We show you how to approach chart interpretation, what insights you need to come up with, how to interpret them in the context of the case, and how to communicate with the interviewer.
  • Real-World Practice: Get your hands on 50 practice exercises that are just like what you’ll see in interviews with MBB and other leading firms. These are designed to test and build your skills in a real-world setting. Each practice question comes with detailed sample answers and explanations.
  • Clear Feedback: Understand where you stand with our feedback system. We show you what good, average, and excellent answers look like so you can see what to aim for and where you need to improve.

Special Features of Our Course:

  • Tailored for MBB Success: We focus on the type of charts used by top consulting firms, helping you not just to get by but to excel. This course prepares you for interviews at all consulting firms (MBB, Tier-2, Big 4, and more).
  • Learn from the Best: Benefit from our vast experience of mentoring over 2,000+ case interviews and insider knowledge from McKinsey. You’re in the hands of experts who know what it takes to succeed.

With our course, charts and data become your allies in securing your place at your dream consulting firm.


Win at Consulting Interview Math: Your Key to Acing Case Math Problems!

Struggling with math in consulting interviews is common, but it doesn’t have to be your story. We’ve been in your shoes, facing the same challenges and overcoming them to succeed in interviews at top consulting firms.

Boost Your Math Skills: Our course is specially designed based on our expertise of ex-McKinsey professionals and case interview coaches. It’s aimed at turning the math part of your case interviews from a hurdle into a strength. Get ready to handle any math challenge with confidence.

Course Features:

  • Learn from Experts: As former McKinsey interviewers and seasoned case interview coaches who have guided over 2,000 case interviews. We know what it takes to succeed.
  • Smart Techniques: Pick up smart strategies for setting up calculations, tackling calculations, quick math tricks, and sidestepping common mistakes that trip up most candidates.
  • Stand Out: While most candidates struggle with the math part, our course sets you up to excel, making you faster and more accurate than your competition.

What You’ll Get:

  • In-Depth Video Lessons: Dive into 25 detailed video lessons covering everything from setting up your calculations correctly to applying shortcuts and presenting your answers effectively within the case context.
  • Valuable Resources: Gain access to a 40-page guide, a quick-reference booklet, and lots of additional course material to support your learning.
  • Plenty of Practice: With over 2,000 math drills covering simple to complex problems, plus 100 business math challenges, 50 chart-based questions, and 21 full cases for practice, you’ll get over 40 hours of exercises to sharpen your skills. Check your answers and track your progress along the way with detailed sample answers and explanations.

Don’t let math be the reason you don’t succeed in your case interviews. With our focused training and practice, you’ll boost your math skills, speed up your calculations, and equip yourself to ace those interviews.