Consulting Cover Letter Screening

Consulting Cover Letter Screening


Optimize Your Top-Tier Consulting Application with!

🚀 Maximize Your First Impression: While 75% of top-tier consulting candidates don’t pass the initial screening, your cover letter can be the defining edge in the competitive McKinsey, BCG, or Bain application process. With mere moments to make an impact, let’s ensure your cover letter not only stands out but also resonates.

🛠 Why Our Service is Your Ultimate Edge:

  • 🎯 Genuine McKinsey Expertise: As ex-McKinsey cover letter evaluators, we’re intimately familiar with what all top firms seek.
  • ✍️ Bespoke Crafting: We don’t just edit, we create completely new stories. From tailoring to your unique story, targeting the firm of your dreams, to ensuring every word carries weight.
  • 🤖 Algorithm-Friendly Optimization: Stay ahead of the curve. Our keywords and phrase integrations ensure your cover letter triumphs over both human screeners and automated systems.
  • 🌐 Global Standards, Local Touch: Language and grammar fine-tuning available in English, German, and Russian to ensure you communicate with unparalleled clarity and persuasion.

🔒 Streamlined & Secured Experience: Embark effortlessly with our 100% secure checkout options. Upon purchase completion, dispatch your Word-formatted cover letter to our provided email. Our commitment? A transformed cover letter, usually dispatched with a 3-day turnaround time.

The StrategyCase Promise: More than just edits, we deliver a strategically optimized cover letter, designed to captivate and convince. Ready to command attention and secure that coveted interview slot?

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Optimize Your Consulting Application with

Making the First Impression Count: With as many as 75% of top-tier consulting candidates not advancing past the initial screening, the weight your cover letter carries in the selection process for giants like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain cannot be underestimated. Your cover letter needs to not only stand out but also genuinely connect.

Throughout our experience, we’ve encountered hundreds of cover letters, and we’ve observed that over 90% aren’t tailored specifically for consulting roles.

What Sets Our Cover Letter Editing Apart:

  • Insider Expertise from McKinsey: As individuals who formerly assessed cover letters at McKinsey, we bring a unique perspective on what premier consulting firms truly seek.
  • Bespoke Letter Refinement: We don’t just make superficial changes. Instead, we delve into the essence of your letter, ensuring each word and phrase aligns with your story and ambitions.
  • Modern-Day Algorithm Preparedness: With advancements in automated screening processes, we weave in essential keywords and terms, ensuring your cover letter meets the standards of both modern and traditional evaluation methods.
  • Global Precision with a Personal Touch: Whether your letter is in English, German, or Russian, we perfect it to convey your message with clarity and persuasiveness.

Our Commitment at StrategyCase: We offer more than just edits. We deliver a cover letter designed to engage and impress. Are you ready to grab the recruiter’s attention and secure your spot for an interview?

Post Purchase Instructions

Once you’ve made your purchase, please send your cover letter in Word format and any other relevant details, such as the firms you’re targeting (our email will be provided post-purchase).

Typically, our turnaround is up to 3 days, but we often deliver sooner. If you need a quicker response, please let us know.



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