All-in-One Case Interview Preparation


All-in-One Case Interview Preparation

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Case Interview Structuring Course and Drills

🚀 Master Structuring and Brainstorming for Consulting Interviews: Immerse yourself in 100 cutting-edge drills and a 25-lesson course, tailor-made for top consulting firms' standards, stepping beyond generic frameworks like Victor Cheng or Case in Point.
💡 Depth of Feedback: Benefit from detailed sample answers across performance spectrums, coupled with insights from our vast experience as McKinsey interviewers and coaching over 2,000 interview sessions.
🔒 Instant Access and Expert Guidance: Secure immediate entry to content post-purchase and empower your preparation journey with insights from the leading online case interview coaches—ensuring you not only prepare but truly dominate.

Case Chart & Exhibit Course and Drills

📈 Comprehensive Training: Navigate a 33-lesson course on chart interpretation, paired with 50 real-world MBB-style exercises, ensuring you decode data with precision and flair.
🔍 Invaluable Feedback: Benefit from detailed sample answers, spotlighting performance from 'poor' to 'distinctive', to refine your analytical prowess.
🚀 Expert-Led Insights: Trust in our legacy—former McKinsey interviewers with over 2,000 interview coaching sessions—offering strategies rooted in real challenges.

Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

🚀 Top-tier Mastery: Dive deep into math problems with insights from former McKinsey interviewers, strategic calculation approaches, and techniques tailored for all consulting interviews.
🎯 Comprehensive Content: 25 instructional videos, 40+ hours of practice with 2,000+ math problems, and invaluable resources including a 40-page guide and quick-reference handbook.
📈 Proven Success: Empower your preparation with a course that addresses the math challenges faced by 80% of interview candidates, and amplify your performance by up to 5x.


Cover Every Element of the Case Interview with Our Structure, Chart, and Math Courses


Consulting Case Structuring Course and Drills by

A key hurdle many candidates face during case interviews is effectively breaking down a client problem. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t. That is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is that you might not know why it worked in the first place or why you failed.

Our Structuring Course and Drills are designed to fine-tune your analytical skills, ensuring you confidently dissect any client issue with clarity and depth – with a clear and replicable approach.

What This Course Offers:

  • Versatility in Structuring: Equip yourself to tackle a wide range of case scenarios, be it broad market challenges or niche industry-specific questions.
  • Insight into Consulting Criteria: Gain clarity on what leading consulting firms prioritize when assessing a candidate’s structuring and brainstorming ability.
  • In-depth Lessons: Our 25-lesson course dives into the principles of effective case structuring. Understand how to develop a strong framework and guide conversations with purpose.
  • Hands-on Practice: Engage with 100 structure questions reflecting real-life scenarios from MBB and Tier-2 firms. Each is designed to mirror the viewpoint of an MBB interviewer, ensuring you practice as authentically as possible.
  • Beyond Rote Learning: Move past generic, memorized frameworks. Cultivate a genuine knack for dissecting problems with creativity and precision.
  • Up-to-Date Content: Our 1-year free update guarantee ensures you always train with the latest content as we expand our product features to reflect changes in firms’ interviewing process.

Why This Matters: In the rigorous realm of consulting interviews, differentiation is essential. Getting the initial framework wrong will put you on the path of failure as you will no longer be able to figure out where the issue is coming from or where the solution for the client’s question lies (without interviewer guidance). With our Structuring Drills, you’re not just preparing, but excelling. Hone your problem-solving skills and let your capability shine in every interview.


Decipher Charts Like an MBB Consultant: Essential Skills for Case Interview Success!

Navigating charts and data tables is pivotal in consulting case interviews, a challenge especially pronounced when striving to meet the high benchmarks of premier firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. We introduce to you our meticulously curated course, designed to offer an intensive exploration of chart interpretation. Our mission? To equip you to be not merely competent but truly outstanding.

Key Components of This In-depth Course:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Journey through an extensive 33-lesson module that elucidates every facet of chart and data table interpretation. From foundational knowledge to sophisticated insights, we’ve got it all mapped out for you.
  • Authentic Practice: Engage your analytical prowess with 50 carefully constructed chart and data table drills, mirroring the exact exhibits you anticipate in real-life MBB and other top-firm interview scenarios.
  • Insightful Feedback: With our sample solutions spanning a spectrum of performance levels, from ‘poor’ to ‘distinctive’, gain a lucid understanding of your strong suits and areas demanding attention.

Additional Distinctives:

  • MBB-Caliber Precision: Our course isn’t crafted on broad strokes. It mirrors genuine MBB charts, setting you up to not only meet but surpass the discernment criteria of the world’s foremost consulting entities. By mastering these charts, you pave your way to success in interviews across the board – be it MBB, Tier-2, Big 4, in-house, or boutique firms.
  • Immediate Onboarding: Upon acquisition, the breadth of the course content is at your fingertips instantly. Delve into the lessons and exercises immediately.
  • Valued Expertise: Our course is an amalgamation of profound insights drawn from our extensive track record of conducting over 2,000+ case interview sessions and our hands-on McKinsey experience. You’re learning from seasoned experts.

Turn Your Consulting Goals into Success: View charts and exhibits as tools to propel you closer to your dream consulting position. Let our expertise guide and refine your approach. Start your transformation today!

Case Interview Math Mastery Course: Ace Every Case Math Problem!

Most consulting interview applicants struggle with case interview math. We have been there and done that – from both sides of the table as interviewees and interviewers.

Enhance Your Math Skills: Prepare for top-tier consulting interviews with our carefully curated program, designed with insights from former McKinsey professionals. Turn mathematical challenges during the case into opportunities and tackle them confidently.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the experience of ex-McKinsey interviewers and respected case interview trainers (with more than 2,000 case interview sessions)
  • Strategic Techniques: Learn how to chart calculation paths intuitively, embrace swift calculation methods, and avoid common pitfalls that most candidates face.
  • Stay Ahead: While 80% of candidates struggle with case interview math, our course is designed to help you stand out with accuracy and agility.

What’s Inside?

  • Comprehensive Video Modules: Explore 25 in-depth videos, blending detailed explanations (setting up the correct logic, calculation shortcuts, communicating answers in the context of the case) with practical examples.
  • Resourceful Documentation: Access a 40-page primary guide, a handy reference booklet, and a wealth of course materials.
  • Extensive Practice: Engage with over 2,000 math drills, ranging from basics to intricate calculations. Further hone your skills with 100 business math problems, 50 chart-based math questions, and 21 complete cases. With over 40 hours of practice exercises, check your solutions and monitor your growth.

Don’t be another case interview statistic who failed during the math portion of the case. Enhance your math acumen and increase your calculation speed with our proven techniques and equip yourself for success in the consulting interview landscape

10 reviews for All-in-One Case Interview Preparation

  1. Paula

    The case interview preparation package is very well crafted. It offers a deep dive into the nuances of the case interview parts and breaks them down into comprehensible steps. The drills closely mirror real scenarios and include a self-evaluation mechanism to help improve your approach. They feature a feedback loop helping you become better and understand why certain solutions work. This package is dense but a must have for anyone serious about nailing their case interviews.

  2. Mamoun

    I highly recommend this to anyone who is preparing for consulting interviews. It’s a well designed prep suite that covers not only the theory for each element of the case and variations but also all essential practice materials for creating MECE issue trees, analyzing charts from interviewers and cracking case math problems. Florian’s offer to help with questions and case problems at all times adds significant value to the overall experience.

  3. Alice

    Great collection of lessons and practice exercises that accompanied me throughout my whole case prep. Top-notch when it comes to depth of content and quality and variety of practice.

  4. Karolína

    Comprehensive preparation for consulting interviews, also on a tight timeline. The package includes three different courses on case structuring, data interpretation and case math problems. Each course is split into a theory section with videos and slide presentations and a practice section.

    The theory lessons are straight to the point and provide clear guidance on dealing with the different segments of the case from a process perspective, like what you need to do and also how to think about it, like thinking techniques and mental shortcuts to break down different problems for a case structure for example. The practice parts are extremely exhaustive with many questions and problem sets to work on. I had a very tight timeline so I made sure to get the insights from the courses and then apply it to a couple of problems, which worked surprisingly well. I still wish I had time to go through more practice.

    I think all three courses are great but in the short term I benefitted most from the structuring and chart courses. The way that these courses teach you how to think about the different challenges is quite unique and much more effective and realistic than other materials I looked at.

  5. Edoardo

    This bundle was a huge development booster. I’ve done a lot of case prep and even worked with a few case coaches before but the structured courses and the practice resources are second to none. You need to invest effort to practice but I think this package is all you need to become an proficient case solver.

  6. younes

    The package is miles ahead, mainly for two reasons:

    1. The appraoches are simple but powerful: The insights from the lessons, which are a bit on the shorter end, are crisp and easy to follow and implement. There is always a clear logic for each type of problem with both a step-by-step guide on how to approach it and a description on how to think about it wehther its a chart, a framework or a quant issue. Once you have figured it out, it becomes so much easier to think through a case and the individual parts. What I really appreciate is that the teaching focuses on making you think about problems instead of memorizing something. Its much more logical and makes more sense than the common framework advice I’ve been working with before.

    2. Difficult and realistic sample questions: The practice materials are much more varied and diverse with a lot of current topics and challenging cases. A lot of the problems I was working through were very similar in terms of the subject or how they were constructed to the ones I came across in my interviews.

  7. Nuno

    This package will ensure that you are well appraised of what to expect come interview time and I would be remiss if I didn’t give it its due credit for helping me secure an offer from McKinsey!

  8. Jas

    This is an absolute buy recommendation for every consulting applicant. A lot of great content and practice questions to work on to cover all your bases.

    Small request: Add short instructions where to start. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first.

  9. Sarah

    The different guides and courses precisely explain how to tackle the different elements of a case interview. Great investment if you want to prepare thoroughly and mix theory with practice. The courses teach you simple approaches and techniques to deal with the different areas like setting up a structure, interperting a chart or going through a math problem and then you can practice with the drills and improve. You learn a lot and get a certain peace of mind that you have covered it all.

    The support is fantastic as well. I reached out twice to get input on a framework drill and received a reply on the same day with an evaluation of my answer and improvement suggestions.

  10. Raj

    I was relieved to find a comprehensive package for case interviews. Initially I purchased the structuring course before discovering the math and chart courses. Long story short I wrote an email and upgraded to this package and I am very happy with it.

    1. The structuring drills are very diverse and challenging, more in line with what my friends at MBB talked about with regard to the more challenging and creative cases
    2. The chart drills come with a great approach to tackle each exhibit in a case and 20 practice charts
    3. The math course is the most exhaustive as it comes with videos and a lot of practice case questions and calculation drills

    The quality of the practice questions is excellent and much better than the resources I have used so far, which were consulting club casebooks and the prep lounge case library.

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