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McKinsey Problem Solving Game Guide

Be among the first candidates to prepare and maximize your chances to pass the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, formerly known as the Digital Assessment!

Getting into McKinsey is tough. In fact, according to Forbes, McKinsey is the toughest firm to get into. A staggering 99% of consulting applicants fail in the recruiting process. And now, the Firm has developed another challenge for aspiring consultants. McKinsey is currently rolling out a new gamified, digital assessment to replace the older Problem Solving Test. We have discussed this tool in some detail here.

McKinsey itself keeps any information that could prime applicants out of the public. Candidates receive very little information about the test in their invitations. In fact, the Firm’s advice is not to prepare at all. Test takers we have spoken to told us that they had no idea how to prepare or how well they fared with their approach and solutions.

In the context of McKinsey applications, you do not want to let anything be decided by chance. With the introduction of this new test, initial scores and the threshold needed to move on to the case interviews will be low. Over time, as with any assessment, we expect score inflation as more and more candidates learn about the assessment and prepare accordingly.

Let’s turn the odds in your favor! The McKinsey Problem Solving Game Guide by is designed to help you prepare and ace the test at this early stage. Our goal is to give you an edge over other applicants taking the McKinsey Problem Solving Game. Hence, we dug into the mechanics of the test and pulled our sources. Since launching the guide in November 2019, we have constantly refined the content. Over the last 12 months alone, we talked to more than 150 test-takers from all geographies as well as several game design experts and researchers to bring you the latest insights and test-taking strategies.

By following the strategies for each game, the research-backed recommendations, and exercises in this guide, you will feel more confident when taking the test and significantly increase your performance (as confirmed by our more than 1700 customers from now more than 50 countries).

We have now added 4 videos to give you greater insights into the gameplay strategies and the interface.

In detail, the 82-page guide and the 4-part video series cover

  • The context of the Problem Solving Game
  • The type of tasks and scenarios you can expect in great detail (what you need to do, how they look like, how they are structured, gameplay mechanics)
  • How you should prepare for the core skills that are being assessed including research-backed approaches, actionable exercises, and links to further free-of-charge-resources to train your skills
  • How you should take the test and test-taking strategies to ensure high scores based on input from actual game design experts and high-scoring test-takers
  • The guide is constantly updated with feedback from recent test-takers. The current version is 7.1
  • Additionally, we have included our 6-page case interview primer on top to jump-start your consulting case interview preparation already while preparing for the McKinsey PSG

You can now download the guide instantly after purchase. The password IS the email address you enter during the purchase.

Ready-for-McKinsey Program

McKinsey interviews are the toughest in the industry with only 1% of applicants receiving an offer. Providing solid answers is not enough. You need to stand out to land the job offer. Hence, preparation is a must.

However, not all preparation is the same. 9 out of 10 candidates, who we coached, using the exact same methods demonstrated in this program, received an offer with the firm.

We developed the Ready-for-McKinsey program primarily for two reasons. First, we have seen candidates constantly repeating the same mistakes in our initial coaching sessions and real interviews. Additionally, they ask the same set of common questions. Second, we scanned all materials out there that should prepare candidates for their McKinsey interviews. What we found is that they are either outdated or from ”coaches” without any real McKinsey background and, hence, not useful at all.

As former McKinsey consultants, interviewers, and experienced case coaches, we made it our mission to change the odds of applicants with this video academy. Enroll and benefit instantly from our 9 years of combined experience with McKinsey, unique insights into the McKinsey interview process and tips and tricks for the Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.

Due to the contrast technique we apply, showing bad, OK, and excellent candidates in simulated interviews, the program is aimed both at candidates at the beginning of their interview preparation as well as at candidates in more advanced stages of preparation.

Find out more about the curriculum of the 40-part video series and what makes our program unique here.

1-on-1 consulting interview coaching

1-on-1 interview coaching:

  • As real-as-it-gets 60 (up to 90) -minute case interview practice, cases, OR personal fit stories and questions including evaluation tailored to your situation
  • Real MBB-type business case or personal fit interview (40 - 60 minutes + 20-30 minute debrief)
  • Interviewers with all MBB offers and McKinsey interviewer experience
  • Detailed feedback on strengths, weaknesses + actionable improvement advice from tackling major improvement levers to fine-tuning your performance
  • Unique habit-based approach to case interview mastery
  • Detailed feedback on strengths, weaknesses + actionable improvement advice on what to tell (content) and how to tell (delivery)
  • McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI) or more general resume and behavioral questions (BCG, Bain, etc.)

If you have questions regarding our coaching program or want to discuss an individual approach, contact us at and we will schedule a phone call with you to discuss this in detail

Check out our customer reviews below and also see Daniel’s Preplounge reviews here


  • Full case interview mock session emulates a real-life interview situation including all components and tests all relevant dimensions (e.g., analytics, calculus, communication)
  • Up-to-date case material and evaluation metrics to make sure you train as-real-as-it-gets
  • Includes detailed feedback session on strengths and weaknesses as well as actionable improvement advice depending on your stage in the preparation process (from tackling major improvement levers to fine-tuning your performance)
  • Can be interviewer-led (McKinsey style) or interviewee-led (used by most other consultancies such as BCG or Bain) depending on your preference

Mock interviews are usually done via Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom.

Duration: 60-90 minutes (including 20-30 minute in-depth feedback).

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