Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching (5 Session Package)


Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching (5 Session Package)

(20 customer reviews)


This is a highly impactful program that can help you get multiple offers with top firms end-to-end. If you want to learn more, read the detailed product description below.

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I am delighted to present a comprehensive program meticulously designed to help you attain offers from all consulting firms. This inclusive program not only offers personalized coaching, but also provides a complete suite of indispensable materials for effective practice between sessions, along with an exclusive membership in my private client coaching group – the inner circle.

Click here for an introduction to my approach and selection of 450+ consulting offers

Why this program is different

Read the review below and keep in mind that the offer was for the most competitive McKinsey office in the world during a recession for a candidate with a non-business background, who was able to outshine all MBAs and business professionals due to the value of my coaching program.




  • Get a top consulting job from a non-target school?
  • Get into McKinsey, BCG, and Bain with no business background?
  • Make interviewers wonder how quickly were able to solve a case?
  • Skip interview rounds and move directly to the offer?
  • Dominate a whole interview round as a peer group?


These are not outlier cases; with my clients, this is the standard.

The 1% Method Coaching Program

  • includes everything you need to score multiple top-tier consulting offers, not just coaching but a full suite of products;
  • is totally risk-free for you (read more details below);
  • comes at a 58% discount (the real total value based on products and services included is $3753 but priced at just $1599), which is less than 50% of your first-month salary in consulting.

I am eager and dedicated to assisting you on your journey to securing multiple offers from top-tier firms. If you are interested in learning more about the program and why I can offer this package, read on or contact me directly for your free introduction call.

Outline of the Program

The program itself encompasses 5 adaptable, non-timed sessions tailored to your individual needs, including real top-tier consulting-style cases, real (McKinsey) interviewer feedback and evaluation standards, fit interview simulations, and ultra-detailed debriefs, problem-solving and story-telling teaching, as well as detailed preparation plans and progress tracking.

Additionally, you receive more than 10 hours of self-study video course content, guidebooks specifically crafted to help you ace all consulting aptitude tests, high-quality courses and drills for structuring, chart, and math, and a rich collection of nearly 1,000 practice cases.

This is all supplemented with my continuous mentorship to facilitate your ongoing learning and improvement before, in-between, and after our sessions as well as the inclusion into my private coaching group of equally motivated case candidates.

The guidebooks and video courses incorporated in the program are some of the most sought-after and the most realistic practice materials on the market.




The Value of the Program Rests on 7 Pillars

✅ An immediate transformation: From our very first session, you’ll get everything crucial. There’s no slogging through basics. We start strong, setting you on the right track immediately. You will learn everything you need to know to become a strong case solver already in the first session. We do not wait until the third session to cover a specific topic. The sooner you know how to work through whole cases, the more effective your preparation will be going forward. That is also why the initial sessions usually last much longer than 60 minutes. Everyone starts at a different baseline and I want to meet you at your current level and automatically lift you to a level that most case interviewees will never reach during their prep.




✅ Impact Over Time: Let numbers do the talking. Compare the offers I’ve secured with this program for my clients in relation to sessions and my active coaching time. If someone produces 300 offers over 10 years, that would be just 30 offers per year. Time and experience in this market are worth nothing if it does not align with consistent tangible results. I have delivered more than 450 offers for my clients through direct coaching in just 3 years.





✅ Resources Tailored for Top Consultants: Say goodbye to endless online searches and practicing with questionable resources. I’ve created the most realistic practice materials on the market, ensuring every moment you spend in self-practice is with the industry’s best, most up-to-date resources and drills. The resources are so sought after, that they are used by other case coaches to train their students.




✅ I’m Here for You, Not the Clock: I don’t keep an eye on the time but on your progress. Our sessions last until every question is answered, and every topic is thoroughly covered. You set the pace, I provide the guidance. This also applies to times outside of sessions when you need ad-hoc support.



✅ Practice with the Champions: I’ll introduce you to a community of top-tier aspiring consultants. When you practice, you’ll do it among the best, ensuring you’re always challenged and improving.




✅ Direct & Genuine Feedback: My feedback is straightforward and honest. I give you the real interviewer’s perspective, focusing on tangible improvements, not just empty praise that gets you nowhere.




✅ Standing on a Legacy of Proven Expertise: Over a million applicants and new hires have benefited from my books and platform. Two authoritative books on consulting careers and case interviews stand testament to my expertise in the field.



This program comes with $1758 in bonuses:

Upon investing in the package, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources designed to enhance your consulting application, test-taking, and interview skills. This includes:

  • Access to my Coaching Inner Circle: Get my Personal Phone Number and Email Address for all your needs and questions, 24/7 before your offer and afterward (once you start your dream career) – VALUE OF USD 399
  • Cover Letter and Resume Guides: Comprehensive guides (24 and 29 pages) tailored to help you craft an outstanding consulting resume and cover letter. The guides come with ready-to-use templates for Interns, Graduate Hires, and Experienced Hires. – VALUE OF USD 48
  • Personal Cover Letter and Resume Screening Service to make the most out of your application. I will finetune your application documents to get them past the algorithms and human resume and cover letter screeners. I take away the time that adds no value to your preparation and do it for you. – VALUE OF USD 198
  • McKinsey Solve Game Guide: A comprehensive guide (133 pages, 11 videos, Excel Solver, and RedRock practice tests) designed to navigate you through the McKinsey Solve Game. This was the first guide on the market in November 2019 and since then has been continuously refined – VALUE OF USD 54
  • BCG Casey Chatbot Guide: A detailed guide (123 pages + 5 interactive sample tests) to prepare for interactions with the BCG Casey Chatbot. – VALUE OF USD 54


  • Bain Aptitude Test Guide: An extensive guide (105 pages) covering SOVA, Pymetrics, and HireVue, and 500+ online practice questions to help you ace the Bain Aptitude Test. – VALUE OF USD 54
  • Kearney Recruitment Test Guide: A comprehensive guide (76 pages) delving deep into the unique aspects of the Kearney recruitment test. Packed with insights, strategies, and test-taking tips, this guide is tailored to ensure you master the nuances and intricacies of the Kearney test. – VALUE OF USD 14
  • Case Interview Math Mastery Video Course: A series of 25 videos, including a math guidebook and 2,000 practice examples, to build a strong foundation for case interview math. – VALUE OF USD 89
  • Structuring and Framework Course: This includes 14 lessons with 50 creative structuring and brainstorming exercises to boost your problem-solving skills. – VALUE OF USD 69
  • Exhibit and Chart Interpretation Course: Contains 39 lessons and 20 realistic drills to improve your data interpretation skills. – VALUE OF USD 29
  • McKinsey Interview Academy: Offers 40 videos of simulated McKinsey case and PEI interviews, including best practices and feedback. – VALUE OF USD 99
  • Practice Case Library: A rich library of nearly 1,000 cases to aid in your practice and reading. – VALUE OF USD 99
  • Industry Deep Dives: Provides comprehensive overviews for 27 industries and sectors related to their business models, trends, financials, and more. – VALUE OF USD 24
  • Brainteaser Course: Offers 155 practice drills to sharpen your analytical thinking skills. – VALUE OF USD 29
  • My Client Network: A network of motivated and high-performing case partners. – VALUE OF USD 499


100% Risk-Free Coaching Guarantee

I understand that diving into a coaching program is a significant decision. That’s why I’ve designed my offering to be completely risk-free for you. Here’s how:

  1. Introduction Call: Before you make a commitment, set up a no-obligation introduction call. Discuss your questions, gauge the program’s fit, and ensure it aligns with your goals. Also, from my side, it is important to make sure that I see a good fit.
  2. Adaptive Pace: Your comfort and progress is paramount. Whether you’re in a rush to complete sessions within 4 days (been there and done that with a successful offer) or wish to space them out over 3 months (or even longer), the program molds to fit your schedule.
  3. Tailored Experience: Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our sessions are always customized to provide you with the best value at the right time, ensuring they address your unique needs and concerns.
  4. Value Guarantee: After the first session, if you feel you didn’t derive significant value from the coaching, you can cancel the remainder of the program, no questions asked. It’s that straightforward. No one has cancelled the program since its inception and I am striving hard to keep it that way and keep you satisfied.

Your career trajectory is too important to leave to chance. With my risk-free coaching program, you’re not just getting guidance; you’re getting a promise of genuine, tangible results.


To ensure quality and personalized care (longer sessions, mentorship and care in-between sessions) as well as attention to requests from different platforms, I can only enroll a select number of candidates each month via StrategyCase.com, which is usually 4 or 5 packages.

I am aware of the responsibility I have with regard to your successful consulting applications and the trust you need to place in a coach for that matter. Hence, please reach out to me with your questions via DM so we can set up an introduction call to answer all your questions and discuss a potential plan.

Additional Notes

  • Timely Feedback: Got questions? Reach out anytime. I pledge to respond within the same day, no matter your location.
  • Learn What it is All About: Tentative about diving straight into the program? Kick-off with a single trial session. If slots are available, you can transition to the comprehensive program, with the initial session’s fee credited.
  • Booking Protocol: Given the limited monthly slots I allocate here, please contact me before booking with your resume or LinkedIn profile and preferred coaching timeline prior to booking the full program in addition to your target firms. Direct bookings without preliminary communication might, unfortunately, be canceled if there’s an alignment mismatch or overbooking.
  • McKinsey DACH: Für deutschsprachige Kandidaten habe ich spezielle Tipps für McKinsey Deutschland und Oesterreich!


Sample Program Outline (tailored to each client)

My coaching philosophy emphasizes immediate, comprehensive guidance. In our very first session, I provide you with all the essential information. This ensures that as we progress, each session focuses on refining and enhancing your performance. There’s no holding back or waiting for subsequent sessions to introduce critical elements – you’ll have everything you need from the outset. 

This approach not only facilitates a noticeable transformation right in our initial meeting but also ensures that your practice is effective and efficient right from the start. Furthermore, after our initial session, you’ll gain complete access to all practice resources and my coaching network.

Imagine our case journey like sculpting: the first session is akin to chiseling the basic shape from stone. With each subsequent session, we meticulously refine and detail, eventually polishing your performance.

Moreover, there’s no need for separate sessions dedicated to specific case types. Instead, in every session, we focus on intuitive and replicable problem-solving employed by consultants by going through representative and realistic case problems and the most effective strategies for addressing them.


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 1: Diagnostic and preparation planning

Objective: Immediately transform your casing and set the stage for your progress.

  • We start with an introduction and understanding of your case experience, goals, objectives, and ambitions (if we had no initial screening call)
  • We simulate a real Case Interview using a real firm-specific case, following official interviewer guidelines
  • The case will either be candidate-led or interviewer-led, depending on the firms you are applying for
  • The case is longer than what you have to expect during your initial interview so that you have more practice opportunities and I can collect more observation points
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics and scoring sheet
  • I introduce you to my universal case approach method discussing the right steps and habits for each part and question of the case, the content creation techniques to come up with strong frameworks and brainstorming answers, insightful exhibit interpretations, and effective approaches to quantitative questions, as well as the key communication phrases and strategies.
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from development need to a good performance and from a good performance to a distinctive performance. You will know where you stand in all elements of the case and all official evaluation metrics, including a detailed plan on how to improve each score to the next level and a stretch goal on how to reach the maximum level possible
  • Based on your performance, we jointly work on a preparation plan and discuss the most effective exercises and homework you can do on your own to work on focus areas and improve quickly
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • After the session, you receive a 6-9 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form, the scoring sheet of your performancealternative math approachescurated articles on your development needs, as well as access to my curated drills courses for structuring, charts, and math with more than 2,100 practice questions, and almost 1,000 practice cases
  • After the first session, I connect you with my client network to practice high-quality cases with high-quality case partners

Outcome: You know where you stand, you know how to ace every element of a case, and you have a clear roadmap and all practice materials required to move forward



Objective: Build on the correct case habits to demonstrate the excellence of your thinking.

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We simulate another real Case Interview using a different and creative real top-tier case, following official interviewer guidelines
  • The case is selected based on your initial case performance and comes with new twists and turns
  • Every case we go through covers different tricks and techniques so that after the program you have seen the most typical MBB interviewer tricks and know how to deal with them
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from development need to a good performance and from a good performance to a distinctive performance
  • I compare and track your improvement to the first session across each of the questions and each skill lever
  • We discuss what has been most effective for you to improve and identify new and existing areas to focus on, jointly adjusting your preparation plan and discussing the most effective exercises and homework
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 2-4 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again
  • In each session, we address common mistakes that more than 80% of candidates make to show you the typical failure patterns to avoid

Outcome: You know varied MBB interviewer tricks and ways to avoid mistakes, while at the same time, you start displaying performance spikes.


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 3: Finetuning, focus areas or different case format

Objective: Cement the right habits and deal with unexpected challenges.

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We either work on a new case or on focused drills in performance areas where you are lagging the most
  • Alternatively, we can also work on a different case format (e.g., market sizing, brainteaser, candidate-led or interviewer-led, etc) to demonstrate the similarities and differences
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from a good performance to a distinctive performance
  • I compare and track your improvement to the first session across each of the questions and each skill lever
  • We discuss what has been most effective for you to improve and identify new and existing areas to focus on, jointly adjusting your preparation plan and discussing the most effective exercises and homework
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 2-4 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again

Outcome: You are bulletproof in your approach and communication, regardless of the challenge the interviewer throws at you.



Objective: Craft and communicate the perfect fit and PEI stories.

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • For McKinsey: You need to prepare three stories, one for each dimension (Inclusive Leadership, Personal Impact, and depending on the office either Entrepreneurial Drive or Courageous Change) based on my guidelines and the videos of the McKinsey Interview Academy that I shared at the beginning of the program. We then simulate the real PEI interview, starting with your first story, discussing potential starting questions and probing questions, following the real interviewer guidelines. After every story, we discuss detailed feedback to improve your structure, content, and delivery to make sure you hit all points on the interviewers’ scorecards. We repeat the process with your other two stories. You receive a 3-page PEI template that you can use for every PEI story going forward with a focus on content, structure, and communication. You leave this session with three polished PEI stories that you can use as templates for your other stories
  • For other firms: We simulate a real fit interview with more general fit questions (tailored to each firm). I have a repertoire of 150+ different fit questions and strong sample answers that will prepare you for any given challenge. The focus here is on the content, communication, and structure of your answers.
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 3-5 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again

Outcome: You know how to select the right content as well as structure and communicate the perfect fit answers to stand out from the crowd and keep your interviewers interested.


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 5: Final case rehearsal or full-mock interview or focused drills

Objective: Polish your performance and create the interview game plan.

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We either work on a new case or run a real mock interview with Fit and Case or focus on drills in performance areas where you are lagging the most
  • For the mock interview, we run a real end-to-end interview situation including the icebreaker questions, one fit/PEI interview, one case interview, and finally your questions to ask the interviewer at the end
  • We discuss a winning interview mindset, the dress code, and any other practical advice that should help you get the last 5% of performance out on your big interview day
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you feel fully ready for the upcoming interviews, and have a clear plan about what to do the last few hours or days before the interviews
  • You receive a detailed Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again

Outcome: You are fully ready, confident, and competent to tackle multiple top-tier MBB interview rounds to get the offer.


This is just a sample of how the process can unfold. The final course curriculum is always created jointly and individually with each of my clients to meet their needs.

If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me directly with your questions or wish to schedule a free introduction call.

Let’s work together on your offers!

As one of my clients phrased it:

“I just got an offer from Mckinsey! Florian’s instructions are the MOST constructive ones that I have ever seen in my 100 + case practices. I institutionalized his advice into my practice and reached a new level. […] I will give Florian a 10/10 rating!”


About Me

Like you, I’ve been through the challenging phases of consulting interviews (once for internships and once for full-time roles). Despite rigorous preparation, I often felt inadequately prepared, some cases went well, others didn’t, and I had a hard time figuring out why. This struggle that I also witnessed across my peer group became my motivation to change the landscape of consulting recruiting and interview training completely.

I envisioned a new approach to consulting interviews and once I left McKinsey in early 2020, I built StrategyCase and everything it entails into what it is today.

I noticed that the information on the top-tier consulting application process, the case interviews, the fit and PEI, and the different aptitude tests and games that is often circulated is either wrong, outdated, or assumed to be the same for any consulting firm. Consequently, the advice given can be detrimental to your recruiting success with the top firms.

I’m your go-to McKinsey consultant for cracking the enigmatic case and fit interview code. With a deep-seated passion for this competitive industry, I’ve made it my mission to usher aspiring consultants into the big leagues – McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and other reputable firms.

Over the past three years, I’ve developed and perfected a unique case interview approach, resulting in more than 450 consulting offers for my clients. Of these, a remarkable 160 were from McKinsey, notoriously the toughest firm to crack, based on a study by Forbes. My innovative strategies and relentless dedication have proven time and again to yield successful outcomes, substantiating my reputation as the most successful McKinsey case coach on the web.

Over the last three years, I have built a consulting application and career platform as a beacon of knowledge and guidance, having reached more than 1 million consultant applicants and new hires. With my relentless coaching and mentoring, I am leading numerous candidates month after month to secure coveted offers from top-tier consulting firms.

Beyond just coaching, I’ve also penned two insightful books: ‘The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview’ and ‘Consulting Career Secrets’. The first has achieved Amazon best-seller status for new case interview books, while the second serves as an extensive guide to thriving in the challenging environment of high-caliber consulting firms.

the image is a quick consulting coachng bio of florian smeritschnig

My engagement with consulting is not confined to coaching or writing. I recently launched my own boutique consulting and advisory firm, keeping me directly involved in the consulting world as well as recruitment and interviewing processes. This hands-on experience allows me to provide you with insights and advice grounded in the current industry landscape, offering unparalleled relevance and value.

In essence, my mission is to make your consulting dreams come true. Leveraging my expertise, invaluable resources, and unwavering commitment to your success, I stand ready to lead you into the esteemed world of consulting. Together, we’ll conquer the challenges, honing your problem-solving skills to unlock your full potential and secure your place among the consulting elite.

If you are not looking for a coach or just need some free text-based advice, feel free to shoot me a message and ask for advice. I have learned a lot in this industry and I want to pay it forward!

If you are in the market for a coach, please reach out for a mutual introduction and quick learning session.

Let’s work together on your offers!


20 reviews for Florian Smeritschnig Case Coaching (5 Session Package)

  1. c.

    The 1% Case Method works! 🙂 After a longer journey I can finally say that my effort and investment paid off but I owe Florian a lot of graditude for his teaching and continuous support. I don’t have the usual candidate profile and I could see that he was really interested in my progress and success from the first call on. We did many things besides going through case problems that helped me get a grip on business sense and judgement. After every session he always provided me with new tasks and homework practice to go through on my own but I was always able to discuss my struggles and questions with him. Thank you and I am looking forward to what is coming next.

  2. M

    Florian prepared me so incredibly well for the McKinsey interviews – I cannot recommend him enough! He is very knowledgeable about what the interviewers are looking for and really takes the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses. I learned something new in every session I had with him, and really felt like all of his advice was tailored to me. If you’re considering a session with Florian, just do it!

  3. SK

    Florian is a true mentor and not just a coach. I think enough has been written already but I wanted to wholeheartedly agree to what I have read before booking here and elsewhere. Florian helped me keep my spirits up and working with him was the main reason for getting my desired offer in this tough recruiting market.

  4. G.S.

    Thank you so much for all your help!

    Whoever is reading this, I can totally recommend the program Florian has built. His advice is incredibly practical and actionable and he always tailors the sessions to your needs. I had a particular issue with the quant sections in each case and we focused on really quant heavy cases which together with his feedback and homework drills made me much more comfortable.

    The sessions follow a clear progression and the feedback always left me with clear next steps and tasks.

    Between sessions Florian was always available for impromptu advice on my homework or questions about my applications.

    I cannot recommend a better coach for MBB!!

  5. Marc

    Maybe the most structured way to get several consulting offers.

    – Florian has created a very structured process that begins already before the first session and guides you from session to session
    – He has a method that works for each case and is more intuitive than what I read about before. No learning of frameworks but learning how to approach problems like a consultant. I think this will also help me on the job
    – Each session was adjusted to my performance and tailored to current doubts I had. I was able to see my progress with him and in peer practice
    – There was never any time limit. He was always very patient and made sure all questions were answered and I had a plan for the time between coaching sessions
    – I did not have a lot of time for my preparation and he made sure to be available always on short notice
    – I felt in great hands as Florian was always telling me something to be confident about

    Many things were included in the coaching. Florian reviewed my resume and cover letter, I received access to other customers for peer practice, I used all preparation materials from the site and when I had a question, it was always answered within a few hours, etc, etc

    I have not worked with other coaches but I am very happy with my experience and outcome (2 MBB offers, 1 Big 4).
    Thank you for making that possible!

  6. E

    I applied for a McKinsey as a medic with very little knowledge about case interviews. I spent a bit of time preparing using the two well-known books on the market and other available resources but felt very chaotic in my approach.

    With only 5 weeks until my interview and a lot of improvement to be made I booked in for Florian’s 5 session package with the desire for a mentor to help provide some clarity/structure to my prep. I am so, so glad that I made the investment. Florian has a super structured approach to coaching, provides the most detailed feedback, with spreadsheets and even a timeline for you to follow for your own preparation. His practice cases are almost identical to real McKinsey interviews. He has an intimate knowledge about what the interviewers are looking for and perfects every aspect of your technique. We ended up doing an additional session before my final round to discuss final round/partner interview strategies. I felt well prepared and confident going into my interviews, a mindset that I think makes all the difference with MBB. With Florian’s help I was able to maximise the little time I had left to prepare and secure an offer with McKinsey. Thank you Florian!

  7. J.

    I come from a non-traditional background and tried to study all available materials on cases but the more I “learned” the more lost I became. I found Florian’s book which I loved because it laid out a clear foundation and approach. I decided to go ahead with his coaching and I can honestly say it was the best decision. In these sessions I did not just learn to solve a case but solve problems like a consultant. I don’t think I would have gotten that far on my own and also in such a short time.

    Everything from the first session, the feedback, the detailed preparation plan and mentoring on the way (many emails and voice message) was top-notch. Florian was always available and I felt he was personally very invested in my situation and outcome. The practice materials were great and reflected exactly the types of cases and difficulty level I had in my interviews.

    Florian’s feedback in each session was tough but encouraging and actionable and I left every session with more confidence and a clear action plan.

    If you want to go for MBB case coaching and be successful, I can highly recommend it. Thank you for everything!

  8. David

    Phenomenal experience from start to finish.

    I knew after reading his book and the intro call that I wanted to work with Florian as he already provided so much insights and value during the call.

    I have gone through 5 sessions now and worked through most of the materials he shared and I can say that the sessions and
    “homework” have been transformational for my case interview skills. Since the second sessions I never struggled again to open a case and move through it. The habits he teaches focus on what to do at each stage of the case and how to do it. It becomes very intuitive to just solve any problem. The preparation materials and his coaching network helped me cement and practice my skills.

    I am very happy and thankful for what I learned and for the successes.

  9. M.F.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Florian not only as a case interviewer and coach but also as a mentor who works very hard for your success:

    1. He knows 100% what he is talking about when it comes to cases and fit interviews for all firms
    2. His feedback is super detailed and highly structured in the session and the feedback and scoring sheets he sends out after
    3. After the first session he sent out a detailed learning plan and gave me access to all materials I needed (drills, frameworks, math). I always knew what do to and how to improve
    4. The sessions always went over the time limit and he wanted to make sure that all my q’s are discussed
    5. When I reached out between sessions he was always quick to catch up with
    6. During the case he acts very professionally but during the feedback it shows that he is just a genuinely friendly and warm person. We always shared a couple of laughs during our sessions
    7. I received all three offers I was striving for and he helped me decide where to go based on his own experience and advice

    I hope he continues with case coaching for longer.

  10. Steven

    Brilliant preparation! I booked 6 sessions. Daniel coached me for the cases and Florian for the PEI interviews. I had prepared the cases as well as I could on my own before my purchase. After my first coaching session, I greatly improved the efficiency of my further practice and ended up feeling as well prepared as I possibly could. Florian helped me to craft and perfect my stories to exactly fit the real McKinsey interview. In hindsight, I find it hard to imagine a better, more time-efficient, practice. I ended up feeling really confident for the interview and got the offer.

  11. Victoria

    Daniel is a fantastic coach and thanks to his support I achieved 100% MBB success rate. His program is comprehensive, individualised, and based on deep experience as a coach and former interviewer. Daniel was instrumental in perfecting my casing as well as refining my personal stories. Throughout the coaching, he also gave me valuable advice on how to navigate the entire interview process. I highly recommend Daniel’s coaching program!

  12. Sandra

    Quite intense interview experience. Looking back it resembled the real case interviews I had really well (except for not sitting face to face with the interviewer…)

  13. Ricardo

    Very helpful! we did three interviews each (2 different interviewers) and discussed a lot of other questions that I had (also via email). I learned lot of new habits and tools for all types of cases. The feedback is the most detailed I got so far. I have already recommended to my friends.

  14. Ryan

    After having gone through the interviews with all major firms I can say now that this was definitely the most thorough and instructive case prep I had. I helped me tremendously to identify my issues and improve. I am convinced that it scored me 2 out of 3 MBB and several other offers. Thank you!!!

  15. MBB

    Great experience overall with a thorough debrief on the case practice and the personal experience interview. I definitely picked up some valuable advice which I have not heard anywhere else. I had 6 practice sessions and feel much better now to tackle my upcoming interviews in the next weeks with MBB

  16. Ady

    I got very solid advice and the sessions passed quickly. i can definitely recommend it in combination with other preparation methods to get the final tweaks you need. I have not learned this anywhere else.

  17. Janicek

    Very comprehensive with a lot of take-aways!

  18. Krzysztof

    This was very close to the real McKinsey interview I had one week later. Its challenging and a bit pricey – if you are going for MBB I’d recommend you to go through one or several drills here

  19. jens

    i prepared so far only using some prelounge calls and wanted to try something different; can highly recommend – definitely learned a new approach to case interviews which i incorporated. i was quite confident walking into the first round interviews and made it to round two for the big three and roland berger. now i look forward to the final rounds.

  20. Andrew

    I found this page via Quora and booked six full meetings for a discounted offer over the last couple of weeks in addition to doing cases with friends and reading a few case books. I think it really helped sorting out my sticking points and taught me what to pay attention to and I feel a bit more relaxed now for the actual interviews. Fingers crossed for this week guys…

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