Ready for McKinsey Coaching Program

Ready for McKinsey Coaching Program

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11 reviews for Ready for McKinsey Coaching Program

  1. Steven

    Brilliant preparation! I booked 6 sessions. Daniel coached me for the cases and Florian for the PEI interviews. I had prepared the cases as well as I could on my own before my purchase. After my first coaching session, I greatly improved the efficiency of my further practice and ended up feeling as well prepared as I possibly could. Florian helped me to craft and perfect my stories to exactly fit the real McKinsey interview. In hindsight, I find it hard to imagine a better, more time-efficient, practice. I ended up feeling really confident for the interview and got the offer.

  2. Victoria

    Daniel is a fantastic coach and thanks to his support I achieved 100% MBB success rate. His program is comprehensive, individualised, and based on deep experience as a coach and former interviewer. Daniel was instrumental in perfecting my casing as well as refining my personal stories. Throughout the coaching, he also gave me valuable advice on how to navigate the entire interview process. I highly recommend Daniel’s coaching program!

  3. Sandra

    Quite intense interview experience. Looking back it resembled the real case interviews I had really well (except for not sitting face to face with the interviewer…)

  4. Ricardo

    Very helpful! we did three interviews each (2 different interviewers) and discussed a lot of other questions that I had (also via email). I learned lot of new habits and tools for all types of cases. The feedback is the most detailed I got so far. I have already recommended to my friends.

  5. Ryan

    After having gone through the interviews with all major firms I can say now that this was definitely the most thorough and instructive case prep I had. I helped me tremendously to identify my issues and improve. I am convinced that it scored me 2 out of 3 MBB and several other offers. Thank you!!!

  6. MBB

    Great experience overall with a thorough debrief on the case practice and the personal experience interview. I definitely picked up some valuable advice which I have not heard anywhere else. I had 6 practice sessions and feel much better now to tackle my upcoming interviews in the next weeks with MBB

  7. Ady

    I got very solid advice and the sessions passed quickly. i can definitely recommend it in combination with other preparation methods to get the final tweaks you need. I have not learned this anywhere else.

  8. Janicek

    Very comprehensive with a lot of take-aways!

  9. Krzysztof

    This was very close to the real McKinsey interview I had one week later. Its challenging and a bit pricey – if you are going for MBB I’d recommend you to go through one or several drills here

  10. jens

    i prepared so far only using some prelounge calls and wanted to try something different; can highly recommend – definitely learned a new approach to case interviews which i incorporated. i was quite confident walking into the first round interviews and made it to round two for the big three and roland berger. now i look forward to the final rounds.

  11. Andrew

    I found this page via Quora and booked six full meetings for a discounted offer over the last couple of weeks in addition to doing cases with friends and reading a few case books. I think it really helped sorting out my sticking points and taught me what to pay attention to and I feel a bit more relaxed now for the actual interviews. Fingers crossed for this week guys…

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