Private personal fit/experience interview coaching

Private personal fit/experience interview coaching

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Smash the personal experience/ fit interviews!

The personal fit and experience interviews are often overlooked by applicants, however, seen as equally important as case interviews by McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. Don’t trip and let a miserable experience interview kill your application!

Take a private experience interview coaching with our interviewers who have both received offers from MBBs as well as gained interviewer experience for MBBs.

  • Full case experience mock session emulates a real-life interview situation including all components and tests all relevant dimensions (e.g., leadership, achievement, impact)
  • Gauges your motivation, experience, and skills
  • Up-to-date evaluation metrics to make sure you train as-real-as-it-gets
  • Includes detailed feedback session on strengths and weaknesses as well as actionable improvement advice on what stories to tell (content) and how to tell them (delivery)
  • Can be modeled after the personal experience interview based on one specific dimension (PEIMcKinsey style) or more general (used by most other consultancies such as BCG or Bain) depending on your preference

Mock interviews are usually done via Skype or Google Hangout. Please schedule your interview within 14 days of purchase via the email address provided upon purchase.

Duration: 30 minutes.

In case you want to book more experience interview sessions in advance, contact us for discount options!

1 review for Private personal fit/experience interview coaching

  1. Barbara

    I had one mock interview solely focusing on the personal fit part of the interview and it prepared me for all the dimensions and stories that you need in the McKinsey PEI. I loved it because it was a very efficient way of prepping. Had no surprises afterwards in the real interviews! Also, follow up questions were answered promptly and exhaustively! I will recommend to others/ tell them what’s important about the personal experience interview.

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