Case Structuring and Case Math Mastery Courses and Drills


Case Structuring and Case Math Mastery Courses and Drills


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Case Interview Structuring Course and Drills

🚀 Master Structuring and Brainstorming for Consulting Interviews: Immerse yourself in 100 cutting-edge drills and a 25-lesson course, tailor-made for top consulting firms' standards, stepping beyond generic frameworks like Victor Cheng or Case in Point.
💡 Depth of Feedback: Benefit from detailed sample answers across performance spectrums, coupled with insights from our vast experience as McKinsey interviewers and coaching over 2,000 interview sessions.
🔒 Instant Access and Expert Guidance: Secure immediate entry to content post-purchase and empower your preparation journey with insights from the leading online case interview coaches—ensuring you not only prepare but truly dominate.

Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

🚀 Top-tier Mastery: Dive deep into math problems with insights from former McKinsey interviewers, strategic calculation approaches, and techniques tailored for all consulting interviews.
🎯 Comprehensive Content: 25 instructional videos, 40+ hours of practice with 2,000+ math problems, and invaluable resources including a 40-page guide and quick-reference handbook.
📈 Proven Success: Empower your preparation with a course that addresses the math challenges faced by 80% of interview candidates, and amplify your performance by up to 5x.


Combine the Structuring Course with Our Case Math Mastery Course

Consulting Case Structuring Course and Drills by

A key hurdle many candidates face during case interviews is effectively breaking down a client problem. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t. That is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is that you might not know why it worked in the first place or why you failed.

Our Structuring Course and Drills are designed to fine-tune your analytical skills, ensuring you confidently dissect any client issue with clarity and depth – with a clear and replicable approach.

What This Course Offers:

  • Versatility in Structuring: Equip yourself to tackle a wide range of case scenarios, be it broad market challenges or niche industry-specific questions.
  • Insight into Consulting Criteria: Gain clarity on what leading consulting firms prioritize when assessing a candidate’s structuring and brainstorming ability.
  • In-depth Lessons: Our 25-lesson course dives into the principles of effective case structuring. Understand how to develop a strong framework and guide conversations with purpose.
  • Hands-on Practice: Engage with 100 structure questions reflecting real-life scenarios from MBB and Tier-2 firms. Each is designed to mirror the viewpoint of an MBB interviewer, ensuring you practice as authentically as possible.
  • Beyond Rote Learning: Move past generic, memorized frameworks. Cultivate a genuine knack for dissecting problems with creativity and precision.
  • Up-to-Date Content: Our 1-year free update guarantee ensures you always train with the latest content as we expand our product features to reflect changes in firms’ interviewing process.

Why This Matters: In the rigorous realm of consulting interviews, differentiation is essential. Getting the initial framework wrong will put you on the path of failure as you will no longer be able to figure out where the issue is coming from or where the solution for the client’s question lies (without interviewer guidance). With our Structuring Drills, you’re not just preparing, but excelling. Hone your problem-solving skills and let your capability shine in every interview.

Case Interview Math Mastery Course: Ace Every Case Math Problem!

Most consulting interview applicants struggle with case interview math. We have been there and done that – from both sides of the table as interviewees and interviewers.

Enhance Your Math Skills: Prepare for top-tier consulting interviews with our carefully curated program, designed with insights from former McKinsey professionals. Turn mathematical challenges during the case into opportunities and tackle them confidently.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the experience of ex-McKinsey interviewers and respected case interview trainers (with more than 2,000 case interview sessions)
  • Strategic Techniques: Learn how to chart calculation paths intuitively, embrace swift calculation methods, and avoid common pitfalls that most candidates face.
  • Stay Ahead: While 80% of candidates struggle with case interview math, our course is designed to help you stand out with accuracy and agility.

What’s Inside?

  • Comprehensive Video Modules: Explore 25 in-depth videos, blending detailed explanations (setting up the correct logic, calculation shortcuts, communicating answers in the context of the case) with practical examples.
  • Resourceful Documentation: Access a 40-page primary guide, a handy reference booklet, and a wealth of course materials.
  • Extensive Practice: Engage with over 2,000 math drills, ranging from basics to intricate calculations. Further hone your skills with 100 business math problems, 50 chart-based math questions, and 21 complete cases. With over 40 hours of practice exercises, check your solutions and monitor your growth.

Don’t be another case interview statistic who failed during the math portion of the case. Enhance your math acumen and increase your calculation speed with our proven techniques and equip yourself for success in the consulting interview landscape


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