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the image is the cover for the article on questions to ask at the end of the interview

What questions you should ask at the end of the case interview

As the McKinsey, BCG, or Bain case interview wraps up, you will usually get a chance to ask the interviewer a few questions. While the questions you will ask have almost no bearing on your interview outcome (outliers excluded…), you should not neglect them. Think about what you would like to know beforehand and come…
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the image is the cover for the accenture virtual assessment and is a screenshot of the game

Accenture’s virtual reality assessment

More and more consulting firms are now starting to introduce new and innovative ways to assess their applicants. We have extensively covered the launch of McKinsey’s Digital Assessment here and how to prepare for it here. For BCG, we have written about their BCG Online Case, but also about the BCG Pymetrics Test and the…
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the image displays a candidate preparing for a mckinsey case interview

How to prepare for case interviews alone

Case interview preparation is a lengthy and tedious process, which for many applicants lasts over a month in parallel to their other commitments. Case interview practice can be tough It is difficult to find good quality interview partners in sufficient numbers and full case interview drills take 40 to 60 minutes including a proper feedback…
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The life of an Accenture Strategy consultant in Canada

We decided to launch a new series here on StrategyCase.com that should give our readers an insight into how the consulting roles differ across firms and geographies. We reach into our network to talk to people from the McKinseys, BCGs, and Bains of this world and get their perspective on their jobs and the industry.…
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