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the image is the cover on an article on the mckinsey phone interview

The McKinsey phone interview

The McKinsey phone interview is a recruiting device that is employed in various offices across the globe or used for very specific roles. It is a crucial step for many candidates eager to kick-off their McKinsey careers. Currently, there are two types of phone interviews McKinsey is conducting, the phone case interview the phone personal…
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The image shows two women during the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview

McKinsey Personal Experience Interview: comprehensive insider guide

The McKinsey Personal Experience Interview or PEI is one of the key elements in every McKinsey interview. Only 1% of McKinsey applicants receive an offer. For this decision, the PEI is equally important as the case interview. Yet, it is much easier to prepare for. Don’t neglect this part of the interview. We often see…
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the image is the cover of an article on the SCORE framework for personal fit interviews

The SCORE framework: the best tool to answer behavioral interview questions

We teach you how to tell the perfect story in your consulting interviews! Management consultants use an effective tool to bring their messages across: storys. Storytelling is one of the key skills that every strategy consultant at McKinsey, BCG, and Bain needs to master to increase the effectiveness of their work. Consultants use stories to…
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the image is the cover of an article on how to prepare and ace consulting personal fit questions

Consulting personal fit interviews: comprehensive insider guide

This is the only post about personal interviews in consulting that you’ll ever need to read.  This type of interview has many names and components such as personal fit interview, behavioral interview, resume interview, personal experience interview, and so on and so forth. Also, this type of interview is not exclusive to consulting. The information…
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