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99% of case interview applicants fail, yet all rely on the same faulty guides and memorized frameworks from 20 years ago. This is the reason why I started and eventually wrote The 1% – to help candidates with effective strategies, inspired by my McKinsey background and vast case coaching and career development experience.


The ultimate guide for acing interviews at top consulting firms. ‘The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview’ challenges outdated methods with a fresh approach that addresses the common pitfalls which lead to a 99% failure rate. It’s an essential tool for modern candidates for McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and any other consulting firm.


Authored by the former McKinsey consultant and leading case interview coach Florian Smeritschnig, this resource offers a practical, step-by-step methodology that synergizes modern problem-solving techniques with effective consultant-like communication. It’s designed to clear the confusion prevalent among many consulting firm applicants.


Beyond strategies, the book is loaded with valuable content, including prepared responses to all fit interview questions anticipated at prestigious firms. It also provides detailed preparation plans, mindset hacks, and even advice on the tiniest details that can make a difference like what to wear on the interview day. Whatever question you might have about case interviews, this book answers it.

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“Florian’s resources are extremely valuable and applying his structuring techniques completely changes the effectiveness of your case. Florian looks at everything, from the energy you communicate with to the insightfulness of your solutions. You could read three case books and I bet your improvement would be nothing compared to getting one session with him.”


Learn how to ace every case interview thrown at you, from brainteasers, to market sizing, to business cases, and creativity exercises (no matter the industry or context of the case). The book covers case interviews from all perspectives and all consulting firms.


Learn how to build creative framworks and brainstorming answers, how to interpret exhibits, and how to set up and conduct precise and quick case math. Learn hypothesis-driven thinking and excellent case communication. Bring your problem-solving to the next level.


Learn how to impress your interviewer with impactful personal stories and fit answers, covering all fit questions that you would have to expect in top-tier consulting interviews (including the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview).


Learn about the interviewers’ behavior and scoring. Make use of effective preparation plans and exercises, and work through sample cases and case elements. Start building winning case interview habits and develop a bulletproof interview mindset.

“Offer is mine – and Florian’s impact is huge! There is no better coach! Highly efficient and structured feedback to sanitize all the angles both for cases and fit. Florian will fine tune, polish, steer you right into the Firm. And once you’re polished for McKinsey you are 100% fit for any MBB, Tier 2, etc. This investment into coaching with Florian is my highest recommendation regarding your preparation for consulting.”

About the author

Dr. Florian Smeritschnig

I am a former McKinsey consultant and currently working as an advisor and early-stage VC investor. Since I started case coaching three years ago, I have become the most succesful MBB case coach on the internet. Over the last 3.5 years alone I have conducted more than 1,600 interviews via PrepLounge and and helped generate 100s of offers for my clients with MBB, tier-2 firms, the Big 4, inhoue consulting and boutique firms. 150+ of these offers were solely for McKinsey, the hardest firm in the world to get in (according to Forbes). I made it my mission to make top-tier consulting careers more accessible to everyone. The book The 1% combines everything I have learned and taught about consulting case and fit interviews for top-tier firms over the last ten years. I share with you my highly effective secrets for success that were previously only available to my coaching clients.

“He really gives you a playbook on what to do, say and think throughout the case and provides hyper-tactical and implementable advice. I wish I engaged with him earlier to save me time from hours of misguided prep.”

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Florian’s help is worth every penny! His coaching and structured approach have given me the tools I needed to improve my case skills dramatically. I went from struggling to go through a case to passing the first round with “outstanding performance.” Follow what he says, put in the work and you’re bound to land an offer.

Florian has very deep knowledge about the process, the interviews and the different types of case questions. After the coaching sessions, I had a clear picture of the upcoming interviews and felt very well prepared. I did not experience any surprises during the interview day and got my offer right after lunch without having further interviews in the afternoon.

I just got an offer from McKinsey! Florian’s instructions are the MOST constructive that I have ever seen in my 100+ case practices. I institutionalized his advice into my practice and reached a new level.

I can tell why they call him the best for McKinsey prep. His feedback and knowledge was concise and informative, leaving no stone unturned. His expert knowledge on case prep and how MBB views applicants is second to none.

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