Introduction to the course
The McKinsey business case interview
The McKinsey Personal Experience Interview
Ready-for-McKinsey Program summary

McKinsey Business Case Introduction

In this video, we directly jump into the business case simulation. Daniel is playing the interviewer and introducing the case, while Florian is taking over the role of the candidate.

This is a typical McKinsey-style case interview, so pay attention to

  • How it is structured and what type of questions are being asked (structuring, exhibits, math, summary). Depending on how well you perform you will have to answer one question for each of the four dimensions. For instance, if you struggle with the first math question, the interviewer will ask the second one to probe your case math skills even more
  • Our detailed de-briefs at the end of each video showing you what the candidate did wrong (for bad candidates), what the candidate did well, but how he or she can improve (for good candidates), and why the candidate was excellent and is on track to secure an offer (for excellent candidates). Your goal must be to provide an excellent answer to almost all questions and stay away from truly bad answers