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We have a unique track record of training people to enter top consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, or Bain. We work with many universities and student consulting groups and help their students achieve their dream career.

the image shows an example of a mckinsey case interview chart mckinsey interview simulation the image shows an example of a mckinsey case interview chart

McKinsey has the most difficult interviews in the industry. As former McKinsey consultants and interviewers, we have the strictest standards for our training materials and coaching sessions, making sure that our candidates meet the bar for McKinsey applications as well as for every other consulting firm.


Our candidates significantly outperform regular case interviewees. 9 out of 10 candidates that we coach in our 6-hour 1-on-1 interview program receive an offer with the top-tier consulting firm of their choice, regardless of their background, nationality or role they are applying for. We look back at a global track record of success.


We offer a wide selection of products and services, covering each step of the consulting application. Candidates can profit from our cover letter and resume guides, prepare for digital tests such as the BCG Online Case or the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, or prepare for interviews in our interactive video academies or 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

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About us

Together, we have 9 years of consulting experience with McKinsey & Company. Since then, we have coached 100s of candidates and helped them land offers with top-tier consulting firms of their choice.

florian smeritschnig


– 5 years with McKinsey
– 3 years in Strategy Research
– CEMS student from Hong Kong and London
– Now  driving global crypto adoption


– 3.5 years with McKinsey
– 2 years with United Nations
– Now disrupting the restaurant industry

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