Industry Cheat Sheets

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Industry Cheat Sheets

Deep dive analysis on all relevant industries covered in case interviews (including more obscure and creative verticals)

27 up-to-date industry deep dives with information on financials, business models, key challenges, and outlooks

Applicable for all firms: McKinsey, BCG, Bain, tier-2 firms, boutique consulting firms, and in-house consultancies

Financials: Revenue drivers and cost breakdowns including typical income statements and profit margins

Business models: Product offering, sales channels, customer segments, biggest players

Key challenges: Areas of concern and risks that industries are struggling with

Outlook and trends: Industry trends and shifts that consulting firms are working on

Industries covered: Aerospace, Agriculture, Airlines, Airports, Automotive, Banking, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Defense, Education, Electronics, Energy providers, Infrastructure, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Metals and Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Postal and Courier Services, Private Equity, Public Sector, Pulp and Paper, Retail, Space, Tech, Telecommunications

Become an industry insider and surprise your interviewer with your insights when creating frameworks, answering brainstorming questions, interpreting charts, or math results

the image is the cover of a case interview industry overview

Case interview industries

Business cases are the most common and the most difficult challenges you encounter in a consulting interview. All top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain employ them in their selection process.

In this interview, you are asked to solve a typical business problem of a fictitious client. To do this successfully, you need split the problem into its components and identify levers you can work on, ask the right questions to work your way through the case, analyze the facts given to you, and eventually draw proper conclusions. While you are never expected to be an expert in a particular area, familiarity with an industry or problem correlates highly with a candidate’s success.

That is why we have created our industry overview cheat sheet that provides you with an overview for each industry.


Learn about the typical revenue drivers and cost elements for each industry, including a breakdown of their typical income statements


Learn about each industries’  products and services, sales channels, customer segments and the largest players


Understand the current key challenges for each industry and the topics that keep CEOs up at night


Understand the future development and what consulting firms are currently working on with their clients

Together, all insights help you understand your client situation better, come up with the right case interview frameworks and hypotheses, as well as interpret data, charts, and math results correctly; all to end up with sensible recommendations


This data helps you understand the financial health of an industry and identify cost levers you can pull for your client. It also allows you to compare your client’s situation with the average financial data of competitors.


This data helps you understand what levers you can pull to improve the revenue of a client, what products or services you are dealing with, how these can be sold on the market and to whom. On top of that, you become familiar with the competitive landscape.


This data helps you understand what CEOs are concerned with at the moment and what awaits them in the future. These are all topics that consulting firms are working on with their clients as they are always hired to deal with the pressing issues of a given period.

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Great product! 1. Simple but effective product for my casing and some of my case partners have commented on my ability to generate industry insights now 2. Neat and tidy slides that help memorization 3. Very exhaustive and comprehensive 5 stars


I think this is a great supplement for case interview prep. I liked how clearly the information for each industry is conveyed. Some industries might be complex but the language is simple.


The document provides a great overview of all kinds of industries. This makes it ideally suited to … – learn about them and what drives them (especially in areas I had no experience) and also hear some vocabulary for the first time that could be used during interviews – help come up with ideas during the creation of the case framework – contextualize ideas in a case