Ready-for-McKinsey Interview Academy

Two former McKinsey consultants present

The prime resource to get you into McKinsey

We have 9 years of consulting experience with McKinsey & Company

Since we left, we have conducted more than 1,000 case and fit interview sessions, coached 100s of candidates and helped achieve 100s of offers with McKinsey and other top-tier consulting fims (see below for verified reviews)

We have created this program to condense all our insights and make them available to a larger audience to make McKinsey accessible to everyone

The  program contains simulations of real McKinsey interviews,
both for the case interviews and the Personal Experience Interviews (40+ videos in total)

We use real cases based on McKinsey interviewer and feedback guidelines
The PEI includes top stories for Entrepreneurial Drive, Inclusive Leadership, Personal Impact, and Courageous Change

We simulate bad, good, and distinctive interview performances and provide detailed debriefs to help you understand what is needed to get an offer and how to improve to get to the desired level

the image shows an example of a mckinsey case interview chart mckinsey interview simulation

Benefit from our combined 9 years experience with McKinsey and its recruiting and interview process

Learn from our insights into performance drivers and mistakes gained in 100s of interviews

Master the up-to-date and specific McKinsey interview questions, tasks, and processes

Stand out and ace the McKinsey business case and personal experience interview

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McKinsey interview course

€179 €99

Fast-track your preparation with the most comprehensive program, covering all elements of the McKinsey interviews (Problem Solving Interview and Personal Experience Interview) in 40 videos, totalling 4 hours of mock interviews and tips.

Created by former McKinsey interviewers and consulting interview experts with the best track record on the web.

Applicable for all roles and functions from McKinsey internship to experienced hires.



Customer reviews
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Helped to get more than 120 McKinsey offers over the last 18 months alone through direct coaching session on top of many offers for Bain, BCG, and tier-2 firms

Highest rated McKinsey case and PEI coach on PrepLounge since the first month of registering there and remained at that spot ever since (see below for reviews)



Most successful MBB coach on PrepLounge while he was still fully active on the site

Top-rated interview coach with exlusive 5-star ratings across all sessions


Great preparation for the McKinsey interview. For the case preparation, it’s not about standardized scenarios or frameworks, in contrast to other preparation programs. You have to think for yourself, and these videos guide you on where to focus your thinking effort and how to communicate. The PEI videos are also very much like the real ones.


Got the offer with no final round

I used this video format as the foundation for my McKinsey preparation and was able to land the offer. I still had to practice what I learned here but I am convinced that these mock interviews and the debriefs showed me the right way and helped me to be very focused on the essentials in the real interviews.

The real interviews happen exactly like it is shown in this program.


Received the offer

Awesome videos! As someone who had no idea what a case interview was less than a month back, these really helped. My preparation is still ongoing, I’m practicing with a lot of different case buddies but I always come back to these to remind myself of the essential habits/approaches as well as the extra analysis to make my answers go from good to excellent. Hoping to do the same on my actual interview soon.


On the way to the offer

About the program

9 out of 10 candidates, we coached receive an offer with the firm.

We take you by the hand and show you exactly how to nail the McKinsey Problem Solving as well as the Experience Interview in a series of 40 videos.

By following the steps described in the 4 hour video academy you will learn how to approach and answer the McKinsey specific questions in the interviewer-led setup, regardless of the actual question or context of the case. Relevant for the case study interview and the personal fit interview, with real McKinsey case interview examples and fit interview examples.

Our approach

Existing materials are either outdated or from coaches, who have never seen a McKinsey office from the inside. We decided to launch the Ready-for-McKinsey program so that you can profit from our real McKinsey experience, up-to-date materials, and successful coaching techniques. Learn the secrets of success by following our simulated video interviews and in-depth debriefs of bad, good, and excellent candidates. Due to the detailed and specific nature of the program it is suitable for candidates both at the beginning of their preparation as well as for seasoned interview veterans further advanced in their McKinsey interview timeline.


The program teaches you the right habits and tells you what you need to do, how you need to think and communicate to stand out from other applicants, regardless of the actual question or context of the case.


McKinsey interviews are highly standardized and structured, always consisting of the same types of questions in order to be objective and non-biased. You can use this to your advantage and we show you how, detached from a McKinsey case book PDF.


We show you how to solve a problem for a fictitious client organization by giving you the key tools and approaches for analytics & structuring questions, chart & exhibit interpretation, as well as case interview math.


The PEI has the same weighting in the decision process as the case interview. We show you both what stories to tell and how to tell them, to impress the interviewer.

The mechanics of the McKinsey business case

Our video academy teaches you in great detail how to answer the McKinsey specific interviewer-led case questions. We simulate full business case/ problem solving interviews from a McKinsey perspective and cover all 5 typical questions that are essential to each case. The McKinsey business case is highly standardized across interviewers, offices, and geographies to ensure an objective hiring process. Even though, the content of the questions differ for every case, the type of questions and common logic and habits that will help you ace them are always the same.

First you will have to understand the situation and what is expected of you, quickly summarize the case, and ask specific questions. Second, you have to structure your analysis and lay out a course of action. Third, you have to interpret a number of exhibits such as charts, tables etc. Fourth, you will be asked to solve a numerical problem relevant for the case. Lastly, you will have to give a short pitch, summarizing your recommendation.

For you as a candidate, this means that you can prepare very specifically for the each type of question of the McKinsey business case interview. We teach you how to do that by demonstrating bad, OK, and excellent approaches to the different types of case questions. After each simulation, we deep-dive and analyze the performance of the candidate. Lastly, we demonstrate that there never is just a single way of solving a certain question as long as you follow certain habits. Also covers the McKinsey phone case interview.

the image shows a mckinsey interview simulation

The secrets of the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview

In the second part of our program we show you how to tackle the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview. While often neglected by candidates during their preparation, the PEI actually carries the same weight as the case interview. The stories you have to tell during the interviews are – again – standardized across all offices.

We demonstrate in our simulated mock interviews what stories about Entrepreneurial Drive, Leadership, and Personal Impact are suitable and how to tell them a in a way that resonates with McKinsey interviewers. Again, we use bad, OK, and excellent examples and contrast them in detailed de-briefs to show you how to deliver your message with the most impact.

Apply these techniques to pass this part of the interview easily.