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Ready-for-McKinsey Video Academy

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Ready-for-McKinsey Program: Transform Your Odds in Landing That Coveted McKinsey Offer!

🌟 Elevate Your Interview Game: McKinsey sets the bar high, with a mere 1% of applicants making the cut. With our proven program, delivering standout answers isn’t just a possibility. How? Our methods have led 9 out of 10 of our coached candidates straight to a McKinsey offer.

📚 Authentic Insights from McKinsey Veterans: The internet is rife with outdated and ill-informed McKinsey interview prep resources. Our Ready-for-McKinsey program is a game-changer. Created by ex-McKinsey consultants and interviewers, this video academy is brimming with genuine insights. Dive into our combined 9 years of experience, uncover the intricacies of the McKinsey interview process, and get a leg up on both Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.

🎬 40-Part Video Series for All Levels: Whether you’re kickstarting your prep or fine-tuning it, our unique contrast technique—showcasing interview simulations from poor to excellent candidates—ensures tailored guidance for all. Get a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t, bolstering your chances exponentially.

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Ready-for-McKinsey Program: Your Essential Blueprint for McKinsey Interview Success.

Demystifying the McKinsey Interview: McKinsey stands as a beacon of consultancy excellence, and naturally, its recruitment process is equally exacting. Few make it through to the offer stage, but with our Ready-for-McKinsey program, you’re not just preparing – you’re strategizing for success. What’s our measure of confidence? An impressive 90% success rate with our 1-on-1 coaching candidates secure offers from McKinsey. In this video program, we share the exclusive insights typically reserved for our personalized coaching sessions.

Invaluable Knowledge from Former McKinsey Insiders: There’s an abundance of resources available for McKinsey interview preparation, but there is no video program that has actually been created by former McKinsey consultants and interviewers. What sets the Ready-for-McKinsey program apart is its pedigree. Designed and developed by McKinsey veterans who have experienced both sides of the table – as interviewees and interviewers – it offers an immersive experience of the McKinsey interview, its evaluation, and its challenges. With the collective wisdom gained from nine years spent within McKinsey’s corridors, candidates are primed to navigate the nuances of both the Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.

A Comprehensive 40-Video Module: Irrespective of where you stand in your McKinsey preparation journey, our program has you covered. Introducing our unique contrast method, we simulate interview scenarios spanning from novice to expert performance levels. By discussing these situations and dissecting each in detailed filmed video sections, you gain a holistic view, distinguishing the do’s and don’ts of successful McKinsey interviewees. You will learn how to approach the different elements of the McKinsey case and how to communicate in the right manner. You will also learn what content, communication, and structure will give you the highest score during your Personal Experience Interviews.

Elevate Your McKinsey Journey: Explore the depth, rigor, and innovation that the Ready-for-McKinsey program brings to the table. Reframe your understanding and approach to McKinsey’s interview process – for those truly committed to making an impact and getting an offer from the world’s most prestigious consulting firm.


56 reviews for Ready-for-McKinsey Video Academy

  1. Nuno

    This removes the veil of the McKinsey case interview and allows you to be confident in your preparation to ensure that you are not only putting in the requisite time to succeed, but that you are focusing on the right things and making proper use of the limited time you have available- just as you will need to do as a consultant! I was able to secure an offer for full-time employment with McKinsey and it’s in large part due to Florian & this case prep program!

  2. Mohamed

    Great insight into the Mckinsey interview procedure. Very structured, informative and lots of food for thought on how to solve a case. My key learning was that there are is no perfect solution or answer but the same problem can be approached in different ways. The interviewers care more about how you think and communicate, not if you can solve the case in one specific way

  3. Pablo

    I would highly recommend this video course. It’s an entertaining yet informative way of getting acquainted with mckinsey type interviews and the feedback mechanism. Just watching the videos does not suffice and you definitely have to invest a lot of time to practice but its a great start and the instructions show you how to practice.

  4. Alexander T

    Helpful for truly understanding how McKinsey interviews are conducted and scored and also how to use the format provide the right types of answers in case and pei.

  5. Leo YT

    I really enjoyed going through the videos many times. I don’t think they can fully replace a coach and you definitely need practice to incorporate the feedback but if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a coach I think it’s a great alternative. It’s like getting a hidden camera in a Mckinsey interview room with different candidates and the feedback discussions of the interviewer afterwards. It is very easy to “build” your own pei interview stories and preparing for follow-up questions after listening to the examples and the blueprint.

  6. Simona

    The videos prepare you really well for the McKinsey-style interviews. Florian and Daniel share their detailed insights into the case format and the different PEI dimension in the form of mock interviews and feedback discussions. If you get one thing for McKinsey prep I would recommend this course also because it is much cheaper than a coaching session but very detailed. Brilliant!

  7. C.L.

    I wanted to come back to leave a review after I have gone through my final round with McKinsey.

    In short, it’s an amazing program.

    There is no difference in the ‘real’ interview and these mock interview lectures. For me all was the same from the broader things like how the questions are framed, how the questions flow from one to the next etc to the smaller things like how the interviewers provide subtle hinds if they want a more exhaustive or better answer. Watching this program has helped me a lot to know what to expect, how to think about strong answers and also react in time to my interviewers’ feedback, which I think has saved me.

    The videos are not dry at all but enjoyable to watch and learn from. I liked that there was an immediate debrief after every situation. The content on the PEI is equally valuable and spot on.

    Happy to say that I got an offer and I am certain this course played a big part.

  8. Stan

    The course is well made. Daniel and Florian step into the roles of a McKinsey interviewer and a McKinsey candidate and work through several cases and all PEI questions.

    I think the biggest learning effect comes from seeing the different performances. For every case and question type in the case (and the PEI dimensions), they simulate a weak, good, and strong interview performance. After each performance there is a detailed debrief explaining what one should do in this question, why the performance was bad/good/perfect and how it can be improved. Each video segment (the performance and the debrief) is relatively short so it is easy to watch and learn from. You can clearly see the difference in each question and the final result for each candidate. Great for learning and adjusting one’s own approach!

    I watched some simulated McKinsey interviews on Youtube before and it was nowhere near this insightful or well explained. I can highly recommend this course and the other two products I used for case prep (math course and structure drills).

  9. Arjun

    Highly representative of McKinsey interviews. 4 out of my 5 interviews played out exactly like “played” and demonstrated here. The final partner interview was a bit more “freestyle” and he focused more on general fit questions but I believe this was because my other 4 interviews went so well. I modeled my respones like the “Distinctive” answers in the case and PEI and the final feedback I received was amazing and I received an offer. Best bucks I spent for my interviews.

  10. Paul

    The course provides great support and guidance for McKinsey interviews and I am watching parts of the videos every day. It is like LOMS but much more detailed with clearer feedback and distinction of what Mckinsey is looking for. The videos make it also more engaging and accurate to watch.

    The way the interviews are conducted and feedback provided on different performance levels is incredibly practical especially when you are stuck with your own methods and preparation ideas and just need some inspiration or think how to get better at case interviews (and the PEI).

  11. ratchapol

    I know Florian from his posts on PrepLounge and now when it finally was time to prepare properly I picked up this course coincidentally.

    I think it is very informative and well “played”. You can see for yourself what Mckinsey interviews are looking for and follow the advice from the strong candidates and the debrief sections. However, you also have to stick with it and practice.

    My cases and PEI were as acted in the videos and I reused some of the phrases and techniques of the strong candidates much to the interviewers’ liking I believe as I got an offer.

  12. Xi

    The videos are didactically well constructed and gently introduce the different steps and stages of the interview. You already want to move to the next video with excitement to see how it can be done better (the videos follow a bad-to-good-to-great performance progression with different answers and then a feedback on why this answer was bad and what is needed to become good and then what is needed to become great). I think the two make interviewing with Mckinsey seem really easy. You need to practice but this course helps a whole lot by showing you how to get there. I was a beginner with little previous knowledge about cases or Mckinseys interviews and learned a lot.

  13. Andrea

    Super valuable program: helped me to get an offer!
    The part of the course teaching the PEI has been the most important in my preparation and, to the best of my knowledge, there are no other sources on the internet treating the PEI with the same level of details.
    Definitely recommended !!

  14. Friedrich

    This is a good course about McKinsey interviews. My interviews played out 95% in the same way (of course the cases were different but the format and the way the questions were asked and I guess my answeres were evaluated were like in the videos). The videos address the topics of structuring, brainstorming, chart interpretation and math and show what is needed to deliver for success. For the PEI the videos cover the stories and its very easy to come up with your own stories based these mock versions. It’s all very practical and a joy to watch.

  15. noam

    A clear purchase recommendation for everyone from me, you get so much knowledge, for a fair price. The value of this compared to the look over my shoulder program is so much higher since the course shows how to approach a mckinsey case without frameworks. In hindsight I am a bit annoyed that i wasted time on memorizing framwoeks at all…

  16. Marc-Anton

    Knowing the theory is one thing, but practice is another. And this is exactly where this course has its strengths. Practical approach and solutions with clear explanations how real case problems can be addressed in different ways.

  17. soumil

    A great course for the supposedly difficult mckinsey interviews, which also makes the newbie want to delve deeper and deeper into the topic. The authors have succeeded with a lot of didactic skill to create a clear learning program that deals with the mckinsey interviews in an extensive matter but fully practical. With the help of real case examples and pei questions that the guys simulate in a mock interview style and clear feedback discussions after each section, it is memorably conveyed what is important in the mckinsey interviews and how to demonstrate it as a candidate. Easy and quick to watch as a foundation and springboard at the same time but I recommend to watch it a few times to fully digest the content and tricks as I still noticed new details while watching it for the 3rd time. It changed my way of thinking about mckinsey cases and the pei and I changed my casing alot.

  18. Emil

    I bought this video course after I saw the great reviews of Florian on another website.

    The advantage of this course is that all elements of the McKinsey interviews are covered from an insiders perspective. The course goes deep into the case interview and the personal interview including different answers and solutions that show what is a strong performance that gets the offer, what is a good performance that does not get the offer and what is a weak performance or answer that definitely does not get the offer.

    With the amount of content, the package is very comprehensive and very well structured. With the simulated interviews and the debrief of each answer all the necessary basics are explained but also the more “secret” interview tips and tricks that get you the offer with McKinsey.

    It should still be noted that in order to prepare well, you have to invest some time for case practice with other people as well to benefit fully from the course.

  19. Maarten

    Really great for preparing for both parts of the Mckinsey interview. The videos cover the whole process of an interview and compare different answers (similar to Victor Chengs LOMS) just more accurate and updated for the current McKinsey interview style. From watching the different performances and feedback for each you learn

    – Hints and tips what interviewers want to hear and pay attention to
    – How the interview flows, I was always confused how candidate vs interviewer-led interview works, now its clear
    – Strategies for effective problem solving such as what is a good structure answer, how do you interpret a Mckinsey chart, how do guide through the math etc
    – That there is not one correct solution or answer but it depends on the quality of your ideas only
    – What stories make a good PEI interview for the 3 areas and how to communicate them

    I am very happy with my purchase and the impact it had on my preparation.


  20. Steff

    I had my second round last week and got the offer and now want to review this product.

    The program is very enlightening and detailed with regards to the case and the personal fit part. The mock interviews are realistic and the guys explain well the differences between fail, good, and great interview performances and habits. The whole course is very practical and the insights can be translated directly to your own casing style or your pei stories. Especially if you want to teach yourself the whole thing “without a teacher”. You get a good impression of the McKinsey case and interviewer style and learn what you need to do to perform very well.

  21. robin

    I think the price-performance ratio is great especially when comparing this program with multiple in person coaching sessions. Very good and realistic preparation for mckinsey case and fit rehearsals. The interview simulations are exactly as my interviews went. I think the content is well adapted for beginners but even for me with more than 40 practice cases I could take away a lot of nuances to improve and work on my performance and it showed in my interviews when I got the offer. I received great feedback from my interviewers and hr when they handed me the contract. r

  22. Niklas

    A lot of very helpful tips for the interview stage of McKinsey after university!

    I give this course 5 stars, because I interviewed very successfully with it. As a business student, the course showed me interview strategies that I didn’t know from my consulting club lectures and mock interviews (mostly on the mckinsey specific parts). It is also very up-to-date and includes updates on the new interview format. Overall, a really good program!

  23. May Li

    This course offers an easy-to-understand and well-structured overview and then deep dive of McKinsey interviews. It can be used as a guide for the case as well as the PEI interview. I was finally able to understand how a McKinsey case is different than the rest, how to approach the questions, and how to create great answers, instead of just good ones. The collection of interviews makes it easy to understand what matters and how to come up with good answers on the spot.

    I sent an email to ask how this would be different for Bain or BCG with the candidate-led format and got a fast reply. Very valuable advice and 90% of the things discussed also work for other firms.

  24. Leonard M

    It’s really a super innovative solution to combine the cases with video mock interviews. I listened to LOMS by Victor Cheng and this video course and gotta say the videos are much more on point and McKinsey focused. Also it felt much more accurate and up-to-date. I was able to learn really well with it, everything is explained clearly and it simplifies the process enormously if you don’t have to search real interview content for ages, but are guided directly on how to do a proper McKinsey case and PEI interview. A big recommendation from me!

  25. Ade

    A great course which explains the complex proceedings of the McKinsey interviews well.

    I learned a lot and found both authors scenarios played and feedback discussions very insightful and full of knowledge nuggets. I am making rapid progress thanks to what I have learnt and hope to translate this to my case skills

  26. N. L.

    You learn what to look out for, what you should pay attention to in terms of content and communication. Good for those who are not yet experienced with case interviews but also for proficient interviewees shortly before the interview. It cleared up a lot of myths and conflicting advice I read on various websites and heard from coaches about the firm’s interview practice and how it is different from other consulting firms. I would definitely recommend this if you are going for a McKinsey career. N. L.

  27. marcel u

    Great videos with very detailed explanations and insights into the mckinsey interview process and format.

    My interviews are in 3 weeks, let’s see how it turns out, but I feel well prepared by this program or rather applying what I have learned from it! I recommend it to everyone!

  28. dana

    Very helpful and authentic course.

    You can use it to further prepare for mck interviews. It is the only simulation that I found online that was exactly how my own interviews turned out to be. Prepared me well and guided me well through the interviews. D.

  29. Lydia

    I was very impressed with the quality of the videos and the content delivery. I was watching some Youtube videos before and they were way less insightful and deep compared to these instructional mock interviews in this package. It becomes very clear how to approach a McKinsey case and the typical questions.

    I have been using it for a long time before my interviews and rewatched it once per week, taking notes of the steps in the approach and the key McKinsey phrases used at specific points in the case or questions and I am very happy with the way my interview performance turned out. I also modelled my PEI stories in a similar way as is demonstrated here in the excellent category.

    The best investment I made for my case prep!

  30. Zainab

    Very well suited for Mckinsey and very realistic.

    Due to time constraints, I was only able to watch the program once and take notes but I was still very satisfied with the course. In terms of level, my interviews were exactly as shown here and I used the same approach for the different questions in the case and the same type of stories for the PEI as is recommended in the excellent answer categories. The 5 interviewers seemed to like my approach and stories and I am currently waiting for the outcome. I will report back

  31. rizky

    This program is a lifesaver for anyone going through the McKinsey interviews and has little time to prepare. I used it to prep for imbellus, case and pei. My interviews were exactly as demonstrated in the course.

    Thanks Daniel and Florin!

  32. Michelle

    I have viewed these simulations now several times for three weeks before the interviews and took careful notes on each step. I personally find it much more targeted than any other case interview material I have purchased because it really dives deep into the McKinsey aspect and all advice provided is non-generic. My interviews went exactly as shown here and I am grateful that I was 100% mentally prepared for them. I have yet to hear back from Mckinsey as my interviews were all today but I have a good feeling.

    Well, it’s great for getting into the swing of things and also a good motivation booster for the last few weeks!

  33. Elisa

    I am at the end of my studies and have therefore read and dealt with a lot of preparation for consulting interviews, but to be honest I never knew how to really put these tips into practice, especially for McKinsey. This video series deals with the different types of cases and fit interviews. It explains in detail what approach and methods are best suited for the case and the PEI, and also introduces and explains many success criteria and techniques.

    What I particularly like about it, and what has already helped me a lot in mock sessions, are the potential different answers to the same question showing that it is all about the way of thinking in McKinsey interviews rather than being right or trying to get the perfect answer. It really changed my perspective on how to tackle McKinsey versus other firms.

  34. fahim

    A great video tutorial series! I learned more during my first playthrough than in the 3 weeks before when I was going through the classics case in point and case interview secrets and practiced with some people from preplounge. The cases are very Mckinsey specific and they authors really demonstrate what the differences are to traditional cases and what is important for each question. It helped me to get a clear understanding of the interview process and content of good answers. The PEI part is equally clear as they show how a bad story can be transformed into a good one for all 3 dimensions. I can highly recommend this program.

  35. LS

    Very good primer into the world of McKinsey interviews. I am excited about the learnings and the approach that is taken here. The two guys clearly now what they are talking about and present it in an entertaining and succinct way throughout all components of the feared McKinsey interview. I definitely recommend it to everyone who is going through the process with the firm. L.

  36. Hannes

    I ordered the videos with the Imbellus guide to help prepare for the upcoming Mckinsey first round. They’re very helpful and having the support available is also efficient to answer questions on the go.

    Lots of great tips on the general approach but also the small details that matter in case and fit part. It’s very well presented how McKinsey interviews differ with focus on more creativity and more structure. The whole process is shown in a succinct and accurate way with all of the best practices.

    Good for case starters like me but I believe also pros can learn a thing kr two from these videos.

  37. vishal

    the program is great as it provides a practical insight to mckinsey interviews by contrasting bad, good & excellent performances for the case and pei. unlike other books or videos, they do not discuss frameworks, but offer an approach that works for all cases. the insights on the pei are very helpful for coming up with your own stories. i would say that it is definitely a must-watch if you are going for mckinsey as the two former interviewers know their stuff and cover all aspects clearly.

  38. r. s.

    I wanted a career change and received an invitation at Mckinsey and BCG for an experienced hire position. Unlike my university buddies, I have never dealt with consulting interviews and have no prior knowledge of how to approach these interviews.

    I am glad that I found the videos. The academy is divided into 2 parts, the case interview where typical Mckinsey case interview questions are simulated and acted out. After each question and answer there is a detailed explanation why the answer was bad, good, or excellent. In the end, it’s always the same tricks that make an answer good or excellent. I think the most interesting part is the difference between good and excellent because you only learn that if you’ve been an interviewer yourself. In the second part, they talk about PEI and how to get to the right answer. I think Mckinsey is very specific as an employer and only wants to hear very specific things and dive deep into one story at a time. The guys work out very well which elements the story has to contain and how the interview goes (intro, interim questions, content).

    In conclusion I can say that I benefited enormously from the program and got a very quick insight into how Mckinsey interviews work and what is important to get through.

  39. Alexandru

    I can absolutely recommend the RfM to every applicant for McKinsey! Here, all questions related to the daunting interviews are systematically clarified and answered (e.g. how to approach the McKinsey business cases and the PEI, what is important to the interviewer, what matters, what to consider…). I like the fact that there is no focus on frameworks, but on the specific way of thinking and communicating like a McKinsey consultant. They even demonstrate how to answer a question with completely different replies, yet getting the same strong performance feedback from the interviewer.

  40. William D

    The program promises to teach you how to solve cases and PEI questions “the McKinsey way” and it delivers on this promise. The result is a video guide to problem solving and story telling that is that is well structured, concentrates on the essentials for McKinsey, and does not get lost in irrelevant details. The methods taught are surprisingly simple to understand yet hard to master I believe. I am still early in my journey and this helped me a lot in my approach

  41. Siena

    An all-around great program. I can get a lot out of it, great instructions and tricks. They show partly very simple and surprisingly ”easy” ways to approach the McKinsey case questions that I can replicate in my case practice and noticed how it improved my approach and answers. Well paced, concise and not too long.

  42. saskia

    good overview of the mckinsey case interview process with lots of tips and insights. complied in an understandable manner with good case examples and pei stories to clarify what is important. i learned a lot i did not come across yet in my case prep. i especially liked the explanations at the end of each video as to why an answer was bad, ok or excellent. i think its a no brainer if you want to get into mckinsey and not spend a lot of $$$ for private case coaching sessions.

  43. Akaash

    I was looking for a resource for practicing cases by myself after going over Case in Point. The interview videos are great resource for all those who need to pass their hiring process. The guys demonstrate that there are no right or wrong answers but everything depends on your approach and thinking process. The focus on creativity is very different from the framework approach of Consentino and I have heard from several sources already that McKinsey uses more creative cases where frameworks don’t fit. I would definitely recommend this program. It’s also fun to watch!

  44. Essa

    The videos provide an excellent basis for applications to McKinsey. The case preparation, conduct and PEI stories are discussed and showcased in detail. There are many points and insights on the content and communication for both types of interviews, nicely explained and made tangible with numerous examples.

  45. Lena P

    I havent practised cases since graduating 2 years ago and the program is a definite lifesaver for McKinsey interviews. I have watched it from start to finish now I believe 7 times and also listen to it while going for a run or walk sometimes. My interviews are coming up in a few weeks and I keep noticing new small details every time I watch it again. I was very keen to implement what I have learned in practice interviews and also taught my interview partners the approach that is shown here. They all adopted it and are using it now

  46. edwin

    Completely new approach. I’ve been prepping for case interviews for the last 3 weeks already until I stumbled on this program and I wish I had found it earlier. The videos give a completely different insight into McKinsey interviews from what I have seen in LOMS for example or practiced in mock interviews.

    I have incorporated what I learned into my practice sessions and restructured how I practice for case interviews now and the difference in performance and my confidence is huge because I always know what to do and how. You still need to practice to incorporate the learnings but doing cases makes a lot more sense now to me

  47. Marium

    Awesome videos! As someone who had no idea what a case interview was less than a month back, these really helped. My preparation is still ongoing, I’m practicing with a lot of different case buddies but I always come back to these to remind myself of the essential habits/approaches as well as the extra analysis to make my answers go from good to excellent. Hoping to do the same on my actual interview soon.

  48. Pascal

    This academy is a great mental workout if you are aiming at McKinsey. The guys make it very clear why and how McKinsey interviews are different and how you can use this to your advantage when preparing and solving the case with an interviewer and when telling your pei stories.

  49. Gia

    I used this video format as the foundation for my McKinsey preparation and was able to land the offer. I still had to practice what I learned here but I am convinced that these mock interviews and the debriefs showed me the right way and helped me to be very focused on the essentials in the real interviews.

    The real interviews happen exactly like it is shown in this program.

  50. Leon

    The program is super valuable. You can really prepare for the types of questions, almost in a checklist kind of way once you watched it. I paired the program with 3 interview sessions (2 cases and PEI) on top of practicing with friends and by myself and, while difficult, I felt very confident during the interviews because I always knew what to do next. I got the offer on the same day and the guys here have a huge part in this. Thanks again! It is very comforting to have an offer in times like these…

  51. Peter

    Both guys are great and very knowledgeable coaches and it shows in their program. They really managed to put their insights into McKinsey’s interviews in a very concise and effective program. After watching their videos a few times I changed my approach to McKinsey interview questions.

    The program covers the case and the pei interviews. For the case, I took tons of notes to remind myself of the key habits for every question. After that it is almost like going through a checklist for each when doing a real case. I felt super prepared because I was not expecting any surprises and the process was very clear. For the pei, I adjusted my stories that I already had drafted to fit better with the McKinsey dimensions. Also I changed a bit how I told them and what aspects I highlighted.

    I learned more in this program than through all practice interviews. I would definitely recommend watching it 3-5 times during your preparation. Totally worth it!

  52. Steven

    Great preparation for the McKinsey interview. For the case preparation, it’s not about standardized scenarios or frameworks, in contrast to other preparation programs. You have to think for yourself, and these videos guide you on where to focus your thinking effort and how to communicate. The PEI videos are also very much like the real ones.

  53. zhuowei li

    my favorite preparation for mckinsey and I recommended it to all my peers for their applications!

  54. Phaki O

    Very much to the point. I watched it 5 times before my interviews and incorporated the learnings into my problem solving approach. Their tips work and it makes everything very clear.

  55. Anthony James

    such a cool program. I purchased both this and got LOMS from a friend. the videos from the ready-for-mckinsey program are much more structured and new so they cover the actual questions I got in the real interviews.

    I used it as a starting point and then practiced, practiced, practiced with friends and coaches to solidify the habits.

  56. Sarina

    Amazing collection of Mckinsey interview videos, really well structured and taught by the guys. I did not know that the problem solving interview is so standardized and you can prepare so well for the specific question types. also the personal interview where you have to discuss stories of your life are really clear once you watch the videos and the debriefs.

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