Ready-for-McKinsey Program

Ready-for-McKinsey Program

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McKinsey interviews are the toughest in the industry with only 1% of applicants receiving an offer. Providing solid answers is not enough. You need to stand out to land the job offer. Hence, preparation is a must.

However, not all preparation is the same. 9 out of 10 candidates, who we coached, using the exact same methods demonstrated in this program, received an offer with the firm.

We developed the Ready-for-McKinsey program primarily for two reasons. First, we have seen candidates constantly repeating the same mistakes in our initial coaching sessions and real interviews. Additionally, they ask the same set of common questions. Second, we scanned all materials out there that should prepare candidates for their McKinsey interviews. What we found is that they are either outdated or from ”coaches” without any real McKinsey background and, hence, not useful at all.

As former McKinsey consultants, interviewers, and experienced case coaches, we made it our mission to change the odds of applicants with this video academy. Enroll and benefit instantly from our 9 years of combined experience with McKinsey, unique insights into the McKinsey interview process and tips and tricks for the Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.

Due to the contrast technique we apply, showing bad, OK, and excellent candidates in simulated interviews, the program is aimed both at candidates at the beginning of their interview preparation as well as at candidates in more advanced stages of preparation.

Find out more about the curriculum of the 40-part video series and what makes our program unique here.

4 reviews for Ready-for-McKinsey Program

  1. zhuowei li

    my favorite preparation for mckinsey and I recommended it to all my peers for their applications!

  2. Phaki O

    Very much to the point. I watched it 5 times before my interviews and incorporated the learnings into my problem solving approach. Their tips work and it makes everything very clear.

  3. Anthony James

    such a cool program. I purchased both this and got LOMS from a friend. the videos from the ready-for-mckinsey program are much more structured and new so they cover the actual questions I got in the real interviews.

    I used it as a starting point and then practiced, practiced, practiced with friends and coaches to solidify the habits.

  4. Sarina

    Amazing collection of Mckinsey interview videos, really well structured and taught by the guys. I did not know that the problem solving interview is so standardized and you can prepare so well for the specific question types. also the personal interview where you have to discuss stories of your life are really clear once you watch the videos and the debriefs.

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