Florian Smeritschnig Consulting Coaching (13 Session Career Package)

Florian Smeritschnig Consulting Coaching (13 Session Career Package)


  1. Master the Art of Consulting Interviews: Dive deep into the industry’s nuances, and perfect your approach to secure offers from all top-tier firms.
  2. Achieve Proficiency in Case Interviews & Personal Fit: Hone your skills and stand out in every interview. Embrace tailored techniques and strategies that make you resonate with interviewers.
  3. Adopt Intuitive Problem-Solving & Engaging Storytelling: Don’t just solve the case; communicate your solutions compellingly. Our program emphasizes the balance of analytical rigor with captivating narratives.
  4. Evolve from an Interviewee to an Exceptional Consultant: Our mission is not just to get you the job, but to ensure your rapid progression within the firm. Get ahead by acquiring skills that make you promotion-ready, faster.
  5. Broaden Your Horizon: Skills for Every Consulting Avenue: While our coaching is tailored for consulting, the skills you acquire will be indispensable for a multitude of careers. Our approach ensures you’re prepared for any consulting firm and beyond.

Join us in this transformative journey and propel your consulting career to new heights. We’re not just about securing the offer; we’re about ensuring your sustained success in the world of consulting.


Introducing the Ultimate Consulting Career Coaching Program: Beyond Offers

Now, for most candidates I work with 5 sessions are more than enough to get their desired job offers with all top firms.

However, some want more either because they have a significant deficit in one important area of the case (e.g., math) or are applying to a variety of tier-1 to tier-3 firms that come with very different assessment procedures (candidate-led case interviews, interviewer-led case interviews, market sizing, written cases, presentation cases, group discussions, assessment centers, role-playing, etc.). Additionally, getting to the offer is just the first step to becoming a strong consultant. The real challenge starts once you enter the world of consulting as an employee.

If you’re someone who’s not content with just landing a top-tier consulting job, but who also aspires to rise rapidly within the consulting world once you’re in and maximize your salary, income, and reputation, the Consulting Career Program is tailored exclusively for you.


  1. 10 Comprehensive Sessions for Consulting Interviews: Get an extended number of sessions to refine every aspect of your consulting interview technique for a wider variety of assessments.
  2. 3 Sessions of Post-offer Training: Once you’ve received your offer, three additional sessions ensure you hit the ground running, setting you up for rapid promotions and significant salary boosts.
  3. Lifetime Mentorship: Receive unlimited coaching until you land your job offer (1 session per month), and continuous guidance thereafter to keep you at the top of your game.
  4. Weekly Progress Check-ins: Weekly touchpoints ensure you remain on track, keeping you motivated, accountable, and guided (outside of the normal session schedule).
  5. All preparation materials and drills are included to drive your preparation, practice, and skills to new levels.
  6. Exclusive access to my inner circle coaching group.
  7. Not Just an Offer, but a Career: Our focus doesn’t just stop at getting you that dream job offer. We’re invested in your long-term career trajectory, ensuring faster promotions and higher pay.

What makes the Career Program unique?

  1. Deeper Dive into Consulting Subtleties: Move beyond the general consulting interview advice to uncover the intricacies and nuances that differentiate a good candidate from a great one. In 10 sessions we can dive deeper into all topics
  2. Leadership and Promotion Coaching: Understand the consulting career ladder, strategies to ascend it, and how to build a reputation as a high-performing consultant.
  3. Focus on High-Paying Job Mastery: Recognize the skills and competencies that consulting firms value for promotions, and master them with our guidance.
  4. Personalized Career Pathing: Tailored insights into how you can carve your unique path within the consulting world, leveraging your strengths.
  5. Post-Offer Strategy Sessions: From navigating the consulting culture to ensuring you stand out in your first 100 days, our post-offer sessions are structured to help you make a lasting impression.

Investment and Value Proposition

For this exclusive program, given the unparalleled support and guidance you’ll receive, the investment is $4499. The program, with all its materials and lifetime mentorship, is valued at over $7500, offering you significant savings for a lifetime of rewards.

To provide individual attention and maintain the highest quality of coaching, slots for this program are highly limited. In most months, we are only able to take up one person for this program. Only those who are deeply committed to not just getting an offer but excelling in their consulting career are encouraged to apply.

The 100% Risk-free Guarantee

Our confidence in this program is such that if, after the first two sessions, you don’t feel the premium value and see a marked difference in your performance, you have the option to drop down to the standard program and be refunded the difference or cancel the program altogether. On top of that, I will keep coaching you until you receive your offer (1 session per month).

Exclusive Benefits for Consulting Career Members:

  1. Direct Line to Me: As a Career member, you get priority access. This means faster responses, more availability, and a dedicated communication channel.
  2. Access to Exclusive Resources: Get your hands on materials and insights not available to any other clients.
  3. Unlimited Coaching: I coach you for free until you receive an offer.

Your journey from a consulting applicant to a high-performing consultant is a transformative one, and with the Career Coaching Program, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t just aim for an offer; aim for a successful and rewarding consulting career.

If you’re ready to commit to excellence and a lifetime of consulting success, reach out for a one-on-one call to discuss your Consulting Career Journey.



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