Case Chart & Exhibit Course and Drills


Case Chart & Exhibit Course and Drills

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Decipher Charts Like an MBB Consultant: Essential Skills for Case Interview Success!

Interpreting charts and data tables can be a linchpin in consulting case interviews, especially when following the exacting standards of elite firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. Our expertly crafted course provides an unparalleled deep dive into the realm of chart interpretation, ensuring you’re not just prepared, but genuinely exceptional.

🌟 Highlights of This Comprehensive Course:

  1. 📈 End-to-End Approach: Progress through an exhaustive 33-lesson course detailing every nuance of how to approach and interpret charts and data tables – from basic understanding to advanced insights.
  2. 🎯 Realistic Drills: Engage with 50 meticulously designed chart and data table interpretation exercises. These are built to replicate the kind of exhibits you’d encounter in genuine top-tier consulting interviews.
  3. 🔍 Feedback & Clarity: With our sample answers categorized across varied performance levels—from ‘poor’ to ‘distinctive’—you’ll gain clear insights into areas of strength and necessary improvements.

Additional Features:

  • MBB-Level Standards: This course isn’t generic—it’s precisely modeled on real MBB charts, pushing you to meet and exceed the evaluation standards of the world’s top consulting firms. By being able to work through these charts, you will be well prepared for case interviews with all consulting firms (MBB, tier-2, Big 4, in-house, boutique, etc.).
  • Instant Access: Once purchased, the entire course content is immediately accessible. Dive right into the lessons and exercises without any delay.
  • Experience Counts: Drawing from our rich legacy of coaching over 2,000 case interview sessions and our McKinsey experience, the strategies and insights shared are based on real-world challenges and successes.

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Decipher Charts Like an MBB Consultant: Essential Skills for Case Interview Success!

Navigating charts and data tables is pivotal in consulting case interviews, a challenge especially pronounced when striving to meet the high benchmarks of premier firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. We introduce to you our meticulously curated course, designed to offer an intensive exploration of chart interpretation. Our mission? To equip you to be not merely competent but truly outstanding.

Key Components of This In-depth Course:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Journey through an extensive 33-lesson module that elucidates every facet of chart and data table interpretation. From foundational knowledge to sophisticated insights, we’ve got it all mapped out for you.
  • Authentic Practice: Engage your analytical prowess with 50 carefully constructed chart and data table drills, mirroring the exact exhibits you anticipate in real-life MBB and other top-firm interview scenarios.
  • Insightful Feedback: With our sample solutions spanning a spectrum of performance levels, from ‘poor’ to ‘distinctive’, gain a lucid understanding of your strong suits and areas demanding attention.

Additional Distinctives:

  • MBB-Caliber Precision: Our course isn’t crafted on broad strokes. It mirrors genuine MBB charts, setting you up to not only meet but surpass the discernment criteria of the world’s foremost consulting entities. By mastering these charts, you pave your way to success in interviews across the board – be it MBB, Tier-2, Big 4, in-house, or boutique firms.
  • Immediate Onboarding: Upon acquisition, the breadth of the course content is at your fingertips instantly. Delve into the lessons and exercises immediately.
  • Valued Expertise: Our course is an amalgamation of profound insights drawn from our extensive track record of conducting over 2,000+ case interview sessions and our hands-on McKinsey experience. You’re learning from seasoned experts.

Turn Your Consulting Goals into Success: View charts and exhibits as tools to propel you closer to your dream consulting position. Let our expertise guide and refine your approach. Start your transformation today!

12 reviews for Case Chart & Exhibit Course and Drills

  1. Alexander

    The missing puzzle piece for me. It’s easy to find cases for frameworks and math but I found that when it comes to charts in consulting club case books and paid platforms like preplounge or rocketblocks they are unrealistic and too simplistic.

  2. Amine

    Great add-on for case practice if you have never dealt with charts before. A very clear and concise approach to understand charts and interpret data quickly.

  3. Will

    Based on a quick primer on chart interpretation and 20 practice tests, this course provides a solid framework for chart analysis. It thoroughly discusses what exactly one needs to do to master various stages.

    I like the following explanation which I hope I can share from the course:

    – Good canddidates can spot some things on the chart
    – Better candidates can interpret those things in the context of the case
    – Great candidates put it all together and are able to drive the case forward based on their insights

  4. Patrick H.

    The insights, implications, and next steps method for charts is a great tool to really figure out what’s happening with the data.

    I was reading about it in the book and then decided to purchase this course for further practice and I don’t regret it. If you have a case interview upcoming and want to learn how to analyze exhibits in an effective way I can recommend it.

  5. will

    helpful but few practice examples – the are great but I would want more

  6. Maximilian

    Really great exercise samples with very good descriptions. Challenging and realistic MBB-type charts. Support was great and almost instant!

  7. Cosi

    1. Great tutorial on chart and data table interpretation with a simple approach that always works.
    2. Perfect to practice with real chart prompts and sample answers
    3. Could have more practice examples but the ones provided are exactly like in the interviews (including a case prompt and back story that allows you to interpret them in the context of the case)
    4. Sample answers bring the points across and show how effective the method from the tutorial is
    Therefore 4 out of 5 stars. 5/5 if there would be more practice examples

  8. himasha

    detailed introduction on charts and table interpretation for case interviews (and the business and academic world), a best practice-based approach to analyze any chart and table that guides you what to do and how to think about it and how to communicate it. has benefited me in my case interview practice. very effective and comprehensive. interesting drill problems to work on

  9. Katharina

    This “course” is a great variation of chart interpretation and shows a simple (yet I believe very effective) approach to synthesizing case exhibits. First, you learn how to do it, then you practice. More practice examples would make it even better but I have not found such great charts to practice anywhere so I guess it takes a lot of time to create this and the price is fair for what you get.

  10. James T.

    Amazing drills! After completing the 20 exercises, it feels like my exhibit interpretation skills have improved from a 7 to a solid 9! The exhibits closely match the ones you should expect at MBB interviews, and are much more realistic compared to the ones you see elsewhere (even in paid resources).

  11. W

    I worked with Florian through Preplounge and had access to these drills as part of his coaching program. I just want to write that in all the case books and online cases I have never seen such well-done and realistic diagrams and table examples. The style and difficulty were 1 to 1 like in my McKinsey and Bain interview. No case book prepares you for such.

  12. Piercarlo

    This course is very good preparation material and the charts are super high quality. Especially since there are also “more unusual” examples, which you can not simply find in case books. Luckily, the course starts with a primer on a step-by-step chart interpretatin approach. In addition, the solutions for the drills include great explanations, which makes it easy to understand and increases the learning effect. I felt super prepared with this for the chart part of the case!!!

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