Case Interview Industry Cheat Sheets


Case Interview Industry Cheat Sheets

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Ultimate Consulting Case Interview Industry Guide: Be Prepared, Be Exceptional!

Navigating the myriad of industries in consulting case interviews can be daunting. But not anymore!

Introducing our comprehensive 30-page guide, your definitive resource to excel in industry-related case discussions.

Why is this guide a game-changer?

🚀 Comprehensive Coverage: Dive into 27 key industries—including niche sectors—ensuring you’re never caught off-guard in any interview scenario.

🧠 Deep-Dive Details: Each industry is explored, from financial metrics, and business models, to trends and chief executive concerns. You’ll understand not just the ‘what’, but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of every sector.

Snapshot of Industries Covered:

  • Aerospace
  • Space
  • Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer goods
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Energy providers
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Insurance
  • Media and entertainment
  •  Mining and metals
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Postal and courier services
  • Private Equity
  • Public sector
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Retail
  • Tech
  • Telecommunication

đź’ˇ Stay Ahead of the Curve: Learn about the core risks, challenges, and emerging trends that are redefining sectors to approach your consulting case interviews with greater confidence and knowledge. You will be able to create better frameworks, answer brainstorming questions, and interpret math and charts in the context of the case. You can also provide better and more tailored insights and recommendations.


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Industry Overviews and Cheat Sheets

Ace your case interviews by diving into’s Industry Overviews and Cheat Sheets. Our resources are meticulously designed to offer a deep dive into vital industry knowledge, setting you apart from the typical case interview participant.

This all-encompassing package covers every sector, providing detailed insights into crucial data and offering guidance on applying this knowledge effectively at every case interview stage.

Optimized Learning for Busy Lives: We understand the tight schedules and high stakes of case interview prep. That’s why our resources are crafted for efficient yet comprehensive learning. Whether you’re brushing up at the last minute or dedicating time to a detailed study, gain the industry insights you need quickly.

Broad Industry Coverage: With materials spanning 27 industries, from the most common to the most specialized, you’ll be prepared for any case context that comes your way.

These cheat sheets shed light on essential aspects for every industry:

  • The main drivers of revenue and cost, and why they matter.
  • The core business models.
  • Trends that are currently shaping each industry.
  • Future prospects for different sectors.

Talk Like an Expert: Our cheat sheets enable you to discuss industry topics as if you’ve been part of the sector for years, ensuring you leave a strong impression on your interviewer.

Strengthen Your Interview Responses: Use our in-depth industry insights to enrich your case interview answers, lending credibility and depth to your solutions.

39 reviews for Case Interview Industry Cheat Sheets

  1. Erika (Verified Buyer)

    Succinct and useful guide

  2. francesca (Verified Buyer)

    yields broad insights into many areas, lacking some depth but I am unsure if this is required for the sake of interviews.

  3. Ilse (Verified Buyer)

    The handbook helped me structure my thoughts on a couple of topics and industries I was unaware of.

  4. Urs (Verified Buyer)

    If you are preparing for case interviews and don’t know where to start building your business background, I would definitely recommend this guide.

  5. Philipp (Verified Buyer)

    Expected more information.

  6. Rico (Verified Buyer)

    Solid depiction of the different industries that can make problems you face in a case easier to understand.

  7. Vinesh (Verified Buyer)

    Can’t really go wrong with a cheat sheet like that. One could probably create one themselves but it would take a lot of time and digging.

    I like the instructions at the start that guide you on how and when to use the information provided about the various industries. The combination of the knowledge and the instructions makes it valuable.

  8. Joao (Verified Buyer)

    There are some good hints and ideas that you can incorporate into your case answers.

  9. Hasan (Verified Buyer)

    Having a thorough understanding of different industries is really important and I see how it makes me more comfortable with cases I didn’t know much about. I appreciate it!

  10. Benjamin (Verified Buyer)

    Great preparation tool if you want to soak up industry know-how quickly and not rely on “reading the news and consulting firm research” which I did not find very helpful.

  11. I.A. (Verified Buyer)

    After my final round with an MBB I received the feedback that I had very robust business judgement and situational awareness. I wanted to come back to review this deck as I think it played a major part in that besides reading MBB-published articles and research. Thank you!!!!!

  12. Jan-Philipp (Verified Buyer)

    This industry overview was exactly what I needed to get to the “next level” insights. After reading through it a couple of times and taking notes I could see how I always had some topics I could mention in practice cases or interview situations that I would not have thought before in different stages of the case, for example more ideas for a framework or when you can talk about tailored risks or trends in the recommendation.

  13. M.Z. (Verified Buyer)

    Excellent package

  14. pedro (Verified Buyer)

    Tons of industry expertise condensed into a brief script. Worth reading and memorizing key items.

  15. clara (Verified Buyer)

    I really enjoyed working with this guide for a couple of reasons:

    1. It is totally different than what I have used to work with before. I focused a lot on sample cases and gradually learned about industries and sectors as I came across them. This guide gave me all the information I wanted to learn in one concise document. Huge time saver but I wish I had come across it earlier.

    2. As others have pointed out, it does a great job of balancing the complexity of different sectors by presenting them in an easily digestible format. The one problem I had when I wanted to learn about business context and industries was always deciding what is relevant knowledge and what can be disregarded. If you start that process of learning about these things, it could drag on forever, which was very inefficient.

    3. I made use of the great personal support twice to clarify something about the package and about a case interview habit of mine and both times got a reply in just a few hours.

    All in all a great product and service!

  16. Jakob (Verified Buyer)

    Super useful and practical. The neat design helps you to quickly memorize certain facts.

  17. Benedikt (Verified Buyer)

    I helped me greatly during my preparation and interviews and I can only recommend it.

  18. romain (Verified Buyer)

    Practical and timely information package – just what I was looking for as case candidate with an engineering background

  19. Arjun (Verified Buyer)

    Does not cover all industries like semiconductors or food. The ones that are included are well made.

    • StrategyCase (store manager)

      Dear Arjun,

      Thank you very much for you feedback.

      As regards your points on the coverage. When we created the guide our goal was not to create an information overload but a sensible product that covers 95% of the industries that you will encounter in a case interview. As such, semiconductors would be covered by ‘Electronics’ which we have included. Food is an interesting industry that is partially covered by ‘Agriculture’ and ‘Consumer goods.’ We’ll think how we can add these more niche industries in a sensible way in the future.


  20. Jaqueline (Verified Buyer)

    Very well organized collection of critical facts for different industries in case interviews. Practical toolkit for thinking about frameworks or just to sprinkle in some facts into the discussion to demonstrate business sense and knowledge.

  21. Salman (Verified Buyer)


  22. Julia (Verified Buyer)

    Received it in combination with the 1% book and it’s very useful!

  23. charles-henri (Verified Buyer)

    as others have pointed out this is a great weapon in the arsenal of everyone going through cases. this industry knowledge helps sharpen your insights for most cases. it does a stellar job of showing the essentials without overburdening you with senseless data

  24. Sam. (Verified Buyer)

    Saves you sooo much to time to research and learn about business. The work has been done for you and nicely summarized and presented.

  25. Claire (Verified Buyer)

    This booklet covers many (all?) industries and as someone else pointed out strikes the right balance between providing the relevant and insightful information without being too wordy or detailed.

  26. Shelly (Verified Buyer)

    This is a great tool that I have been looking for during my whole studies so far. If you are like me and purchased every case prep product under the sun this was the piece I lacked.

    Upon payment I got the document which contains the most pertinent information about virtually every industry that is out there. After studying the charts for a bit I can now think and speak much more fluently about different cases. It helps with every aspect of a case, from coming up with better frameworks for different industries to providing more business and common sense when talking about your hypohtesis etc. I had no idea about the different segments like oil and gas or postal etc etc. It contains everything you need in a crisp but comprehensive form.

    I think its a product tool and the value for money is off the charts for what you get.

  27. Nikola (Verified Buyer)

    I downloaded it as part of the 1% gift offer and I loved both the book and this informative overview. thank you very much!

  28. Tim B (Verified Buyer)

    Very thorough overview of the different industries and key facts. I noticed that I can incorporate some of those facts as “wisdom” in every case I was practicing since I studied this booklet. It covers a lot in an easy to read format.

  29. Olivia (Verified Buyer)

    Highly recommend. Learning the key talking points of different industries helped me to fill knowledge gaps and bullshit a bit more in front of the interviewers. Very nice addition to exercises and drills.

  30. James (Verified Buyer)

    This guide is a must-buy regardless of where you are in your case prep journey. It is comprehensive (covering all the industries you might encounter in a case) and info-dense while still being concise and easily-digestible. You could tell a lot of effort was put into this. I was already an advanced candidate but the insights from this guide helped me considerably, especially in contextualising my frameworks and generating more industry-specific insights when brainstorming. Definitely recommend!

  31. ivan (Verified Buyer)

    Great compendium

  32. Sophie (Verified Buyer)

    The templates provide great insights, tips and suggestions for looking at different industries and understanding how to deal with them in different cases. Well explained and visualised.

  33. kai (Verified Buyer)

    great industry primer if you want to have all angles covered

  34. Moritz G (Verified Buyer)

    I think this is a great supplement for case interview prep. I liked how clearly the information for each industry is conveyed. Some industries might be complex but the language is simple.

  35. Ogulcan (Verified Buyer)

    Great product!

    1. Simple but effective product for my casing and some of my case partners have commented on my ability to generate industry insights now
    2. Neat and tidy slides that help memorization
    3. Very exhaustive and comprehensive

    5 stars

  36. Erol (Verified Buyer)

    exactly as displayed. great resource

  37. riad (Verified Buyer)

    the document provides a great overview of all kinds of industries. This makes it ideally suited to …
    – learn about them and what drives them (especially in areas I had no experience) and also hear some vocabulary for the first time that could be used during interviews
    – help come up with ideas during the creation of the case framework
    – contextualize ideas in a case

  38. hassan (Verified Buyer)

    very detailed

  39. LĂ©a (Verified Buyer)

    Great overview with a lot of useful information to remember especially if you are not familiar with different industries and what drives them. I think there is a good balance between providing an overview of the most important information (financials, drivers, products…..) without losing yourself in too much detail that you cannot remember. It helps me put cases and case problems into perspective and come up with ideas.

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