Case Interview Structuring Drills


Case Interview Structuring Drills

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  • 50 realistic and creative structuring and idea-generation drills
  • Sample answers and detailed explanations on different performance levels (poor, good, distinctive)
  • Focus on non-standard cases that are the industry norm now for MBB and tier-2 firms
  • 14-lesson workshop on how to approach structuring and brainstorming exercises

Get rid of the generic frameworks of Victor Cheng or Case in Point and benefit from our experience as the leading case interview coaches on the web with more than 1,000 interview sessions.

It contains a quick reference workshop on structuring and idea generation as well as 50 creative structuring and brainstorming exercises. Check the course content here.

14 reviews for Case Interview Structuring Drills

  1. Jens

    I bought this exercise course for my upcoming interviews and it contains really challenging framework and brainstorming drills. The intuitive approach and the explanations with illustrations make me think differently about breaking issues and situations apart into the right buckets (broad, deep, hypothesis-backed). I already watched the mckinsey video course and found it useful. This is a good supplement to practice.

  2. T. H.

    Really great drills. More complex and much more accurate than university case books and older case types. The course challenges you to think on your own rather than using frameworks to solve creative cases. Ideal for learning how to approach modern mbb cases.

  3. AF

    Very thorough and very educational! I think it belongs in every case prep stack.

  4. Greta

    I have read the 1% book by the author and stumbled across his website in that context. I would classify the book and these drills as compulsory reading and practice if you want to get into the top consulting firms. Great way to practice what you have learned.

  5. Joseph R.

    Practicing for cases, you are always looking for better and more difficult training opportunities that help you to develop further. I got a recommendation to check out some of the posts here and got stuck on the framework part which then made me buy this course.

    This course and the drills that come with have contributed to elevating my case performance because I learned how to create more suitable frameworks in less time, and once the case is structured properly it is easier to drive deeper into the right buckets. The approach and how to think about starting into a case and figuring out the clients’ issues is very well explained and easy to apply (the focus is on breadth, depth, and insightfulness, then using the right prioritization). I like how frameworks that you create based on this first principles approach can be integrated into the normal case flow and enable you to figure out what’s going on in different situations quickly.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this to people who want to get a different approach to case frameworks and structures.

  6. francesco

    The course is as described, and the drills are also hard to answer well. Promotes creativity and strategic thinking for cases.

    Great customer service as I had questions about the product and some of the provided sample answers.

  7. Kaspar

    Detailed drills for frameworks and brainstorming. the whole thing starts with an intro to structuring and brainstorming and suggestions on how to get to insights as fast as possible. The exercises follow. I kept to the time suggested for each example and with thinking, communication, debrief/feedback you need about 8-10 minutes per question so depending on how much time you invest you are can go though the course in 7/8 hours. mixed levels of difficulty, a couple of more standard case examples to very creative prompts. It helped me for my MBB preparation especially at Bain and McKinsey I felt the cases and prompts were similar and what interviews wanted to discuss.

  8. joseph

    great for practing case frameworks. if you want to learn more about how to think and create case structures, use this course. it’s not your average dills that are frequently covered.

  9. Steven

    I purchased these drills to brush up on my structuring skills and also for more creative cases. The drills were great and exceeded my expectations because

    – difficulty level
    – innovative questions
    – insightful sample answers

    I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and practice how to work on MECE frameworks for case interviews.

  10. Sebastian

    The drills are really well-designed and tricky. I give solid 4 stars because it is certainly very helpful and much better than what I have seen in case books or the cases received from peers. The added value is great if you want to work on more difficult and creative case interviews. I think it would be even better with more practicing examples as I worked through all examples in less than 5 hours. All this is not bashing, quite the opposite, I just want to express constructive criticism to improve it.

  11. leonie

    Very good for case interview prep

  12. Vanessa

    In the beginning, the author teaches how to approach case structuring and frameworks and how to think about it from an idea creation and methodology perspective. He then provides 50 structure drills with sample solutions that are really detailed and thought provoking much more in line with what types of cases I got in my several MBB and tier two interviews compared to what I found elsewhere. It took me around two weeks to go through everything and showed me sooo many new ways of approaching case problems.

  13. atlas

    I can highly recommend these drills. I am working with Florian on PrepLounge and the drills are a great supplement to his coaching approach and putting what I have learned to the test. Some of the case prompts are extremely out there and creative. I think it is worthwhile in all stages of your preparation to challenge yourself to come up with broad, deep, and innovative (as he teaches it). There are also some instructions and problem-solving techniques discussed at the beginning of the course that help you with thinking about problems and approaching their deconstruction the right way. If you have gone through his coaching it is a nice reminder. If you are starting from scratch its a great learning opportunity.

  14. M

    In my whole preparation, I have never come across more creative structure and brainstorming questions. I believe they are much closer to reality than the typical business case questions that you come across ever so often and the standard frameworks that are repeated all the time. It is very different from what I have seen at casecoach or rocketblocks and during mock interviews. I am not fully through yet but it definitely helped me to see idea generation from a different lens already.

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