Case Interview Structuring Course and Drills


Case Interview Structuring Course and Drills

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Unparalleled Structuring & Brainstorming Mastery for Consulting Case Interviews: Elevate Your Creativity and Problem Solving Skills!

Cracking structuring at the beginning of a case interview and idea generation during a brainstorming exercise are often what differentiates good candidates from exceptional ones. Stand out from the crowd with our comprehensive and unique guide tailored to modern case demands.

🌟 Why This Mastery Guide is Essential:

📚 In-depth Course: Progress through our 25-lesson course, focusing intensely on contemporary approaches to structuring and brainstorming exercises—far removed from the generic frameworks. Learn to structure problems like real top-tier consultants.

🧠 Advanced Drills: Dive into 100 carefully curated, realistic, and imaginative structuring and brainstorming exercises designed to challenge and prepare you for the unexpected.

💡 Performance Metrics: Enhance your understanding with sample answers, measured across varied performance levels (from ‘poor’ to ‘distinctive’), ensuring you know where you stand and where you need to improve (and how to do so).

Quick Features:

  • Outgrow the Generic: Move beyond the conventional Victor Cheng or Case in Point frameworks, and lean into our McKinsey interviewer and extensive coaching experience, together having mentored over 2,000 interview sessions.
  • Comprehensive Content: The package also includes an in-depth structuring course, helping you swiftly navigate through structuring and idea generation paradigms. Dive deeper into course content here.

🔒 Secure & Immediate Access: With a 100% secured checkout via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, gain instant access to all the materials right after purchase. Let nothing delay your preparations!

Don’t Just Prepare, Dominate: As the leading online case interview coaches, we’re dedicated to ensuring you’re not just prepared but miles ahead in your consulting interview journey. Embrace the challenge, transform your skillset, and capture your dream consulting role with confidence!



Consulting Case Structuring Course and Drills by

A key hurdle many candidates face during case interviews is effectively breaking down a client problem. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t. That is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is that you might not know why it worked in the first place or why you failed.

Our Structuring Course and Drills are designed to fine-tune your analytical skills, ensuring you confidently dissect any client issue with clarity and depth – with a clear and replicable approach.

What This Course Offers:

  • Versatility in Structuring: Equip yourself to tackle a wide range of case scenarios, be it broad market challenges or niche industry-specific questions.
  • Insight into Consulting Criteria: Gain clarity on what leading consulting firms prioritize when assessing a candidate’s structuring and brainstorming ability.
  • In-depth Lessons: Our 25-lesson course dives into the principles of effective case structuring. Understand how to develop a strong framework and guide conversations with purpose by following rigorous logic and the right tools and thinking techniques.
  • Hands-on Practice: Engage with 100 structure questions reflecting real-life scenarios from MBB and Tier-2 firms. Each is designed to mirror the viewpoint of an MBB interviewer, ensuring you practice as authentically as possible. You can choose to listen to the case prompts or read them. You can also choose how much guidance you want to create your framework. Each practice question comes with detailed sample answers and explanations to guide your learning.
  • Beyond Rote Learning: Move past generic, memorized frameworks. Cultivate a genuine knack for dissecting problems with creativity and precision.
  • Up-to-Date Content: Our 1-year free update guarantee ensures you always train with the latest content as we expand our product features to reflect changes in firms’ interviewing process.

Why This Matters: In the rigorous realm of consulting interviews, differentiation is essential. Getting the initial framework wrong will put you on the path of failure as you will no longer be able to figure out where the issue is coming from or where the solution for the client’s question lies (without interviewer guidance). With our Structuring Drills, you’re not just preparing, but excelling. Hone your problem-solving skills and let your capability shine in every interview.

31 reviews for Case Interview Structuring Course and Drills

  1. A.N

    After my McKinseys interview today I received the feedback that my case structuring was “outstanding” and I attribute much of this success to this course. When I started cases, frameworks confused me. I struggled with understanding what to include, what to leave out, and how in-depth my analysis should be. Going through this course I had a breakthrough as the process was broken down in simple steps and terms. For the first time I understood what role the framework serves and how to narrow or widen my analytical lense based on the case objective. It all made sense. Following this insight, I diligently practiced with the exercises provided, leading to the positive feedback I received today.

  2. Linh

    The course walks you through each step of creating case interview frameworks in a very structured way. I learned what to do and how to tackle a case from the very beginning, like what the role of the framework is and how to make sure I develop a structure that is broad and deep enough to understand the problem of a client for the analysis that follows.

    The practice is great too. I have been working on the sample cases every day now and it made a decisive difference in how I think about case problems and real world problems too. Until now my frameworks were always going into all different kinds of directions without having a common logic that would tie the ideas or buckets together. I am not able to write down all the things I learned but there are many. It’s actually relatively easy if you get the hang of it.

  3. Madeleine

    The structuring course itself is concise yet explains really well how to approach frameworks and case problems in general. It is broken into several sections with a good flow that starts with why frameworks are needed for a good start into the case and why they are used to assess you. There are different framework and brainstorming sections with simple rules and steps to follow that help with breaking down every problem. A lot of emphasis is on creating a replicable approach that should work in every situation or for any problem. Even if you already know a lot, you can still find ideas to improve your case structuring and brainstorming skills. Still, I wish I had found this earlier as it made me change my approach quite a bit.

    It also comes with many case prompts and brainstorming questions that are broken down with several sample solutions. I think the practice really drives the theory home. The questions are fun to think about and very diverse from different industries and problems. There are often several detailed sample answer per question that are equally effective at dissecting the problem. I also like the feature that you can choose between reading the case prompts and listen to an audio recording as this makes the experience more realistic.

    The support is also excellent. The course encourages you to share your solutions for feedback. I had one clarification question and received a personal reply within the hour.

  4. Tracy

    I bought the structuring and framework course a few months ago and am happy with the comprehensive knowledge it provided. I have found the tips of the lectures very useful. The explanations are written in an understandable way even for someone who has not yet dealt intensively with the case interviews. The drill examples included are also very helpful. They illustrate and make what is learned more concrete.

  5. Ibrahim

    The course and drills really helped develop my thinking AND communication further. I would consider myself already an advanced case solver having done interviews with many firms before and now recruiting for a full-time offer but I think what makes these drills stand out is that they challenge you to go broader and deeper in your thinking and communicate it in a very structured and logical sequence, always having a hypothesis in mind. It really pushed me further in the drills and now when I practice cases I always receive great feedback on my frameworks.

  6. wendy

    helpful for sharpening your approach to case frameworks and creativity questions

  7. Mitchel

    Does a great job at teaching you how to create case structures and answer brainstorming q’s:

    1. Explains how to deal with these questions from a structured perspective
    2. Shows you how to think about problems and how you can deconstruct everything into MECE buckets and also how to become more creative
    3. Shows you the evaluation criteria in MBB and explains why you need to answer in a certain way (this was super helpful to get into the interviewers’ head)
    4. Many practice questions

  8. Lars

    I usually refrain from writing product reviews but this was an excellent course. You learn how to structure cases and have enough sample questions to use and internalize the method. The approach to structuring frameworks and thinking about brainstorming questions is very methodical so you can replicate it for different problem sets.

  9. YF

    This is my 2nd recruiting season now and I want to step up from my tier2 internship last summer. I am a big fan of these products but this is probably my favorite. Very up-to-date prompts and insightful answers with a clear logic. Reminds me a lot of the cases I went through last year. I think its a great resource to practice cases as real as it gets.

  10. Ashley

    I have 3 years of experience in a boutique consulting firm and am now trying to move into MBB. Structuring cases was always my weakness.

    The course is very helpful and gave me great insights into structuring and brainstorming. The questions are challenging and make you think about identifying the root cause of problems instead of using the normal business concepts. It’s a great addition to my case training.


  11. vivian

    This course has been a great helper to develop and guide my thinking around case frameworks and problem structuring. The teaching content is good and the structuring principles simple yet I wish there were more practice questions. I know 50 is okay but once you are done after a couple of hours you can only go back to the consulting club casebooks and that is a bit frustrating.

  12. Kim

    Fantastic tool to practice case structuring! I had a great experience going through the drills and use it for my practice but also to test others.

    The difficulty and types of question reflect real life MBB cases from my experience.

  13. Daishi

    Diverse collection of case prompts and rather unique brainstorming questions with detailed sample answers and explanations. The materials are suitable if you want to work alone or practice with others.

    I received prompt personal support and a detailed feedback regarding two of my proposed framework answers via email. I did not expect that level of service. Thank you very much!

  14. Yasser

    Had a technical issue at first to access the course and practice but it works now. The response was swift. I am about 20% into the practice and like it a lot. The prompts are challenging and timely (not the usual market entry stuff) and come with detailed (maybe too detailed?) sample answers.

    I like how the focus is on breadth and depth of a the structure and how this can be applied in practice. This was new to me and is not covered in the typical case prep materials.

  15. Luca

    Very accurate and difficult. No case book I read comes close.

    More please!

  16. mohammed

    Good mix of more standard case prompts and more creative exercises. Greatly reflects the types of cases you have to expect in MBBs. I believe you don’t need any other structuring practice and you can also use it with case partners.

  17. Carla

    Realistic cases and questions FINALLY! I have looked at all resources and all the MBA case books and these are by far the most realistic questions I have encountered. There are not only questions but the logic underlying the framework and brainstorming creation is well explained. Overall I am really excited about this program because it really changed how I look at problems and understanding how to get to the bottom of every case effectively.

  18. Jens

    I bought this exercise course for my upcoming interviews and it contains really challenging framework and brainstorming drills. The intuitive approach and the explanations with illustrations make me think differently about breaking issues and situations apart into the right buckets (broad, deep, hypothesis-backed). I already watched the mckinsey video course and found it useful. This is a good supplement to practice.

  19. T. H.

    Really great drills. More complex and much more accurate than university case books and older case types. The course challenges you to think on your own rather than using frameworks to solve creative cases. Ideal for learning how to approach modern mbb cases.

  20. AF

    Very thorough and very educational! I think it belongs in every case prep stack.

  21. Greta

    I have read the 1% book by the author and stumbled across his website in that context. I would classify the book and these drills as compulsory reading and practice if you want to get into the top consulting firms. Great way to practice what you have learned.

  22. Joseph R.

    Practicing for cases, you are always looking for better and more difficult training opportunities that help you to develop further. I got a recommendation to check out some of the posts here and got stuck on the framework part which then made me buy this course.

    This course and the drills that come with have contributed to elevating my case performance because I learned how to create more suitable frameworks in less time, and once the case is structured properly it is easier to drive deeper into the right buckets. The approach and how to think about starting into a case and figuring out the clients’ issues is very well explained and easy to apply (the focus is on breadth, depth, and insightfulness, then using the right prioritization). I like how frameworks that you create based on this first principles approach can be integrated into the normal case flow and enable you to figure out what’s going on in different situations quickly.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this to people who want to get a different approach to case frameworks and structures.

  23. francesco

    The course is as described, and the drills are also hard to answer well. Promotes creativity and strategic thinking for cases.

    Great customer service as I had questions about the product and some of the provided sample answers.

  24. Kaspar

    Detailed drills for frameworks and brainstorming. the whole thing starts with an intro to structuring and brainstorming and suggestions on how to get to insights as fast as possible. The exercises follow. I kept to the time suggested for each example and with thinking, communication, debrief/feedback you need about 8-10 minutes per question so depending on how much time you invest you are can go though the course in 7/8 hours. mixed levels of difficulty, a couple of more standard case examples to very creative prompts. It helped me for my MBB preparation especially at Bain and McKinsey I felt the cases and prompts were similar and what interviews wanted to discuss.

  25. joseph

    great for practing case frameworks. if you want to learn more about how to think and create case structures, use this course. it’s not your average dills that are frequently covered.

  26. Steven

    I purchased these drills to brush up on my structuring skills and also for more creative cases. The drills were great and exceeded my expectations because

    – difficulty level
    – innovative questions
    – insightful sample answers

    I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and practice how to work on MECE frameworks for case interviews.

  27. Sebastian

    The drills are really well-designed and tricky. I give solid 4 stars because it is certainly very helpful and much better than what I have seen in case books or the cases received from peers. The added value is great if you want to work on more difficult and creative case interviews. I think it would be even better with more practicing examples as I worked through all examples in less than 5 hours. All this is not bashing, quite the opposite, I just want to express constructive criticism to improve it.

  28. leonie

    Very good for case interview prep

  29. Vanessa

    In the beginning, the author teaches how to approach case structuring and frameworks and how to think about it from an idea creation and methodology perspective. He then provides 50 structure drills with sample solutions that are really detailed and thought provoking much more in line with what types of cases I got in my several MBB and tier two interviews compared to what I found elsewhere. It took me around two weeks to go through everything and showed me sooo many new ways of approaching case problems.

  30. atlas

    I can highly recommend these drills. I am working with Florian on PrepLounge and the drills are a great supplement to his coaching approach and putting what I have learned to the test. Some of the case prompts are extremely out there and creative. I think it is worthwhile in all stages of your preparation to challenge yourself to come up with broad, deep, and innovative (as he teaches it). There are also some instructions and problem-solving techniques discussed at the beginning of the course that help you with thinking about problems and approaching their deconstruction the right way. If you have gone through his coaching it is a nice reminder. If you are starting from scratch its a great learning opportunity.

  31. M

    In my whole preparation, I have never come across more creative structure and brainstorming questions. I believe they are much closer to reality than the typical business case questions that you come across ever so often and the standard frameworks that are repeated all the time. It is very different from what I have seen at casecoach or rocketblocks and during mock interviews. I am not fully through yet but it definitely helped me to see idea generation from a different lens already.

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