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The Interview Process at Orphoz: A McKinsey Subsidiary

In the vast world of consulting, McKinsey & Company stands out prominently. But there’s a lesser-known gem within: Orphoz. It’s more than just a subsidiary. Orphoz is where McKinsey’s strategies are brought to life, turning them from mere plans to transformative actions. Curious about Orphoz? You’re in the right place! This guide is tailored for…
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Decoding Consulting Lingo and Speech: A Comprehensive Guide

In the intricate corridors of the business world, the consulting industry stands tall with its unique lexicon, a testament to its rich heritage and the dynamic challenges it tackles. This distinctive language, interwoven with acronyms, jargon, and bespoke terms, often acts as both a gatekeeper and a rite of passage. To comprehend it is not…
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How to Manage Stress in Case Interviews: A Systematic Approach

Case interviews can be nerve-wracking. The pressure to perform at your best, mixed with the uncertain environment and low acceptance rate, can easily create a state of anxiety for candidates. However, understanding the causes of this stress and learning how to manage it are vital for success. Let’s look into a systematic approach that should…
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Mastering Note-Taking in Case Interviews: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of consulting and related business fields, case interviews form a critical stage in the recruitment process. These interviews are a unique blend of problem-solving, analytical thinking, and effective communication. Amidst these crucial skills, an often underestimated yet central aspect is the art of taking notes effectively. The Significance of Note-Taking in…
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15 Consulting Brainteasers to Practice

In the competitive world of consulting, standing out from the crowd and demonstrating your problem-solving prowess is crucial to landing your dream job. Consulting firms are notorious for their challenging interviews, which often feature brainteasers designed to test your analytical thinking, creativity, and mental agility. Especially tier-2, the Big 4, boutique, and in-house consulting firm…
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