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the image is the cover for an article on the mckinsey solve game

McKinsey Solve Game (2024): How to Prepare and Ace the Imbellus

The McKinsey Solve Game, previously known as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game, Digital Assessment, or informally as ‘the Imbellus’, serves as a pivotal tool for the renowned consulting firm in evaluating prospective candidates. This assessment is utilized in tandem with the infamous case interviews and personal experience interviews (PEI). In this comprehensive guide, we delve…
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the image shows a candidate going through the bcg cognitive test

The BCG Cognitive Test: Insights and Preparation Strategies

In February 2024, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) introduced a new cognitive assessment in several of its global offices, including Germany – the BCG Cognitive Test. This strategic move, anticipated to expand worldwide, marks a significant shift in how potential consultants are evaluated, and a move away from the BCG Casey Chatbot Test. The introduction of…
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the image is the cover for an article on the mckinsey keep in touch program

McKinsey Keep In Touch Program: A Comprehensive Guide

The McKinsey Keep In Touch Program (KIT) is a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals to maintain a relationship with McKinsey. This program is essential for those who have shown potential in previous interviews but were not selected due to various reasons like timing or experience. By staying connected, candidates can access valuable resources, networking events,…
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the image shows a laptop and a shopping cart for an article on key items that consultants need to buy before they start their career

Must-Buy Items for New Management Consultants

Congratulations on your significant achievement of making it past the screening and interview stages with the world’s top consulting firms. This is a testament to your hard work, skill, and determination. As you prepare to join firms like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company, or any other consulting firm really,…
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the image shows a phd student that moved from academia to consulting

Navigating the Leap from Academia to Elite Consulting: A Guide for PhDs

From Classroom to Boardroom Imagine standing at the crossroads of a significant career transition: you’re a PhD or a PhD student, deeply entrenched in academia’s world of research and theories. Now, picture yourself stepping into the high-paced, dynamic realm of top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. This isn’t just a fantasy. For many…
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the image is the cover for an article on orphoz job interviews

The Interview Process at Orphoz: A McKinsey Subsidiary

In the vast world of consulting, McKinsey & Company stands out prominently. But there’s a lesser-known gem within: Orphoz. It’s more than just a subsidiary. Orphoz is where McKinsey’s strategies are brought to life, turning them from mere plans to transformative actions. Curious about Orphoz? You’re in the right place! This guide is tailored for…
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