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the McKinsey Digital Assessment

McKinsey is rolling out the Imbellus Digital Assessment to all consulting applicants globally. Since we first published an article about it a few months back, we have received an overwhelming number of requests regarding more information on the test.

Over the last few months, we have been busy pulling every source we could leverage, gaining an understanding of the test and its mechanics. We interviewed recent candidates as well as experts on gamified assessments and scanned all scientific publications on the Digital Assessment and similar tests to devise strategies for high scores.

The results of these intense efforts are now available to you in a condensed form. We are the first to compile a detailed 37-page guide with in-depth information on the different games, tools, and exercises that teach you everything you need to know to prepare for and ace this new type of assessment.

It is constantly updated with the latest feedback and insights. You can now download v.1.6 instantly after purchase.

The 37-page guide focuses on 3 key areas


We detail what type of tasks and scenarios you can expect during the 60-minute test, and how you are being evaluated


We cover extensively the exercises to train the key cognitive skills that are assessed in the Imbellus test


We show you the proper test-taking measures and ways to work through the different games to ensure that you can perform at your best

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Getting into McKinsey is tough. In fact, according to Forbes, McKinsey is the toughest firm to get into. A staggering 99% of consulting applicants fail in the recruiting process. And now, the Firm has developed another challenge for aspiring consultants. McKinsey is currently rolling out a new gamified, digital assessment to replace the older Problem Solving Test. We have discussed this tool in some detail here.

McKinsey itself keeps any information that could prime applicants out of the public. Candidates receive very little information about the Imbellus test in their invitations. In fact, the Firm’s advice is not to prepare at all. Test takers we have spoken to told us that they had no idea how to prepare or how well they fared with their approach and solutions.

In the context of McKinsey applications, you do not want to let anything be decided by chance. With the introduction of this new test, initial scores and the threshold needed to move on to the case interviews will be low. Over time, as with any assessment, we expect score inflation as more and more candidates learn about the assessment and prepare accordingly.

Let’s turn the odds in your favor! The McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide by is designed to help you prepare and ace the Imbellus at this early stage. Our goal is to give you an edge over other applicants. Hence, we dug into the mechanics of the test and pulled our sources. By following the research-backed recommendations and exercises in this guide, you will feel more confident when taking the test and significantly increase your performance.

See what our first clients have to say

I got in touch with the team before my assessment game two weeks ago and they sent me a draft version immediately. i studied with the guide 2 days before the assessment and set everything up before i took the test from home. apparently i passed it because i received the invitation to the interviews last week. i am happy i found this page and would recommend you guys to check out the guide, it was already very comprehensive in the draft version and made a big difference for me as to what to expect and how to prepare


I was surprised to find a guide on the assessment online since to my understanding the digital game is quite new. I am happy with the purchase. The content is just as advertised and you can take a lot of learnings from the last two sections (the main part about the preparation, exercises and test taking strategies).


I used an early version of this guide and passed the digital assessment. It’s a bit experimental but for that price definitely worth it. I think the main benefit is to learn about the cognitive abilities the test focuses on and how I could improve them. The exercises are very actionable and practical. Some of the information is also applicable to the case interviews.