McKinsey Solve (Imbellus) Game Guide


McKinsey Solve (Imbellus) Game Guide

(287 customer reviews)


Master the McKinsey Problem Solving Game with!

🎮 Unprecedented Edge in Your McKinsey Journey: Introducing the first and most comprehensive guide, expertly crafted by ex-McKinsey consultants. Boost your chances with an impressive 86% Solve (Imbellus) Game pass rate. This isn’t just a guide, it’s your golden ticket to McKinsey.

🚀 Inside This Power-Packed Toolkit:

  • Proprietary step-by-step guidance to conquer all 6 games, complemented with video insights.
  • Amplify your score with strategies and gameplay walkthroughs, grounded in successful test-taker feedback.
  • Stay updated with McKinsey’s evolving scenarios via our constant updates and enjoy a free 1-year access guarantee.
  • Test your mettle with 3 full-length practice tests dedicated to the Red Rock game’s quantitative reasoning segment.
  • As a cherry on top, harness a free 14-page McKinsey Interview Primer, equipping you for both the case and PEI stages.

💡 Why Trust Us? Here’s Why:

  • Since our inception in November 2019, over 8,000 students across 60+ countries have transformed their McKinsey journey with us.
  • With insights from 450+ test-takers, game design gurus, and our own McKinsey expertise, this 123-page guide, Excel templates, and 11 strategic videos (covering everything in just 1 hour!) remain unmatched.
  • Dive into our extensive 11-part video series and 133-page guide, encompassing the game’s context, detailed task insights, skill-honing exercises, and expert test-taking strategies.
  • Ever-evolving, our guide’s current iteration is v18 (September 2023), each update reflecting the freshest test-taker feedback.

🔒 Immediate & Secured Access: Kickstart your McKinsey prep instantly post-purchase. The password to the PDFs is the email you entered during purchase.

Redefining McKinsey Prep: With a staggering 99% rejection rate in McKinsey’s consulting applications, this isn’t the time for chances. Elevate your McKinsey game with our Solve Game Guide Guide, carefully crafted and evolved since November 2019 with the insights of hundreds of test takers. No more gambling with your dream; it’s time to turn the tables in your favor.

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McKinsey Solve Game Guide by

Embarking on your McKinsey journey? Ensure you’re prepared with the McKinsey Solve Game Guide, your indispensable key to mastering the Solve Game.

A Pioneer in Preparation: Launched simultaneously with the commencement of the Solve Game in the McKinsey London office in November 2019, our guide holds the distinction of being the first-ever on the market. This guide has stood as a beacon of knowledge and strategy for those seeking to ace the McKinsey Solve Game.

Unmatched Success: Over 8,000 aspirants have trusted our guide, and the results are undeniable. With a striking success rate exceeding 85%, our accomplishments are more than just numbers.

Price Guarantee: We are able to offer our guide at a lower price than copycats since we are not selling it via a 3rd party platform that takes a large cut.

Continuously Updated: With the game’s evolving landscape, our 18th edition (as of September 2023) is refined whenever McKinsey changes the game, based on real recent test-taker feedback, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve at all times.

Dive Deep Inside the Guide:

  • Strategies & Tips: Gain the edge with game-changing strategies, insightful shortcuts, and crucial preparation tips.
  • Focused Content: Engage with current game topics, from the ecosystem game and plant defense to the formidable red rock simulation (in addition to all previous games of the Solve).
  • Excel Solver Tool: Approach the ecosystem game with precision and speed using our bespoke Excel solver tool.
  • Skill Mastery: Perfect your skills with the Redrock chart interpretation tutorial, essential math concepts module, and more.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Spanning 133 pages, every detail of the games is meticulously addressed.
  • Visual Aids: Elevate your grasp with 11 illustrative videos designed for efficient understanding.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Hone your capabilities with 3 red rock practice tests, crafted closely to mimic the actual game.
  • Personal Support: Reach out to us with any questions you might have and receive help within 24 hours.
  • FREE BONUS: Dive deeper into the McKinsey Case and PEI with our free 14-page preparation guide.

⏱️ Time-Efficient: Optimize your preparation with a succinct guide and videos, granting you more time to focus on the subsequent case interviews, which is the key challenge for every McKinsey aspirant..

📅 One-Year Free Updates: Always be in the know with complimentary updates for an entire year, helping you with any unforeseen challenges and delays in your application timeline.

Equip yourself to conquer the McKinsey Solve Game with unparalleled knowledge, strategies, and confidence. Opt for the McKinsey Solve Game Guide by, and watch your aspirations come to fruition.

287 reviews for McKinsey Solve (Imbellus) Game Guide

  1. Cristina

    The guidebook and videos are insightful and a good reflection of the games. They leave nothing out and overall meet my expectations.

  2. S.Y

    I can give a full recommendation after my success story. it comes packed with the essentials that you need to know to pass. the videos introduce the games and the the mechanics of the excel tool well.

  3. kemal

    I bought this last spring for a lateral entry because a friend recommended it. I studied for the PSG old version but my hiring process stopped until now and I never got to take the test. I was contacted last week and the process is going ahead again. I received an updated version of the guide and I have worked through it completely which has helped me a lot. It is really good and helpful materials.

  4. Suna Taslidere

    No support available after purchasing product and failing to download. The phone number does not work and they don`t react on their emails or on social media. A waste of your money or maybe even a scam.

    • Florian

      Dear Suna,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that your purchase experience did not go smoothly.

      However, I would like to point out that the number of our support hotline on the site is accurate yet we never received a call from you. Once the email arrived, we immediately fixed the issue (all within one hour of the purchase), which originated on your end with the network interruption as you described in the email.

      Nonetheless, I wish you all the best with the product and your McKinsey preparation! Please contact us again via email or phone (with the correct number) for any other request or assistance.

      Kind regards,

  5. justin

    solid preparation guide for the solve games

  6. Deepanshu

    A lot of information besides the usual stuff you read on the internet about the PSG. Also everything is geared toward getting a good score in a compact read and video package no bs added.

  7. M.H.

    Received my first round interview invitation today. Thank you very much for this great toolkit and support!

  8. bilal

    This comprehensive reference book explains the PSG in a simple and understandable way. Even though at first one seems crushed by the amount of information, after a short time its clear what you need to do. It helped me built a strategy in the eco game relatively quickly. I found the red rock easier and more straightforward. The information and practice tests can help you with the concepts you need to know and what to expect in the mini tests. I advise reading the guide sections first and then watch the videos.

  9. Zeynep

    Made it to the imterviews!!!

  10. Victoria

    Detailed guidebook and all games are very well presented with different strategies and shortcuts. I took the red rock simualtion tests but there were no explanations for the results? Could this be added or could you send it to me?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you for your message. We have updated the answers yesterday and there was a short window where they did not show. They should now be visible to you at the end of each test.
      Kind regards,

  11. Søren

    The documentation and videos are well prepared and very detailed. They clearly outline the different games and steps to survive the ecosystem and the excel is very helpful to create your food chain and double-check the requirements quickly. There is also a strategy and tips provided for the red rock game. The red rock sample tests are exactly like the mini case questions – Learn about growth rates like CAGR etc!! I don’t think I would have passed without these tips and practice.

  12. K.S.

    Awesome resource! The explanation is clear and the excel provided is excellent for the ecosystem game. For redrock, I requested Florian for some resources and he provided me with some similar cases. Recommended!

  13. salman

    can recommend this wonderful course and guidance

  14. Jay

    Great resource for the Imbellus. Covers everything you need in a concise and accurate manner. The games were exactly as described and the strategies helped. I bought the guide the day before the test and it was enough for me to be confident and apply the strategies, watch the videos and try out the ecosystem Excel which works like a charm btw. I wish I had a couple more days for the redrock preparation but I was able to finish all 3 tests of the package.

    For the real game I recommend to finish the first part of the redrock early so you have 20 minutes for the mini-cases. This was the most challenging part. Waiting for my result now…

  15. Tina

    Incredibly impressed with this purchase and rarely write reviews – if ever. I cannot recommend this product enough for prepping for the Solve game! Before purchasing this I found another slightly cheaper guide on Google which only contained surface-level information, no Excel, videos or practice. In this guide you learn what to do step-by-step. The strategies are spoon-fed and easily followed.

    I still found the redrock game challenging, mostly because the interface is so bad and using the on-screen calculator takes ages and overall it felt very badly designed.

  16. edward

    1. Comprehensive approaches for each game with helpers like the excel tool
    2. Easy to reproduce during the game. The redrock questions need practice to become familiar and quick
    3. Cheap and great support
    4. Got a positive result 6 days after my test date

  17. Xilin Y

    I purchased this guide after looking at all alternatives and have to admit that I was initially drawn to it by the lower price. I was a bit skeptical but after finishing the book and watching the videos I think its a great offer and contains all information you need. There is a clear strategy and logic for every game that was easy to use in the game. The redrock practice test are challenging and like the real thing. Sure, it is not a real simulation of the ecosystem game and I think that is the only thing that it falls short of but I don’t expect that for this price compared to the game simulation I found somewhere else (someone else pointed that out in the reviews and that made me buy it).

  18. Kylie

    I recently had bought the guide and I’m extremely pleased with my experience. The product is comprehensive, cheap and included all I needed to pass the Solve Game with just one afternoon of prep time.

    If you are short on time my tip is to focus on the strategies section in the book, watch the videos, work through the practice problems and familiarize yourself with the excel sheet and then you are good to go. I even had one of my burning questions personally answered in no time. Standout product and service!!!

  19. Anshul

    I would recommend this excellent course for everyone going through the mckinsey process:

    – all necessary info can be found quickly
    – concise videos straight to the point
    – practice for the new game; I am curious to find out how these square up to the real test

  20. Jill

    I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of this course given the fact that it is much cheaper than all other products I was considering. I don’t know what could be done better except for being able to play the real game which I found too, but at 10 times the price. I am very happy with this one.

  21. TC

    The guide prepares you perfectly for the ecosystem and the red rock game. Florian was always available to answer my questions and he sent me additional practice questions.

  22. Elias

    5 points! I read many things about the mckinsey game online and got worried because there is very little information about the red rock game and the information about the ecosystem on most sites seems to be very high-level and not updated.

    I bought the this guide with the hope to better understand the current state of the game and the right way to tackle it. The guide breaks it down nicely and to the point at a great price. i think the PDF is enough but the videos help bring the points across better. the excel is intuitive and easy to use. can’t ask for more.

  23. x.

    Thank you for all the help and support!

    If anyone is wondering the product is amazing but the email support is even better.

    I can highly recommend the guide and the overall experience. After I passed the test stage, I asked a lot of questions about Mckinsey interviews and received detailed responses from Florian almost immediately. I did not expect that.

  24. Benji

    Yup, the tips in the guide work. I can confirm that as I was successful going step-by-step as described.

    Not being able to print the main document was a bit of a letdown.

  25. Moritz

    This is a great package if you want to prepare for the PSG. Every detail is really well explained and the Excel proved useful for getting the food chain right quickly.

  26. Julien

    I have seen all videos and read the guide twice and the most important strategy sections even three times. I created a little checklist to go through during the real games with all the steps and rules. I am very clear what to do and hopeful that I will pass the test and it will be as described here.

    Support was almost instant to answer some of my questions about how to use the excel tool.

    So far I am very happy with the resources and help provided.

  27. Jaamil

    The guide has saved me a lot of time and nerves by telling me exactly what to do and I was happy to find such detailed information on the Red Rock game. I finished both games on time. With the information from the guide and videos, I used the excel workbook for the ecosystem game and it was extremely easy. I finished it with a lot of time to spare but the timer reset at the beginning of the Red Rock game as I expected it but I found the second game to be much more difficult and stressful. I made it in time and just got the email about my interviews schedules!!!

  28. Anya

    Great product but my planned Solve date was postponed now. Not sure what to do…

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Anya,
      I am very sorry to hear that. We are definitely seeing a slowdown and even a hiring freeze in many McKinsey offices. In your case, I would recommend reaching out to your HR contact and ask them about a new timeline. Feel free to email me with further questions.
      Kind regards,

  29. mohammed

    The main ideas and game strategies are consolidated in a crisp strategy document and the videos help your understanding. The Excel sheet is a great add-on and easy to use because all non-relevant cells are blocked. You cannot go wrong here.

  30. Han

    Loved it. Very structured and easy to use Excel for the first game. The red rock game was very challenging and I barely finished on time but I made it because I knew about the time limit and urgency

  31. Charles

    The strategies are great and effective for all games but more practice for the new game (Red Rock Case) would be nice.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Charles,

      We appreciate your feedback.

      We have been constantly updating the guide during the last few weeks as we have seen several small updates in the game during that time. We are working on including more practice for the RedRock game that accurately reflects the difficulty level in addition to the practice that is already included.

      Kind regards,

  32. Georg

    I got this book last week and played the game 3 days after. I had the ecosystem and the longer red rock game. The strategies worked very well. It contains all relevant explanations of the steps you need and you really only need that.
    I give it 5 stars because I think it’s a great package with simple instructions that you simply have to execute.

  33. Jake

    Thank you for this helpful guide and the detailed instructions!

  34. Haytham

    Phenomenal guide! The steps for the eco-game and the Excel sheet worked like a charm, nothing to say more. The strategy for the red rock game was great and I got sent additional practice materials via e-mail. Felt 100% prepared and it went well. Great customer service and guidebook!

  35. valentin

    Thank you for the guide! It was really clear and exactly as described for the ecosystem. I went through it quickly and confidently.

    I want to note that my second game was the red rock study and not the plant defense. The first part of the red rock was like described but there was a new part to the game that I did not read about anywhere. It is almost like a quantitative reasoning test with 10 questions based on chart and text. the time to go through this second part was quite limited. I hope this is useful for your audience.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Valentin,

      thank you for your kind words and information. We are aware that since one or two weeks more clients are seeing a different version of the red rock simulation. We are currently adjusting our guide to account for that with new tips and approaches and hope to launch the updated version already this week.

      Kind regards,

  36. ivan

    The Solve Game guide is a great guide and video course for the McKinsey assessment. It provides clear explanations, perspectives on the different games and instructions to score high. The condensed advice and video snippets helped me out last minute!

  37. madhav

    Very good tips and simply explained. Top recommendation!

  38. Ludovico

    After browsing through it, I would say that I made a good choice with this course. If you have already dealt more intensively with the Solve game like me (I played it 2 years ago and read some other booklets about it), you will still find little tips and tricks to improve your score or become faster. I think if you start from scratch the value is even higher as you save a lot of time and effort to get it right. The individual chapters were short and very clearly written, so that one understands quickly and what it’s all about and what steps matter in both games.

  39. manon

    Great idea to show the games in step-by-step tutorials! It is much easier than I thought and I was really worried but I finished both games early with success. Leaves nothing to be desired. 5 of 5 stars. TOP!

  40. Hannah

    This guide is full of information that can be applied directly in the game without a fuss. It is really important to know what to do before you start the game because it influences your strategy and time a lot. Anyone who wants to go through the Imbellus game relatively stress-free must definitely read and apply what is in this book! I have used the instructions and passed both games with 12 minutes left on the clock.

  41. Klaus

    This guide covers in a compact form everything you need to know to ace the Solve Game and successfully move to the interviews. The book is easy to understand and uses a lot of useful charts and graphs. It is nicely complemented by the video course that explains the strategies further with in-game screenshots and step-by-step walkthroughs. In addition, the Excel template can help you with the Ecosystem. I can attest to the quality of the book and the videos. For the game, I used pen and paper instead of the Excel sheet which is also described in the guide since I had no second computer available.

  42. Rachel

    – very clever approach to the ecosystem and the plant defense games
    – easy to understand and replicate
    – built a sustainable ecosystem in less than 20 minutes and survived 23, 31, 28 turns which makes me very hopeful

  43. Anabelle

    I was happy with the quality and depth of advice for each game. The videos were perfect to add more detail and explanation to the steps described in the book and I think it would be a great strategy guide for anyone. I am yet to try the excel workbook but the download was quick and instant as was the access to the video material. I would definitely recommend it.

  44. yichi

    The book is comprehensive and easy to understand, the ideal companion for the game. I think you could also get a good score wihtout a guide if you are used to these types of logic games. But this is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to get the maximum scores out of the Solve game.

  45. Helena

    High-quality confidence inspiring package.


    – Easy to go through videos
    – Easily understandable and hopefully replicable strategies for the games
    – Great Excel tool (only needs a coupe of entries and the rest populates itself)
    – Helpful feedback on my questions


    – Will update next week after my game if it all works out as described

  46. Leo

    I was very pleased with the product and the delivery (book, excel, video). Took a few hours to go through everything together and get familiar with the excel tool for the first game.

  47. nisha

    Accurate description of the games and comprehensible strategies. The videos are very good.

  48. Nur

    The book is jam-packed with reliable advice on the SOLVE GAME. The chapters clearly address each game and break it down into simple steps. The videos are a great add-on too.

  49. Abdulwahab

    I was extremely impressed with how quickly I was able to finish the two games using the strategies outlined in the book. The author does an excellent job of breaking down the game mechanics and providing clear, easy-to-follow instructions for progressing through the steps. One of the things I appreciated most about the book was the attention to detail. Florian clearly has a deep understanding of the games and provides tips and tricks for overcoming specific issues and curveballs that I encountered (my food chain was not a standard one). I also liked that the book was well-organized and easy to navigate, making it easy to find the information I needed. I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone looking to improve their scores and finish the game quickly.

  50. giang

    Well, the price is okay, I ordered the product and there was an instant download and access to all videos. I am completely satisfied with the product itself. The tutorial/steps works and the video can also show you more practically how to deal. All in all great.

  51. omar

    Great manual for the Solve game. It’s like a tutorial that tells you exactly what to do. Impossible to fail with this advice in my humble opinion

  52. Gareth

    This is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to take their mckinsey assessment. The games are interesting and fun to work on with the right tricks and tips that improve your workflow and the strategies to get a good score. I received the notification that I passed soon after.

  53. diego

    I tried reading articles I found about this game online, but quickly failed as none discussed anything in detail. The articles were either too short or a whole bunch of fluff. I also didn’t feel like reading conflicting advice all the time so I bought this guide. It was recommended to me by a friend at McKinsey who did the same assessment last year. I liked it a lot, mainly for four reasons:

    x It saved me a lot of time and confusion
    x The strategies are detailed but simple and work, you just need to apply them
    x The Excel model is a valuable tool for the first game
    x A clarification question was answered within 2 hours via email

    No complaints here!

  54. Cathrina

    I recently purchased the Solve Guide and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the content and the price point of the course.

    The guide is comprehensive and covers all games with a range of strategic approaches and detailed instructions. The writing is clear and easy to understand, and Florien does a great job of explaining the steps. It is well organized and each chapter builds upon the previous one. The book also includes videos to illustrate the points from the book in action, which really helped me to understand how the approcach the games. In addition to the excellent content, the guide also includes a useful excel tool.

    Overall, I would highly recommend it.

  55. Minh

    I think the main value of this book comes from the strategies that you can copy and use for your games. I found each task easy to approach and logical with the guidance from the videos/book and for the ecosystem I applied the excel file flawlessly

  56. Benedict

    Amazing course and a super cool book with which it was easy to play both games. Actually, it is totally untypical for me to write reviews, but I have worked through the entire book, watched the videos, familiarized myself with the Excel and took the PSG within 2 days. And it was even fun to play the games! I created a surviving food chain in 19 minutes and then survived 29, 27, and 45 turns in the plant game. That’s exactly why I’m writing this review now. I am amazed about the value and price.

  57. n.s.d.

    A very understandable book, both with the explanations and the screenshots in the book you can see which steps are to be carried out to get a successful outcome. I finished 10 minutes before the timer would have ended.

  58. Sachin

    In my opinion, this game is a complex endeavor that is not necessarily intuitive. To get the most out of your chance, a comprehensive guide makes sense. Personally, I’ve always done well with such guides, and this one is no exception.

    The book is very well structured and offers a nice introduction. No previous knowledge is needed, you can start from scratch. I like the very high practical orientation as already in the beginning the book tells you where to focus your time and what chapters to prioritize if you are in a hurry (the strategies). The many examples, screenshots, supplementary infos and especially the step-by-step strategies for each game are simple to follow; a great user experience and I can only recommend it. Thank you for help and guidance sir!

    (I can report that I was playing the eco game and the plant defense scenarios)

  59. Maxime

    The book fully meets my expectations. Although there is a lot of beating around the bush in the prep section, there are also good insights that you can take to heart. The actual advice on the strategies is flawless and can be easily integrated and it works.

  60. kamila

    great work with all imaginable scenarios. there are screenshots and strategies and you can get a good picture of the various games (like the pathways of the attackers in the plant defense game with appropriate defense strategies). that alone is enough to be well prepared. a book of absolute quality that is true to the marketing text

  61. Maciej

    Must read if you want to learn the games and strategies. Easy read with interesting tips and clear instructions 😉

  62. Stephane

    Great textbook, short and sweet. All game content was discussed. Recommended purchase!

  63. D.S

    I want to update my review from last week. I took the game now and it was exactly as described in the book and as expected. No surprises and a walk in the park if you follow the plan. Thank you!!!

  64. Norah

    Each step is explained in detail and can be well applied in practice.

  65. René W

    In my opinion, the book is a great help because it teaches the basics and more concrete valuable tips, e.g. how to select the best animal to place at the top of the food chain. These actions and rules that the book recommends are always well justified and explained. The author also gives good advanced tips for the plant defense game, e.g. how to position and combine your defenders and terrain elements. There is a strong emphasis on getting both a good outcome and a solid “process score”. One criticism would be the final chapter, as I think it is a bit too long and not too helpful but the rest of the book is gread and more than enough to pass the games.

  66. mustafa

    very well-described paths to success for the ecosystem and the tower defense, easy to apply for both games!

  67. Antoine

    Absolutely recommended for gaming newbies! I was pretty much a beginner when it comes to computer games and never really played anything when I was younger. I was looking for a clearly understandable book where everything is described in detail …… and I have found it! The book is clearly structured and written in a relaxed and fluid style; it explains all the games and provides you with a detailed step-by-step plan. You can immediately find your way in the real games once they start. I was surprised how quickly it was over as I was so focused on each task…

  68. D.S

    I don’t want to make a final judgment before I have played the game next week but after one read through it reads logically and coherently. I am curious to see what comes out of it.

  69. Abdullah

    Effective guide. It is written from the perspective as someone who goes through the games and that’s why it is very relatable and an easy read with actionable advice. Leaves nothing out

  70. ferdinand

    great knowledge base for the solve game and written in a very engaging way – not dry or theoretical at all but very practical

  71. shaheen

    was recommended to me as the “seminal work” for the imebllus game in class. I agree, it’s a very good source and very detailed

  72. Dimitrios P

    I bought this book for my upcoming Solve game and I think it’s great. It is very detailed, easy to understand, even without much prior knowledge in mobile games or tower defence games. All topics are clear and also illustrated with examples, images, and videos. Therefore, definitely a buy recommendation!

  73. Yvette

    The book is well structured, the sections easy to read and understandable. The only thing that bothered me was the discussion of the other potential games as I have not heard from anyone who took these. It unsettled me a bit to also prepare for different games. But the same games are also discussed in the other guides I bought. It doesn’t detract from the great content on the two “main” games that helped me pass. Thank you!

  74. tamrat

    The book has definitely helped me a lot and brought me further in my gaming skills I did not know I had…

    It comes with a lot of tips and exercises, so you get away from just reading. I would recommend it to all my friends and colleagues.

  75. hoang

    The book is super structured and explains in a simple and detailed way how I can manage to pass the Solve game and what exactly I have to pay attention to get high scores in process and outcome. The book is suitable for anyone who goes through the games. In addition, it also explains in detail what makes mckinsey interviews different and what your tasks are in the interviewer-led format. The book and the supplementary materials have helped me a lot with its numerous tips & tricks, not just for the solve game but also for the interviews that followed

  76. MB

    First of all, I was really positively surprised: really a lot of content on each game and the process, presented in an easily understandable way and served in “easily digestible” bites. Great recommendation especially at that price point you cant go wrong

  77. Emilio

    The guide delivers what it promises! It is a very good guide for anyone who get a great score in the Solve Games. The authors are experienced consultants and very knowledgeable – and you can tell, because their approach is sound and rational! They provide a very comprehensive overview of all relevant games and strategies

  78. Valérian j

    The unofficial book for the Solve game is excellent, in EVERY respect. The book is completely well illustrated with many charts, graphs and in game screenshots and the descriptions make sense and are easy to understand. As for the videos, they supplement the information from the book nicely, 5 stars from me

  79. Haythem

    very comprehensive book, very well done,a real help to such a difficult game

  80. Sugandha R

    The book is as expected very high quality, and is beautifully illustrated with many charts and graphs. However, it should be used together with the videos that are part of this course to fully understand the games and the steps.

  81. İsmayıl

    Great book to practice the most important games and strategies for the Solve (Imbellus), for each game there is a step by step instruction and for the ecosystem there is a excel model to help with your answers. That’s all I wanted 🙂

  82. Wong

    I am convinced by both the structure and content of the book and the accompanying video files! The book definitely motivates me to ace the solve game 😉

  83. monika

    It’s just like I expteced. Helpful, easy read. Mandatory read before taking the Solve games

  84. Knut L

    The Imbellus guide provides comprehensive support for all those who go through this assessment. For gamers and non-gamers this is a reliable source for training and improving their relevant skills. Peppered with many tasks (and diagrams to go with them) and with discussion of general consulting knowledge such as problem-solving, strategic thinking and clarification of the most important aspects of each game with an analysis and step-by-step tutorials, there is a lot of information in this book that made it easy for me to pass.

    I have not seen anything comparable with this level of depth and the price is in my opinion very low compared to what it offers. Of course some things can also be found in other guides (I think I got most of them), but I like especially the practical aspect and depth of this one.

  85. Anat

    clear, comprehensible, well structured; the best of the many solve guides i have “tried”

  86. Birte

    Highly recommended for the Solve Game!

  87. Anonymous

    This guide has saved me twice. I applied almost 2 years ago and took the game, passed it but failed at the interviews. I re-applied two months ago and requested the latest version of the guide via email which I promptly received. In both cases I could totally rely on finding everything I need in the older and new version of the guide. I could see that the games have evolved and so have the strategies and tips in the book. It’s really clearly laid out and understandable, even I understand it 🙂

    I really recommend anyone going through the Imbellus to get it. I give it 5/5 stars, I am incredibly grateful for the help it provided me with or the last two years.

    btw I also got the offer this time around


  88. freya

    In my opinion, the content of the book is great. Everything is explained very clearly with sample steps and solutions and it really overlaps fully with the real games

  89. Emy

    In preparation for my Imbellus test I bought this book. I have already gone through it once and I am thrilled! Firstly good format, secondly good structure starting with the basics, then going into the strategies and examples, test-taking considerations and even more advanced prep tips if you have more time.

    If you ever don’t understand something based on the explanation or the definition, just send an email to the author. He helped me out in less than 30 mintes after I sent my questions, going through the examples step by step and then the explanation again. I believe everything is covered what you need for the Imbellus with this product.

  90. Jasmine

    The book is written in an extraordinarily relaxed manner without losing the focus on what is important for the assessment. As an easy read, one flows virtually from topic to topic, building your strategies and knowledge for the games. It is very well structured and the videos make it all very clear. You can access them easily with the link in the book or the email.

    In addition to the core game topics, there is a lot of additional information, which is also very interesting. I was surprised by the many facts and information about McKinsey interviews that comes in the extra booklet.

  91. Hei

    For video access you have to set up an account during checkout and I paid with ApplePay which apparently skipped the account creation process. Florian helped me quickly by creating an account manually. Thank you for the quick help! The information in the book very helpful! Hei

  92. Saad

    Exceeded my expectations!

    The Imbellus guidebook really contains a lot of useful content. Even topics such as test taking logistics are discussed which I did not think would be important. I also find the different strategies and ways to tackle the games extremely practical. The book helped me not only pass the Imbellus but also the additional booklet about the McKinseys interview style and format helped me adjust my preparation now for the interviews

  93. meng mi

    A very comprehensive book to study for the PSG with all the strategic know-how you need. The nice thing about it is that it comes with an Excel that helps you solve the food pyramid game which is very convenient. In addition, there are some videos to guide you through the games and build on the strategies that are discussed in the book. It helped me feel prepared and make it through the games.

  94. Jonas

    On the whole is a good book with extensive knowledge and even an extension in the form of videos.

  95. Johan

    It seems that recruiting games are now the new trend for MBB. I played the Imbellus at McKinsey, the Pymetrics at BCG and took an online test for Bain. All quite annoying. I am glad I found some shortcuts when preparing for these virtual tests as I wanted to spend most of my time on cases, not learning how to solve logical puzzles. This book on the McKinsey game covers a lot of ground and everything related to each game is explained very well. It is very easy to understand, so that even someone like me who has not played games since a decade can follow easily. It helped me come prepared with the right strategies and made the annoying game somewhat less tedious. Thank god for that!

  96. Mourya A-F

    I love books that get to the point quickly, easily, and efficiently without pointlessly filling pages.

    The book is divided into a few chapters to structure your understanding of the test and the games. The strategies are detailed and the prepartion straightforward; one notices that the author comes from Mckinsey and conducted hundreds of interviews of test takers to write the book. Each strategy is explained concisely and supported with examples.

    With this book you can get the maximum benefit with the minimum time investment needed.

  97. Sándor

    I believe the guide shows you how to stand out among many players and spike in the different evaluation metrics. It does so by providing you simple strategies for each game and principles you should remember while playing. There is also an Excel model to use for the first game and lot of attention on the typical mistakes players make. I think it’s great and believe the strategies made the difference to me passing on to the interview round.

  98. lloyd bg

    easy to understand and many different solutions and pathways for each game.

  99. J

    As a whole, a great book with comprehensive advice and strategies and even an extension in the form of several video explanations and an Excel template to solve the first game. Well worth the money!

  100. Vittoria F

    I bought the guide for the upcoming Solve because it was recommended to me. It turns out to be very informative, clear and very well structured. Before the game, it is advisable to build your strategies on the basis of this book so that you already know how to deal with the games once they start and you can focus on executing. The table of contents helps you find the desired information quickly.

  101. damian

    For me, one if not the best guide for the Solve Game and I believe I purchased most products out there. There is an example for everything, and all steps are broken down for the various games which enables a quick learning experience. If you have more time and want to work on the details, the later sections are super detailed in that regard.

  102. Steve

    Super training book, ideal for preparing for the Solve games. It starts with the basics and anyone who has never played computers games will find the introduction really helpful. What follows are great explanations of the individual strategies. It’s a really good way to prepare for the ecosystem and the plant game. I solved the ecosystem riddle in I think 23 minutes and survived 25 or more turns in every round of the plant game.

  103. Isidor

    Very clear and helpful!
    Great for learning. Really helped me pass and I can recommend it to everyone

  104. Cléo J

    Very good structure. The book has a good size to be read in a couple of hours. If you don’t understand something, you can write an email to the author and you will get a helpful answer and solution. I am satisfied with the book and my result in the game.

  105. chewei

    you can’t go wrong for the price and you are well prepared for the solve game. i found the strategies great for finding the solutions in the eco game and live long in the plant defense

  106. nuraini

    the process went smoothly. instant download and high quality content on the solve game I have not seen elsewhere on my search. very detailed and helped me a lot. exactly what I was looking for.

  107. A U

    Super relevant resource on the Imbellus games. I want to highlight my experience:
    – Covers all I needed and helped me go through the games with a plan successfully
    – I got the normal game version with the ecosystem and the plant – no surprises
    – The strategies are simple and work. I wrote them down on a piece of paper to have in front of me
    – The Excel sheet is useful for collecting your thoughts and testing your approach for the ecosystem, I did not encounter the jungle game
    – In some places the guide is even too detailed especially when you have not a lot of time. It was interesting to read but if you have little time to prepare, just follow the strategies and use the Excel and you should be fine too

  108. Sam

    a great book for learning how take the mkcinsey game. its not a big deal if you know what to do and approach it in a structured way. i did not use any of the exercises just the strategy recommendations for the eco game and the plant defending games

  109. Em

    Saw it, bought it and immediately read it in one go 3 days before I took the test. Applied the strategies with the Excel and passed. I can highly recommend the process with instant download and can vouch for the tips since they worked well for me

  110. b. a.

    The book and the Excel helped me enormously to get a feeling for the tasks and to learn which information I have to pay attention to.

    – I was very anxious for the eco game and there is a lot of stuff going on on the screen and it helped me to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT to-dos. It provided me with a lot of security and confidence.
    – The plant game I found much easier but the tips also helped to find a good starting strategy and what adjustments to make.

  111. Nitra J

    A great guide that helps you really well for taking the the Solve test. I was able to use the Excel template for the underwater world and the food chain was sustainable. That and the strategies for the the plant game helped me. I managed to survive many more turns than needed and passed succesfully. Highly recommended :-))

  112. Peleg

    This guide has summarised and organised all important aspects well. There are also very many helpful tips on the specific games. There were a few unnecessary exercises at the end. I skipped those and focused on the step by step strategies. Overall highly recommended 🙂

    Thanks to this + the McKinsey video academy I was accepted at Mckinsey 🙂

  113. himanshu

    bough version 11….received version 12 a couple of days later for free without asking per emial. great customer service. great guide for the solve game!

  114. martin

    Super cool book that gave me a great start to my mckinsey studies. I worked through the entire book in 2 days. And it was even fun and easy read! That’s exactly why I’m writing this review now. The book contains lots of details and tips about the games. Practicing as recommended gives you a great sense of achievement before playing the actual solve game. I have recommended this guide to all my study buddies currently preparing for mckinsey.

  115. Bernd

    The book is very well structured, first introduces the reader to the game itself, then links the right set of strategies to each game and leads through the test-taking an easy to understand way. A great read before your Solve game. Easy to pass with this tool, no surprises!

  116. Martine

    A must-have for future mckinsey consultants. This book is a very good way to prepare for the upcoming selection procedure. The games described are used in the current version of the Solve and the strategies work. Very detailed and up-to-date.

  117. Kwame O Z

    The sale went great – instant download and video access was important as I had only 2 days to prepare. Value for money is great too and I passed with the strategies from the book. Would gladly buy again!

  118. MAnjree

    Very good strategies and explanations. I went through it in a day, then repeated the strategy section a couple of times to draft my plans for the different game variations. I am happy that I got the standard games without any new tricks and passed. The online video access was also excellent. Thank you

  119. xinyi wang

    Perfect for those who want to make it to the top scorers with tips I did not find anywhere else

  120. Simone

    When I applied for internships last year, I failed several online tests because I was not convincing enough I guess because of being to slow. This year I invested the money for test prep, and invested more time and focused not only on interview prep. The result is that I passed the Imbellus games with this guide and the BCG case with the other guide from here. Some of the games and the questions in the real tests were really identical. If I may give you a tip: Invest in yourself, because that usually comes up far too short! It will pay off.

  121. Kyles

    x Very comprehensive table of contents; so you can find exactly the benefits of each section
    x many practical tips; once you have gone through them, you are really well prepared
    x very comprehensive and better than all the other test guides I bought
    x neatly visualized games and graphics
    x large pages and enough space to make notes and annotations everywhere

  122. Shubhashri

    Ideal as a refresher for gamers since many principles in the games I know from strategy games I play, but also ok for newbies or inexperienced players because it explains all basics also.

    Can be recommended without any reservations

  123. M.G.S.

    When you are sent into the games as an applicant with no knowledge or experience with computer games it is easy to despair and I only had 7 days to study for it.

    This guide quickly helps you organize your preparation and made me an ”effective gamer” with the right strategies. I did not identify any difference in the games I played to what is discussed in it but graphically it looked a bit more modern than some screenshots. Great work.

  124. Edoardo

    The book is a really great and practical expose of the McKinsey Solve!
    I especially like the excel sheet on top of the book , because it helps to find the right food pyramid for the respective ecosystem quickly.
    Many thanks Florian!

  125. ruger a

    As a mckinsey applicant, I came across this book and ordered it immediately.

    Structure & organization
    I find the structure and the division into several chapters appropriate. The overview of the different games also helps to get a quick overview of the different games and variations.

    Description of the games
    The individual games are all structured according to the same pattern. There is a summary with the key facts, a description of the user interface, and a step by step instruction with screenshots on how to play it successfully. All important information about the objectives, the user interface, the preparation, and the strategies are listed in sufficient detail. Where helpful and necessary, further assistance is given in the video section.

    The book is a good and comprehensive reference work on the mckinsey solve games. I have used the book frequently during my preparation and moved to the next round

  126. M

    This book helped me a lot with the planning of my Solve preparation and implementation of pre-prepared strategies during the games, because it provides numerous tips, tricks and suggestions (all of which is a huge time saver). The wealth of information is well structured, clearly laid out with numerous illustrative materials, excellently explained and up to date with current practice examples. I therefore give a clear recommendation on the guidance provided.

  127. J.A

    This guide is very useful, while scenarios presented in the game may vary the logic remains the same. I would recommend it, I used it and progressed to the next round.

  128. Federico K

    I give this game guide 5 stars, because I applied the strategies very successfully. Even for me as a gamer, the book showed me strategies that I didn’t know or think about. It is also very up-to-date and includes different variations of the games while telling you to also think for yourself. Overall, a really good guide!

  129. Leni

    I like to read guidebooks, especially in such important areas when your job offer depends on it.

    Anyway, this book is about practical tips to hack the Solve game: How do I prepare? How do I approach it? What are the hacks to get good scores?

    I think it is helpful above all; if found the games exactly as described and the steps proposed for both to work out. Anyone who wants to get a good score to get an interview with McKinsey will certainly be able to use this guide to their advantage.

  130. Vick

    The book has many good parts, and the authors wrote it well. No use of technical gaming terms and all areas of the games and applied strategies are described realistically and adequately. The authors also made an effort to really didactically enrich the material with the background logic of the games and McKinsey recruitment. For those who want to pass the solve game and have a real insight into the games and the steps, I can recommend it and rate it 5 stars.

  131. miriam

    A very good trainer for the test, with simple strategies for the tricky games. I used it to study and the games and steps were as described.

    Florian was particularly nice. I deleted the files and at my request, he sent it again within 10 minutes. Thank you very much again!

  132. Ali A.B.

    I got the prep book as a recommendation from my university career office and I am very satisfied. The games are very well explained and there are plenty of pointers and detailed instructions on how to ”win”.

    It is precisely because of these detailed instructions that one gets to grips with the subject and understands how to perform well. I made a mistake in the first game, which I quickly resolved, and still passed the game.

  133. Lukáš

    The materials pick you up right at the start of your preparation for the solve game. The book and videos contain good examples to illustrate each topic and game. For the first game itself, I would recommend using the excel template that shows the the exact structure of the food chain and locations. Saved me a _ton_ of time.

    The materials are very helpful in every regard and priced fairly.

  134. aanurag

    I can recommend this book to every McKinsey applicant.

    It helps immensely with playing the games and in understanding the basic principles behind each in a practical course. Everything is explained clearly with pictures in all the smallest details. It is compact and yet detailed enough.

    Also works on iPad and on my phone for on the road.

  135. Jacob

    I really think the guide is great. In particular, I think the integration of the step-by-step methodology is really useful. I am a computer science student (that does not play computer games) and this guide has taught me how to complete the games quickly and successfully. It is well structured one after the other and the individual games are well explained with examples.

  136. Thi Dang

    Helped me a lot in my studies and while playing the complex games. The solutions are being presented in a simplified step-by-step manner that made me succesful.

  137. Björn

    I am familiar with several guides for the solve game. This one convinces through a holistic approach, precise description of the strategies, simple improvement tips and much better price than the rest. I was able to use the methods very well. I wrote down the basics of each game on a paper in addition to the Excel model that was provided and was thus able to get started very quickly and finish early.

  138. cs

    Great price and all included to pass the solve game easily

  139. Jasmin

    – Great content, very detailed and exhaustive
    – Responsive and friendly support
    – I could use the exact strategies as described and finished early

  140. isabella t.

    Recommended! The book and videos contain important how-tos for each game that are explained competently. It reminds me of tutorial books for computer games back when I was a gamer myself. Even gamers will be happy to study those strategies before their assessment. It saved me a lot of time since I knew already what to do when starting the eco-system and the defense games/

  141. Yan

    The 10th edition explains the complex games and how they work under the hood. There is quite a lot to read but the content still flows smoothly.

    The common thread throughout the book is ”How to best ace the Solve game and progress?” There are many examples and different tactics that make you successful in all games(also an Excel template for the food chain game which works well). Such examples give the book a very personal touch and help you understand what to do for each game with the correct steps but also how to think about the problems you need to solve. It helped me pass.

    A detailed introduction to the mckinsey case and pei interviews is a nice addition in the end.

  142. HM

    I prepared for the McKinsey Solve game and this book was really the key to success. I had also used two other book(lets) to study, but this one was the most exhaustive and encountered the same variations of games as are described here. The strategies I could make use of were exactly the same. Highly recommended and also sufficient as the only study book, I would say, also because its quite cheap.

  143. Alva

    Florian has managed to explain the topic in a structured way. Through many examples, explanations and appropriate graphics and videos, I found it engaging and well researched. Another positive aspect is that the examples, screenshots and videos are taken from the real games and are therefore those are easy to navigate when you see them ”for the first time” in the real game.

    The content of the book is divided into three key parts: “Games”, “Preparation” and “Test-taking” in a logical sequence. It is possible to follow the explanations without any previous knowledge.

    I can recommend the book as preparation for the Solve game. The McKinsey interview primer book can also be used as a reference book later on in the process.

  144. david y

    This book is really good, the way it summarises the games, their mechanics and strategies is excellent. I would not know how to pass the games without any tips or concrete plan.

  145. Oleg

    The Solve game made simple.

    This guide looks at the different games from different perspectives, and links the skills needed to practice exercises and detailed strategies (action plans) to go through the games with ease. I am happy to have found it, thus making my life much easier and making the challenging environment of the test (time pressure, pressure to perform) much more relaxed.

  146. B. Weiss

    Many tips, tricks and hints broken down for the different types of games
    Simple and sensible structure of the topics with smart video introductions
    The guide thinks ahead and discusses the way to think about future game variants
    Many well-explained examples
    Excel template for the eco-system


  147. Klaus

    The content is excellent and more comprehensive than any website article or power point website can ever be. I think it’s great that they include lesser-known games and prep tip that go beyond the assessment. The book guided me well through the essentials and specifics of the Solve game.

  148. Sven H.

    Easy to understand, even for non-gamers like me. Instant download and video access and free update to the new version that covers the current version of the solve game. Well done, strategycase!

  149. Nicola

    I wanted to update my previous review but its not possible so I just wanted to say that I passed my Solve game thanks to this guide and I am really thankful about that

  150. joshua

    All good, delivers what it promises and all that for a fair price.

  151. Nicola St.

    Good deep dive in the workings of the solve game many useful tips and strategies. the whole package is written in an understandable way with good examples to clarify the issues. very nice customer support!

  152. ali

    The first time I failed the test last year. For my new chance I bought this course. The information is very relevant and I passed my games. Thank you

  153. claas b

    Especially if you haven’t played computer games for a long time, you’re standing there and don’t know where to start or how to prepare. For this reason, I bought this book as a guide. It describes the complete process from introducing the games to preparation tips, strategies for each game and test taking tips all with the goal to improve your skills and chances for a good score. In the chapters about the game strategies, the book goes into detail about how you should approach each game with a step by step instructions and what you should pay attention to.

    To summarize, I did not know what to expect or how to prepare, but the book helped me a lot by going beyond that by telling me exactly what to do during the games. With its depth and detailed instructions, this book gives you a feeling of security. The primer on mckinsey interviews is also very interesting and I learned a couple of things I did not know that are specific to mckinsey and how I should behave in the interview.

  154. tobias

    I purchased this guide for the McKinsey Solve game two weeks ago.

    The author describes everything so precisely and yet very fluently and easily understandable. I got a lot of input to easily pass the two games and still had 10 minutes left on the clock. After reading this guide, you will certainly no longer be so nervous and will go about it much more relaxed and motivated since you have a clear plan. All the crucial questions about the Solve game are answered in this book and the videos. I did not use the Excel that comes with it since it was easy to solve the ecosystem even without.

  155. raj

    Great book and a must-have when preparing for McKinseys assessment game. It helpe me most to develop my own strategies with the guidance of the book and the excel document before I took the game last week and I just got my confirmation that it was a success. Therefore: use the guidance, play some of the games recommended, and create your approach before you start playing that is the best way to reach your goal.

  156. Jürgen

    Since I don’t play logic games on a daily basis, I wanted to prepare myself as well as possible for the Solve game. The book and videos provide

    – a very detailed guide to the approach of the games
    – practice opportunities and hints

    While I understand that the game is different for every player and the parameters are randomly generated, you can follow the same logical approach for each, remember them (or use the Excel), and apply them. So a clear buy recommendation for all those who need to prepare and whose logic gaming skills need refreshing.

  157. Luciano R

    I bought this prep program because I want to join McKinsey in an expert role. I am in my mid-30s and wanted to be prepared for the Solve game. Applying the strategy provided it was easy.

  158. Li

    Anyone studying with this course should be able to pass the Imbellus test. I think it is a great effort. One star deduced because there is a lot of content to go through.

  159. Grace Ng

    Cannot download guide. It said 0 when I have not yet downloaded it.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Grace,
      Apologies. We had an issue with our servers. I have manually sent you the materials.
      Kind regards,

  160. Damian K

    Phenomenal guide! I was doing a lot of research on the imbellus and talked to a couple of people who took it.

    In the end, I was able to prepare myself better through the tips and experience reports in this book. The different strategies are more structured and translated into clear action plans.

  161. L.B.

    Great book. It taught myself the different ways of approaching the test in about 8 days and refreshed my memories of such games. I successfully passed it last week. A clear recommendation to buy.

  162. Ida

    I bought this course to prepare myself for the Imbellus. Since I don’t play games on a daily basis, I wanted to prepare myself as well as possible for this test. The videos and information from the book helped me a lot with approaching, practicing and understanding.

    The information is excellent, especially the explanations of the strategies and solutions. You can follow the steps logically, remember them, apply them in the games. It’s effective and I beleive it saved me quite some time. Clear buy recommendation for all those who need to prepare and who have little experience with such games.

  163. E. Z.

    When I applied for McKinsey last year, I failed at the interview stage but passed my Imbellus with a previous version of the product. I got another chance this summer and received the updated guide from Florian for free with a lot more details and insights into new strategies, amazing service and I am very grateful for the support.

    With the help of the guide and the Excel this time I passed the Imbellus again and now waiting for the interviews hopefully with a better outcome than last time.

  164. Katya

    I took the Imbellus in May 2021 and prepared for it with this book and finally got my offer last week after two more rounds of interviews. For the game, it is a really good, but demanding read and a good investment to prepare and review the games and strategies.

  165. Annisa

    I bought the Imbellus prep guide as one of the last preparation books and am glad that I went through it again in great detail. Thanks to the detailed information and the Excel sheet, the food chain can be compiled and checked very quickly. For the plant defense, you learn to understand the strategies that I had previously read only in a simplified way. Thus I could work with the strategies more quickly in the game and cleared this round with ease. Conclusion: Amazingly detailed and thoroughly researched content with a fair price!

    1 star deduction because of issues with my password and access to the files (but it was quickly resolved).

  166. Andrzej

    good to prepare. with this preparation you can go into the exam with confidence.

  167. silvio g

    the package is as desribed and the stratgies do the trick. no brainer

  168. Pia

    For the preparation for the Imbellus game I bought 3 products to make sure I don’t miss out on anything.

    1. I have to say that I liked this guide the best of all because of its density of information and specificity of the preparation.
    2. My test was exactly as described in the guide and the strategies recommended helped me to get through it.
    3. Questions were always answered promptly via email.

    I am very satisfied with the product, also since it was the cheapest among all the ones I bought, sometimes by a large margin. That’s also why I’m writing the review, to help people pass the test and save money.

    – Pia

  169. raza

    Very good piece of informatin for studying for the PSG. I took the test already last year and got another chance now and wanted to prepare better this time around also to see what changes were made. I passed it now in my second attempt. Very comprehensive and covers all areas of the PSG.

  170. Ngan Tran

    Hi, I cannot download both the pdf files, only can download the excel file. It said I reached my download limit. Maybe I tried on phone. But I did not successfully download using my email password. So please help me to enable it.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Ngan Tran,
      Please check your emails. You should have access again to the files.
      Kind regards,

  171. N.H.

    Thank you so much for your help. I kinda purchased your Imbellus prep guide last minute as I freaked out about failing and it really helped me prepare for the game in a short amount of time, mostly because I don’t play vidoe or mobile games ever.

  172. Sourav C

    Great preparation aid for the Imbellus. I am completely satisfied with the outcome.

    If you have a few days, focus on the practical part of the book but if you have a bit more time I can recommend to go through the more theoretical sections of the book as I found the information also helpful for my case prep.

  173. OV

    Truly great book and videos, highly recommended. Bot are didactic with explanatory pictures and texts that are very much focused on the key elements of the games. The authors have done a remarkable job to condense a lot of useful information into this format.

    All steps for each game are explained in a very good way and I implemented them immediately once the game started. It felt rather easy and I had maybe 8 to 10 minutes left at the end of the second game. Yesterday I received the notification that I passed and moved to the next round. Would buy again!

  174. hans-peter

    clear recommendations for every game. simple but effective!

  175. Jan

    The book and videos are very helpful. Informative and clearly presented. They contain thorough information of all scenarios and tasks and also tips and hints and strategies that help to solve them. The package has helped me succeed and I did not even use the Excel due to lack of a second laptop. Insane value for money.

  176. Itsuki

    Everything covered with very detailed information and super understandable. Definitely worth the money. I can only advise every mckinsey applicant to buy it.

  177. Giancarlo

    There is no way around it to prepare for the Imbellus. Initially, I only used free online articles and blog posts to prepare, it was a bit of a time waste. You can get through the guide in 1-2 days but I would recommend some time to familiarize yourself with the concepts in more detail and also practice a few days. I had the time to prepare for 2 weeks. If you are time-pressed you should probbaly just focus on the strategies part of the book.

  178. j.g.

    I was looking to prepare for the McKinsey Imbellus as 2 friends failed the game recently and blew their chances. This guide provides excellent explanations in a very detailed fashion on how to approach each game. I found it to be clear and effective in helping me understand all elements and I had a clear game plan combined with the Excel. Very happy with my purchase as it played a major role for me to pass the test. I was invited to the interviews just an hour ago. Thank you for all your help!

  179. carlotta

    It contains a lot of theory, practical strategies, and exercises – Very useful!. After studying, I focused to do the exercises recommended to become familiar with the digital format. For the first game I used the excel sheet provided on a second laptop to work out my food chain and it seems to have worked. Overall this is an extremely good resource that took away some of my fears and made me more confident in my abilitis.

  180. kohen

    Instant download packed with content and insights. the information I found on the web is not enough and that’s why I bought it in addition. the explanations are thorough and clear and the mckinsey guide is a nice add on.

  181. Fatima

    Since forever I had no touchpoints with computer games and I needed the games and exercises from the guide. The screenshots and videos looked just like they did on the game, so it really helped me prepare and know what to expect. I drafted a brief cheatsheet based on the strategies and used the Excel for the eco game and passed with around 8 minutes left. Easer than expected.

  182. İrem Ültanır

    I am having a download limit error, please check my mail titled ‘Urgent Help Needed: Download Limit Error‘. Thank you.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear İrem,
      Fixed and sent you all relevant documents. Apologies.
      Kind regards, Florian

  183. ahmad

    In preparation for the Mckinsey test, I picked up this book to learn what the game is all about. I found the respective information and sections excellent to bring the brain up to speed to thr tasks and to get different approaches and solutions shown. my experience was jsut as described in the book and shown in the videos.

  184. Xueying

    Thank you for providing this useful guide and your clarifications in the email.

  185. Muhammad

    As some one who has no gaming background I am thankful for this guide. The tips and practice helped me pass and I was so worried before the Imbellus and had no second laptop available so I did not use the excel provided but drew some tables on a few pieces of paper before the test

  186. Sebastian

    The package (book, videos, excel) is exactly as stated. Very detailed description of each section of the game, then discusses how to best solve the tasks. After that, it is presented in great detail how to prepare and what other things you need to pay attention to while playing. For the price and the level of detail I can only give full points. Thank you for your product

  187. ines

    great advice. on the whole, i can give it an absolute recommendation. the guide contains all the details and strategy tips that helped me pass both games quite easily.

  188. J. L.

    An incredibly comprehensive book and preparation guide for the Imbellus. I bought two other guides for the test since I wanted to be prepared as best as I can be. There is only one chance after all.

    The book packs a lot of value and not just pictures on close to 100 pages and covers everything from the basics to strategies for each game and it costs like half of the other guides I bought. The content of the book is neatly structured and sections build on each other logically, many real examples and experiences are provided. It offers good exercises and tips on how to prepare, and it stands out with its level of detail by guiding you on every step.

    The videos are a nice addition but for me the strategies + the Excel template worked best to navigate through the games swiftly and successfully. Thanks a lot Strategycase team! Highly recommended!

  189. Farhan

    The guide is very useful and super accurate!
    I suggest you read it a couple of times to really understand each game.

  190. Stella

    Have ordered the guide because of the price and a friend’s recommendation. I was surprised about the level of depth and detail covered for all games + videos + Excel sheets. In short, I can highly recommend Florian’s strategies for eco-system and plant defense games (I did not play the other two games) for several reasons.

    a. The Excel is a good support tool for the first game to enter your food chain as it keeps your approach organized and automatically checks if it works
    b. All games have a detailed step by step approach that was easy to follow and effective
    c. The videos on all games show and describe the gameplay nicely. I think you have an immense advantage when you are able to see the game before really playing it

  191. Fa

    I find it very helpful. It prepared me for the test and I passed the assesment because of this guide.

  192. Hizumi

    Very satisfied with the purchase.

    The guide is long, more than 100 pages on all things Imbellus. It has tons of information, that if you are in a hurry can skip the first section and focus on the strategies and preparation parts. The games seem complicated but with the images and explanations everything is clear.

    The videos are a nice addition. For the first game they help familiarize with the environment and show a working strategy that I used with the Excel. For the second game, they show attack routines, indicate weak points for attackers, and defense strategies against each enemy. There are also images in the book with routes, weak points etc., which help a lot.

    I also liked the McKinsey interview book that I got. It contains good information I have not known before.


  193. Sunil

    the guide and videos were super helpful for my preparation. i applied the recommended strategies and easily passed with some time left on the bar. as for the excel, it was really helpful for the first game. i did not experience any game variation or additional rules as described and the template worked nicely. The sheet is color coded and automatically turns green once one layer of your food chain is sustainable.

  194. Ahmad Alsharawi

    I have just received the email from McKinsey that I have passed the Imbellus test and will be moving forward to the 1st round in interviews! and honestly I couldn’t have done it without the amazing guide. It explains every game in detail and how to approach each one of them, especially the first game, where my strategy was already set days before the game even started!
    It made the test look and feel very easy as you already know the game and what will be tested!
    I advise anyone doing the test to purchase this guide. also, I have to thank Florian for his support and responsiveness to my questions through emails! Well done!

  195. Dominik

    Can’t say anything bad about this product. It contains all the information I needed to pass. The guys were super resposnive to the questions I had per email and I felt they were invested in my success. Florian reached out to me after I passed to ask for feedback for the next update of the product.

  196. Irina

    I failed the game last year and got another chance last week. So I really wanted to prepare myself this time. I had the advantage that I already knew what to expect and it hasn’t changed much since the last time. Nevertheless, I wanted to prepare myself better and therefore, after a little research and a short exchange with Florian, I bought this guide. Although I knew what to do, this product showed me how to do it properly and this time it worked. Happy with my progress and the service provided!

  197. Nicole

    Games are certainly not a favorite of mine and I was never a ‘gamer’. I was dreading this stage of the McKinsey assessments. This resource explains the Imbellus games in a comprehensible way and finds the right balance between a quick read and detailed information about the games in the PDF and video format. But above all it gives a sense of comfort and confidence with the strategies and preparation tips. I started from zero and pretty much nailed the ecosystem game and apparently had a good enough result in the plant defense game to pass overall.

  198. HB

    The pdf is very nicely designed; gives a good introduction, overview and then detailed strategies that are helpful before and during the imbellus. Recommend and would buy again for the strategy part and videos.

    PS: I made some minor changes to the excel and communicated it to the guys to include in the next version.

  199. hassan

    helpful and detailed. a bit long

  200. Paula

    Very helpful and detailed all steps are described including screenshots and strategies. It helped me a lot to quickly find my way around the scenarios. I used the Excel and it was also very helpful for the first game structuring my list and location. In addition, there are many tips for McKinsey and the interviews.

  201. rune

    I ordered the product for the purpose of my Imbellus test. The different games are presented and explained. All questions are answered and the strategies explained very well.

    I found the guides very helpful and have used it to get through the Imbellus. There is a lot of information in the second half of the book on preparation, but for someone who has the Imbellus tomorrow, you need to focus on the first half with the Excel and the gameplay strategies. If you want to go into more detail and read everything in the last section, order a few days before the test.

  202. Christopher

    If you are serious about the Imbellus, I would suggest reading the guide several times and watching the videos. They both complement each other perfectly with the Excel file. Take notes and structure your approach before you play. Keep the notes while you play to follow the strategies. The McKinsey case book is a nice free addition. Great value for money and super content overall.

  203. neysa

    Prepared me well for Imbellus. I got a deep understanding of the games and strategies and had a plan ready. The videos on the games are like the actual games

  204. Johnathan

    This is a must-buy for the Imbellus. The guide and videos were of great help throughout my preparation journey for the game. The strategies worked and I also had a few nice exchanges on consulting careers and McKinsey interviews with the author. Super responsive service and outstanding content!

  205. celine

    the book and videos are fabulous and very detailed. i purchased before xmas and now want to look at the videos again – it says that i am not enrolled in the course. can you please check? order id 15823

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Celine,
      Apologies for the issues, we had a database reset over Christmas. I just enrolled you in the video course again. Please let me know if you have any further questions via

  206. Lukasz

    I can wholeheartedly recommend the materials. There is a ton of screenshots in the guide and the video to explain everything you need to do. I had little time to go through the preparation and upskilling section but the strategies I learned were enough to pass.

  207. daichi

    successfully passed the imbellus and the interviews. the pdf and the the videos contain many great insights and tips. watching the videos is like watching a twitch player go through league of legends strategies. really helpful to prime you for the real games!

  208. Eleonore

    This is the best guide in a consulting context I have ever gotten my hands on. My journey is a bit longer since I applied already five years to most firms. I started in another boutique consultancy and now working on the transition to McKinsey. During that time I always kept up-to-date with the latest recruiting trends to make sure the move to McKinsey would work out at some point. This guide is not only detailed and covered everything I needed during the prep and helped me pre=draft my approach but also the service provided was so kind and always very swift. Florian replied to my question usually in less than 1 hour (and there were many…). Ijust heard back yesterday that I am invited for the next stage and very grateful. Thank you!

  209. x. b.

    Helped me on the way to the offer! The materials in the book are super detailed and everything is thoroughly explained. The videos also helped and are more than a nice-add on. Seeing the screenshots and the strategies definitely helped to pre-frame my approach to both games. I watched them 5x in a row to make sure I got it all. I can highly recommend this as well as the nice customers service by the guys.

  210. George

    The content I was looking for. The PDF and the videos go straight into the details of the Imbellus. The strategies and tips are useful and easy to follow. I prepped for around 5 days. Would definitely recommend to anyone going for their McKinsey assessment soon.

  211. Sahib

    Good guide, good videos, good value for money. Helped me pass because I prepped my solution space as, especially in the eco-system game where I was quite unsure what would happen

  212. zahid

    the guide consists of 90ish pages and packs so much valuable information about Imbellus but also other aspects, which I found helpful for the case interviews and the whole mckinsey interviewing process. I went back and forth sevrel times between the guide and the videos during the preparation (2 weeks). They complement each other well. The prep advice is on point and the strategies worked for me.

  213. katie

    The videos give you a big advantage. my imbellus was exactly as described. i had a lazer focus throughout the game and just employed the predicted strategies.

    merry christmas to you for this amazing work!

  214. Matteo

    A must-have if you are going through the digital assessment, especially in corona times because from home you can really create a nice setup to pass.

    This guide and mostly the videos helped me a lot to pass both games. I had a more complicated version of the ecosystem game as is described in the guide with additional rules on how to structure the food chain. Be careful to read the instruction guys!

  215. Kamil

    Thank you so much for the help and taking extra time to answer all my questions

  216. lee

    now that i have my result after 3 days: fantastic research on the game and its intricacies. very well done on the preparation and test-taking side. i am glad i could do the game and not the old-school numbers test.

  217. ivica

    Next round for me yay. The game was much easier than I thought with the video walkthrough. I had the classic version of the game I think. Thank for the discount also!

  218. P. W.

    Dear future McKinsey consultants,

    if you look for another guide or help in general with the McKinsey-Interviewing process: stop.

    Florian not only wrote with this guide the most comprehensive explanation of the Imbellus Game you can find on the internet, he is also a great support. He is kind, competent and clear.

    Furthermore Florian and his team is interested in your individual situation. I can recommend to reach out to him and book the other programs while the selection process continues. I am sure, he will lead you to an offer.

    All the best!

  219. James

    This was a very useful guide. I only had 4 hours before the test. This guide constituted my entire prep and made all the difference. You do not really need to do a lot of practice, simply read the strategy advice and implement it and also use a bit of common sense.

  220. María

    Perfect guide

  221. Marcus

    Very nice effort. First covers the basics and then the details for each game (ecosystem and plant defense for me) including walk-throughs of what to do at specific points. The video format works well for this and is very clear and structured.

    It did not have time to go fully through the preparation part of the PDF but the game strategies alone were enough for me and I am happy with the purchase and my result!

  222. Sophie

    Taking the Imbellus game was a very intimidating process; the guide and videos walked me through the whole thing and made me feel much more at ease. The example strategies and tips worked great for me since I passed #awesome

  223. Magdalena

    Dear Florian and Daniel,

    I’m writing to express my thanks to your products. I’ve purchased the guidance of Imbellus. It’s exceptionally helpful and I finally passed the assessment! Thank you!

    Thanks and regards,

  224. Ben

    Florian took the time and provided extra guidance and answered some of my questions via WhatsApp. Service is excellent and swift, content as well!

  225. giovanni

    great guide to practice and prepare for the imbellus. very helpful content on every game I encountered with plenty of examples and different strategies. not sure I would’ve passed without this prep material. i did not have to do the imbellus in my mckinsey office but on my own computer.

  226. Jarred

    You did a great job breaking down the games in the videos. Thanks for all your help so far! I look forward to case practice – Jarred

  227. Theodora

    Great content; format could use some improvement.

    The product covers everything I needed to know and the strategies were spot on and worked for me (especially the videos helped). In the end of the test I had quite some time left. I would recommend improving the layout of the written document to make it easier to read.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Theodora, congrats on passing the game!

      Thank you for the nice comment and your feedback. We are planning a new design for the release of v6.
      All the best going forward! 🙂

  228. Oscar

    I didn’t know what to expect from the problem solving game or the types of tasks that I would be asked. I haven’t played computer games since very young age. It was a very intimidating process. The guide tells you a lot how to prepare but the videos helped me most to familiarize with the tasks and understand the strategies how to do it.

  229. Juan Tomás Gómez

    Hi. Whilst the guide is very good, I can’t download the excel spreadsheet and so I cant modify it. I introduced the first password, but it then asks me for a second password in order to be able to download and modify the document. Where can I find this password?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Juan, I am happy that the guide proved useful to you!

      Could you please contact us at for the Excel spreadsheet and elaborate a bit more? There is no spreadsheet in the product, but three things
      – the McKinsey PSG Guide
      – 3 videos
      – an intro guide to case interviews and next steps after the PSG

      The password to open the guides has been sent to your email address + the videos you can watch with the login that you created during checkout.

  230. Christoph H

    I am reviewing version 4.1 of the guidebook. The information is simple and to the point with useful tips and clear directions regarding the strategies and the gameplay. I applied them as instructed and found the two games rather easy and finished early

  231. Marta

    Dear team, your guide and help was instrumental for me to pass the imbellus. thank you for your kindness along the way. Marta

  232. renato

    Thank you so much for your support. At first I didnt find any legit information on the psg and was stressed. With your guide and our conversation I managed to get it right and i am so happy abt passing it.

  233. Veronika

    This guide provides great all-rounded insights into DA, and gives some hints that I could not find in publicly available articles or videos on DA and specific advice on how to tackle the game. I had some time before taking the actual assessment to internalize the advise given, but I think the guide will be equally useful for someone who is only planning to take the assessment in the future and someone who is taking it in the next 7 days. Definitely recommended, I passed DA 🙂

  234. paul

    A lot to read and understand in the document – I practice and I recieved the confirmation for interviews from mckinsey in one day.

  235. lowell

    I studied the book and the tips to prepare for 2 weeks and passed the Imbellus test yesterday. The games are very much like they are described here. The follow-up call was nice and Florian answered other questions I had about McKinsey interviews.

  236. a.kristall

    Excited to study from this guide. But is there a way I can print it?

    Am prompted to enter a password to unlock printing of the file. Typed in the email address I used to purchase the booklet, but that doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated!

    • StrategyCase

      Hello, thank you for your purchase. Please check your email. All the best!

  237. Ayman

    I have no gaming background and did not play computer or browser games so I was worried when I got my invitation to complete the mckinsey game within 7 days. The booklet gave me a good overview of the basics of the game and what to learn and prepare beforehand. I practiced what it recommends for 5 days straight and prepared some notes and papers before as instructed in the guide. Especially the later part helped me to cut down the time needed in the food chain game. I got the confirmation that I passed after 3 days.

  238. Sam

    I could prepare thoroughly with this guide and I performed very well during the real test, which I could take from home due to COVID. The guys were super responsive and answered my (many) questions before and after the game. I am considering also doing a case interview training with them once Mckinsey gets back with a date for my interview.

  239. Alex

    The guide didn’t help me much. It is also expensive for its length.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Alex, I am sorry to hear. We reached out via email to understand your feedback better.

  240. Simon

    The guide was amazing. The section on how to work on the specific skills is great but you need a lot of time to implement.

    The sections on how the game works and the last part on tips to approach the game help you even on short notice. There is no way i could’ve been as prepared for it if i hadn’t bought the guide. If you do buy it, be sure to CAREFULLY read the last part!

    I’m still waiting for the results, but I think i did well, thanks!

  241. N

    I still need to see it again to prepare. Could I open it again?

    • StrategyCase

      Please send an email with your order ID to I cannot identify ‘N’ 🙂

  242. Fabián

    Hey! I sent you guys an email: “McKinsey Digital Assesment guide questions”, I’d really appreciate it if you took a look at it.

    Thanks in advance

    • StrategyCase

      Answered 🙂

  243. Alla Nikonova

    Hello! I haven’t received pass by email. Order 8514

    • StrategyCase

      Hi Alla, as already written per email: The password to open your file IS your email address. Since we resolved this already via email I am closing your request. Please let me know if we can help you with anything else @

  244. Yana Romanova

    The guide is a great prep tool, especially since no info is available online. It saves you time searching for info on the internet and instead brings you directly to preparation. Florian is also very friendly and even when I had an issue with downloading the guide late at night was able to help out immediately.

  245. Adolfo

    I bought this guide 2 days before to take this game and was really good. Cant believe it , I passed and now i will have interviews.

  246. Anna Kim


    I have just purchased the guide, but did not receive any email with a download link. how long does it usually takes?

    Thank you.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Anna, The download link appears on the page that follows right after the payment went through AND is also sent to you via email from I have emailed your file now just to be sure. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions please.

  247. Greg

    Awesome content!!

  248. D.

    The game worked out well for me. Thank you for the guidance and short-term support. Now I am on hold for the interviews due to the corona crisis 🙁 I will contact you again once I know more about my situation.

  249. Isabel

    The email they send does not mention that the book can only be extracted to a device. Nor do they mention that it doesn’t allow you to read in the iphone application (in pdf). Now the site tells me that I’ve already downloaded it and I don’t have any copies.

    My assessment is in 2 days and it is very important to give me an answer in useful time. You should have this information somewhere. When I buy a book I can do a complete download of it!

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Isabel, Apologies for the technical difficulties you have faced. I am not sure what happened but the book can be moved freely between devices. Just use your personal password created for you to open it on any device. I have sent you a new file in case your downloaded file was corrupted somehow.

  250. Ridhi

    Too costly.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Ridhi,
      Upon checking, we never received an order under your name or email address. Obviously, it is up to you to define how much value you see in a product like this. However, we think it is not fair to comment on or rate a product you have never purchased, nor seen. We invested and continue to invest a significant amount of time and resources into the development of the guide and made it possible for candidates – very quickly after the launch of the test – to prepare for the test and, hence, increase their chances to land an offer with McKinsey, something that many strived towards for years. There is not a lot of useful information out there on the Imbellus test and the feedback we receive on our guide is very promising, especially with regard to the pass-rate of candidates that used the methods we teach. If you have any other questions regarding the guide or case interview preparation, talk to us at That being said, if there are circumstances that make it difficult for you to afford the guide or any other service of ours, we are happy to discuss and offer discounts to fit your needs!

  251. Oscar

    Without truly reveling how the assessment was, I was able to capitalize on my cognitive skills with their recommendations. I aced the test and ultimately got an offer after 2 rounds of case interviews. I was mostly scared of the imbellus for i did not know how to prepare, but as I said, this guide tells you whats skills are test and how to improve them with different exercises!

  252. toshio

    the two test game is hard and is very difficult because of little time but i think the guide is a good resorce to the issue of the test – i like the strategies because i had planned in my mind before the game what to do.

  253. Damian

    Glad that I could take the imbellus test from home. I used the guide and did some of the preparation work. For the test I drafted some strategies in advance which made it much easier I think. I waited 9 days for my result but am glad to say that I passed. The contact was quick to answer some additional question I had.

  254. eve

    I just purchased the guide and I didn’t receive any mail with my password.
    Could I get some updates about this situation?
    Thank you very much

    • StrategyCase

      Hi Eve, thanks for your purchase! The password IS your email address. Since we resolved this already via email I am closing your request. Please let me know if we can help you with anything else @ 🙂

  255. Adam

    The content is very detailed and I think I got a good understanding of the two games now, how to approach them etc. though I don’t understand why the price increased over night. I looked at it yesterday and did not buy. Today it was 5 dollars more expensive

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Adam, thank you for your purchase and your positive feedback on the product. Regarding the price change, please be aware that today you purchased an updated and extended version of our digital assessment guide. We regularly update the guide based on our users’ feedback while keeping the same price. For the new version you purchased, we included some major updates and extensions to reflect the current version of the test. As a result, we increased the price slightly while still offering a discount for early customers. If you have more concerns regarding the product or other questions, please contact us at We are happy to help you out!

  256. Denis Feoktistov

    Definitely recommend the guide since there is not much information available about the test. I had one week before the test date and it was enough to get prepared. There are good tips and short cuts so you will know what to expect from the assessment. As a result, I completed the test on time and was confident that I passed it which was confirmed next day. I am very happy that such a guide exists and I could find it. Otherwise, I think I wouldn’t pass the test because you wouldn’t have any anticipation of what you will encounter and therefore you will waste time for preparing the strategy first, think what to do and how but you don’t have time for this at the test. You better prepare it before the test. During the limited time at the test you have to be clear what to do and how. If you want to get into McK, use the guide, you have only one chance and then ban for 2 years, if not successful with the assessment.

  257. olga

    well written and informative –> helped increase my speed and awareness in the games

  258. Luca

    I purchased this preparation pack two days before my test deadline. It was tight but with the help of the materials I created a strategy and knew what I had to expect. This made it easier for me compared to my colleagues who did not prepare to find my way especially in the first game.

  259. Hamza

    I found this guide be useful for the digital test but also for the case interview preparation – the part about meta skills. It has a good value for money and I can give my recommendation

  260. joana

    best resource I could find, easy purchase and download. my tip on top is to start preparing early for the digital case, not just when you receive the invitation. the doc was sufficient for my prep and I moved to the interviews. my feedback would be to cover the test in even more detail but I heard from the team that this is coming soon. they are responsive and quick.

  261. zelei wu

    easy to follow and apply for the test

  262. Jean-Charles

    Excellent prep support. I was surprised when I got the invite for the Imbellus game since I was expecting the problem solving test that i already started prepping for. I quickly found this guide, practices and applied the test taking strategies. Worked for me 🙂

  263. anastasia

    i took the test and the materials were valuable assistance for my preparation and I had a test-taking strategy ready. the support by the team was very fast.

  264. Paulo B

    Considering there is no information about the assessment online, this guide is very very helpful. Obrigado strategycase team

  265. francesco

    top insights, checks out for the real test

  266. Lee Y.

    Solid booklet for the game

  267. Aaron

    Very detailed info and vital for prepping. I had to take my test yesterday and the materials were on point!

  268. Toby

    I have to say the booklet is excellent and I recommend it to everyone who is preparing for the Imbellus test. For me the most useful parts are the explanations of the scenarios and types of games and the preparation advice since it helps you to practice and understand the assessment.

  269. Pierre

    The book is good. I bought it 2 days ago and received an updated version this morning so the customer service is really good. There are not so many materials to prepare so I am glad I found it. Overall I am happy with it.

  270. Ondrej

    Well worth it!

  271. a.b.

    I am very pleased with the preparation and my result of the imbellus test

  272. Ricardo

    Thanks team! I found the guide to contain comprehensive information I could not find anywhere else. I felt quite confident going into the test.

  273. Igor

    Good stuff but I wish I had more than 6 days to prepare for the test

  274. monica

    excellent examples and exercises that really helped me prepare for the DA. nice customer service too!

  275. Eugene

    I paid, and I couldn’t find a download portal. It’s not in my email. I could find the guide. Could anyone tell me where to find it?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Eugene, Apologies for the delay! We are handling a very high number of orders at the moment and just sent out your personalized guide with a ~2hr delay (as stated on the product website)! Thanks for your purchase. If you have any more questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you immediately.

  276. Carol

    Bought the document 5 days before the deadline of the digitized assessment and it really helped me to collect my thoughts and tailor a prep strategy.

  277. Niccolo

    Good material but you need time to learn and implement.

  278. NN

    The information is good and some tips to prepare are smart. Although it takes time to prepare everything for the test, so I would recommend downloading the guide before you get the invitation to the digital assessment to have a little more lead time. The part about the test taking is useful, even on short notice.

  279. A.G.

    The content is excellent and very helpful. I had some open questions which were promptly answered via email.

  280. Joao

    This guide is more than a primer and contains a lot of information which I found useful in the greater context of my application. It is hard to say whether or not I passed the digitized test because of it but it definitely made me feel more comfortable in the process.

  281. Z.

    A good starting point for me. I know now what to expect and how to prepare. You have to put in the work to benefit from the exercises.

  282. David

    Nice one. I am glad to have found this guide and tips since I could not find much information on the web. I especially like the part discussing the different approaches to prepare. Some of it is very creative. I will definitely make use of it in the coming days.

  283. Mira M.

    I used a very early version of this guide and passed the digital assessment. It’s a bit experimental but for that price definitely worth it. I think the main benefit is to learn about the cognitive abilities the test focuses on and how I could improve them. The exercises are very actionable and practical. Some of the information is also applicable to the case interviews.

  284. vicky

    I was on the wait list for the product to be finished and finally got it yesterday. The guide is really helpful and often makes the connection of how the skills needed for the digital test are very much similar to the ones for the case interviews. So I would say it actually benefits me also for the case interview preparation. I had some issues w delivery, but it got resolved quickly.

  285. Sanur

    I was surprised to find a guide on the assessment online since to my understanding the digital game is quite new. I am happy with the purchase. The content is just as advertised and you can take a lot of learnings from the last two sections (the main part about the preparation, exercises and test taking strategies).

  286. Brian

    Super helpful and out-of-the-box.

  287. jessica

    I got in touch with the team before my assessment game two weeks ago and they sent me a draft version immediately. i studied with the guide 2 days before the assessment and set everything up before i took the test from home. apparently i passed it because i received the invitation to the interviews last week. i am happy i found this page and would recommend you guys to check out the guide, it was already very comprehensive in the draft version and made a big difference for me as to what to expect and how to prepare

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