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McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide

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Be among the first candidates to prepare and maximize your chances to pass the McKinsey Digital Assessment!

Getting into McKinsey is tough. In fact, according to Forbes, McKinsey is the toughest firm to get into. A staggering 99% of consulting applicants fail in the recruiting process. And now, the Firm has developed another challenge for aspiring consultants. McKinsey is currently rolling out a new gamified, digital assessment to replace the older Problem Solving Test. We have discussed this tool in some detail here.

McKinsey itself keeps any information that could prime applicants out of the public. Candidates receive very little information about the test in their invitations. In fact, the Firm’s advice is not to prepare at all. Test takers we have spoken to told us that they had no idea how to prepare or how well they fared with their approach and solutions.

In the context of McKinsey applications, you do not want to let anything be decided by chance. With the introduction of this new test, initial scores and the threshold needed to move on to the case interviews will be low. Over time, as with any assessment, we expect score inflation as more and more candidates learn about the assessment and prepare accordingly.

Let’s turn the odds in your favor! The McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide by is designed to help you prepare and ace the test at this early stage. Our goal is to give you an edge over other applicants taking the McKinsey Problem Solving Game. Hence, we dug into the mechanics of the test and pulled our sources. Since launching the guide in November 2019, we have constantly refined the content. Over the last 2 months alone, we talked to more than 50 test-takers from all geographies as well as several game design experts and researchers to bring you the latest insights and test-taking strategies.

By following the strategies for each game, the research-backed recommendations and exercises in this guide, you will feel more confident when taking the test and significantly increase your performance (as confirmed by our customers from more than 40 countries).

In detail, the 42-page guide covers

  • The context of the Digital Assessment
  • The type of tasks and scenarios you can expect in great detail (what you need to do, how they look like, how they are structured, gameplay mechanics)
  • How you should prepare for the core skills that are being assessed including research-backed approaches, actionable exercises, and links to further free-of-charge-resources to train your skills
  • How you should take the test and test-taking strategies to ensure high scores
  • The guide is constantly updated with feedback from recent test-takers. The current version is v2.2
  • If you have passed your McKinsey Digital Assessment and want to prepare for the case interviews, contact us for a 20% discount code on our McKinsey case interview coaching at

Currently, we are selling the guide at 20% off for early customers.

You can now download the guide instantly after purchase. The password is the email address you enter during the purchase.

40 reviews for McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide

  1. jessica

    I got in touch with the team before my assessment game two weeks ago and they sent me a draft version immediately. i studied with the guide 2 days before the assessment and set everything up before i took the test from home. apparently i passed it because i received the invitation to the interviews last week. i am happy i found this page and would recommend you guys to check out the guide, it was already very comprehensive in the draft version and made a big difference for me as to what to expect and how to prepare

  2. Brian

    Super helpful and out-of-the-box.

  3. Sanur

    I was surprised to find a guide on the assessment online since to my understanding the digital game is quite new. I am happy with the purchase. The content is just as advertised and you can take a lot of learnings from the last two sections (the main part about the preparation, exercises and test taking strategies).

  4. vicky

    I was on the wait list for the product to be finished and finally got it yesterday. The guide is really helpful and often makes the connection of how the skills needed for the digital test are very much similar to the ones for the case interviews. So I would say it actually benefits me also for the case interview preparation. I had some issues w delivery, but it got resolved quickly.

  5. David

    Nice one. I am glad to have found this guide since I could not find much information on the web. I especially like the part discussing the different approaches to prepare. Some of it is very creative. I will definitely make use of it in the coming days.

  6. Mira M.

    I used an early version of this guide and passed the digital assessment. It’s a bit experimental but for that price definitely worth it. I think the main benefit is to learn about the cognitive abilities the test focuses on and how I could improve them. The exercises are very actionable and practical. Some of the information is also applicable to the case interviews.

  7. Z.

    A good starting point. I know now what to expect and how to prepare. You have to put in the work to benefit from the exercises.

  8. Joao

    This guide is more than a primer and contains a lot of information which I found useful in the greater context of my application. It is hard to say whether or not I passed the digitized test because of it but it definitely made me feel more comfortable in the process.

  9. A.G.

    The content is excellent and very helpful. I had some open questions which were promptly answered via email.

  10. NN

    The information is good and some tips to prepare are smart. Although it takes time to prepare everything for the test, so I would recommend downloading the guide before you get the invitation to the digital assessment to have a little more lead time. The part about the test taking is useful, even on short notice.

  11. Niccolo

    Good material but you need time to learn and implement.

  12. Carol

    Bought the document 5 days before the deadline of the digitized assessment and it really helped me to collect my thoughts and tailor a prep strategy.

  13. Eugene

    I paid, and I couldn’t find a download portal. It’s not in my email. I could find the guide. Could anyone tell me where to find it?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Eugene, Apologies for the delay! We are handling a very high number of orders at the moment and just sent out your personalized guide with a ~2hr delay (as stated on the product website)! Thanks for your purchase. If you have any more questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you immediately.

  14. monica

    excellent examples and exercises that really helped me prepare for the DA. nice customer service too!

  15. Igor

    Good stuff but I wish I had more than 6 days to prepare for the test

  16. Ricardo

    Thanks team! I found the guide to contain comprehensive information I could not find anywhere else. I felt quite confident going into the test.

  17. a.b.

    I am very pleased with the preparation and my result of the imbellus test

  18. Ondrej

    Well worth it!

  19. Pierre

    The book is good. I bought it 2 days ago and received an updated version this morning so the customer service is really good. There are not so many materials to prepare so I am glad I found it. Overall I am happy with it.

  20. Toby

    I have to say the booklet is excellent and I recommend it to everyone who is preparing for the Imbellus test. For me the most useful parts are the explanations of the scenarios and types of games and the preparation advice since it helps you to practice and understand the assessment.

  21. Aaron

    Very detailed info and vital for prepping. I had to take my test yesterday and the materials were on point!

  22. Lee Y.

    Solid booklet for the game

  23. francesco

    top insights, checks out for the real test

  24. Paulo B

    Considering there is no information about the assessment online, this guide is very very helpful. Obrigado strategycase team

  25. anastasia

    i took the test and the materials were valuable assistance for my preparation and I had a test-taking strategy ready. the support by the team was very fast.

  26. Jean-Charles

    Excellent prep support. I was surprised when I got the invite for the Imbellus game since I was expecting the problem solving test that i already started prepping for. I quickly found this guide, practices and applied the test taking strategies. Worked for me 🙂

  27. zelei wu

    easy to follow and apply for the test

  28. joana

    best resource I could find, easy purchase and download. my tip on top is to start preparing early for the digital case, not just when you receive the invitation. the doc was sufficient for my prep and I moved to the interviews. my feedback would be to cover the test in even more detail but I heard from the team that this is coming soon. they are responsive and quick.

  29. Hamza

    I found this guide be useful for the digital test but also for the case interview preparation – the part about meta skills. It has a good value for money and I can give my recommendation

  30. Luca

    I purchased this preparation pack two days before my test deadline. It was tight but with the help of the materials I created a strategy and knew what I had to expect. This made it easier for me compared to my colleagues who did not prepare to find my way especially in the first game.

  31. olga

    well written and informative –> helped increase my speed and awareness in the games

  32. Denis Feoktistov

    Definitely recommend the guide since there is not much information available about the test. I had one week before the test date and it was enough to get prepared. There are good tips and short cuts so you will know what to expect from the assessment. As a result, I completed the test on time and was confident that I passed it which was confirmed next day. I am very happy that such a guide exists and I could find it. Otherwise, I think I wouldn’t pass the test because you wouldn’t have any anticipation of what you will encounter and therefore you will waste time for preparing the strategy first, think what to do and how but you don’t have time for this at the test. You better prepare it before the test. During the limited time at the test you have to be clear what to do and how. If you want to get into McK, use the guide, you have only one chance and then ban for 2 years, if not successful with the assessment.

  33. Adam

    The content is very detailed and I think I got a good understanding of the two games now, how to approach them etc. though I don’t understand why the price increased over night. I looked at it yesterday and did not buy. Today it was 5 dollars more expensive

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Adam, thank you for your purchase and your positive feedback on the product. Regarding the price change, please be aware that today you purchased an updated and extended version of our digital assessment guide. We regularly update the guide based on our users’ feedback while keeping the same price. For the new version you purchased, we included some major updates and extensions to reflect the current version of the test. As a result, we increased the price slightly while still offering a discount for early customers. If you have more concerns regarding the product or other questions, please contact us at We are happy to help you out!

  34. eve

    I just purchased the guide and I didn’t receive any mail with my password.
    Could I get some updates about this situation?
    Thank you very much

    • StrategyCase

      Hi Eve, thanks for your purchase! The password IS your email address. Since we resolved this already via email I am closing your request. Please let me know if we can help you with anything else @ 🙂

  35. Damian

    Glad that I could take the imbellus test from home. I used the guide and did some of the preparation work. For the test I drafted some strategies in advance which made it much easier I think. I waited 9 days for my result but am glad to say that I passed. The contact was quick to answer some additional question I had.

  36. toshio

    the two test game is hard and is very difficult because of little time but i think the guide is a good resorce to the issue of the test – i like the strategies because i had planned in my mind before the game what to do.

  37. Oscar

    Without truly reveling how the assessment was, I was able to capitalize on my cognitive skills with their recommendations. I aced the test and ultimately got an offer after 2 rounds of case interviews. I was mostly scared of the imbellus for i did not know how to prepare, but as I said, this guide tells you whats skills are test and how to improve them with different exercises!

  38. Ridhi

    Too costly.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Ridhi,
      Upon checking, we never received an order under your name or email address. Obviously, it is up to you to define how much value you see in a product like this. However, we think it is not fair to comment on or rate a product you have never purchased, nor seen. We invested and continue to invest a significant amount of time and resources into the development of the guide and made it possible for candidates – very quickly after the launch of the test – to prepare for the test and, hence, increase their chances to land an offer with McKinsey, something that many strived towards for years. There is not a lot of useful information out there on the Imbellus test and the feedback we receive on our guide is very promising, especially with regard to the pass-rate of candidates that used the methods we teach. If you have any other questions regarding the guide or case interview preparation, talk to us at That being said, if there are circumstances that make it difficult for you to afford the guide or any other service of ours, we are happy to discuss and offer discounts to fit your needs!

  39. Isabel

    The email they send does not mention that the book can only be extracted to a device. Nor do they mention that it doesn’t allow you to read in the iphone application (in pdf). Now the site tells me that I’ve already downloaded it and I don’t have any copies.

    My assessment is in 2 days and it is very important to give me an answer in useful time. You should have this information somewhere. When I buy a book I can do a complete download of it!

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Isabel, Apologies for the technical difficulties you have faced. I am not sure what happened but the book can be moved freely between devices. Just use your personal password created for you to open it on any device. I have sent you a new file in case your downloaded file was corrupted somehow.

  40. D.

    The game worked out well for me. Thank you for the guidance and short-term support. Now I am on hold for the interviews due to the corona crisis 🙁 I will contact you again once I know more about my situation.

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