Bain SOVA Guide incl. 560+ Practice Questions


Bain SOVA Guide incl. 560+ Practice Questions

(21 customer reviews)


Unlock Bain Assessment Success with Our Comprehensive Guide & Question Bank!

🌟 Your Complete Bain Prep Tool: Tackle the exhaustive Bain assessment suite with confidence using our 110-page guide paired with a 560+ practice question bank. Whether it’s the Bain SOVA, Business Case, Pymetrics, Analytics Test, or the one-way video interview—our meticulously crafted materials are your secret weapon.

📘 In-Depth Insights & Strategies: Our guide is your roadmap to the Bain assessment, offering:

  • Contextual understanding of each assessment type.
  • Clarity on various question types and strategies to tackle each of them.
  • Powerful preparation plans, tools, and exercises to bolster your analytics, verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning prowess.
  • Tips to not fall into the typical traps and pitfalls of each test.
  • Essential math tricks to improve your logic and multiply your calculation speed.
  • Mental training exercises, amplifying your test-taking efficiency.
  • Tailored test-taking plans, habits, and question-specific strategies.

🔄 Continuously Updated & Relevant: Feedback-driven, our guide is perpetually refined to stay cutting-edge. You’re accessing version v4, curated from insights as recent as December 2023. Whenever we see changes in the current testing format, we adjust our preparation materials.

🔒 Instant & Secure Access: You gain immediate entry to our guide and online question bank upon purchase.

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Set the Standard in Bain Assessments: With genuine insights, real-world practice, and strategy-driven guidance, stand out in your Bain application and embrace the challenge!


Bain SOVA Guide by

Aspiring to join Bain? Allow to support your journey. We present the Bain SOVA Guide, designed to bolster your preparation and give you a competitive edge.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Content: Our 110-page Bain SOVA Guide provides a deep dive into crucial areas, from numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning to chart analysis techniques and math shortcuts. We even cover the personality test section of the SOVA. Every detail is considered to give you a well-rounded preparation.
  • Efficient Prep Strategies: Time is of the essence in consulting interview preparation and we want you to put the focus on where it matters most.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Our guide offers techniques to enhance accuracy while optimizing speed, ensuring you’re equipped to answer promptly and correctly. Put these tricks to the test with 560+ practice questions. Test yourself in real scenarios, refine your approach, and identify areas of growth.
  • Stay Updated: Consulting recruiting is an ever-evolving field. Our 1-year free update guarantee ensures you’re always equipped with the latest insights and strategies.
  • Personalized Support: Recognizing each candidate’s unique journey, our dedicated team is ready to offer tailored assistance, making your preparation seamless.
  • Exclusive Additions: Dive into insights on other Bain assessments, including Pymetrics, video interviews, and analytical tests. We’ve ensured comprehensive coverage for every stage of your assessment.

Forge your path to Bain with the Bain SOVA Guide by It’s more than a study guide; it’s a strategic advantage in your preparation journey.

21 reviews for Bain SOVA Guide incl. 560+ Practice Questions

  1. Charlie

    Not worth the money, I took the SOVA today and it was SUBSTANTIALLY more difficult than what this guide had prepared me for. Numerical section of the guide is particularly dissimilar to the SOVA, with no graph, chart or table questions included in the guide.

    • Florian

      Dear Charlie,

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I will reach out to understand better more about your case and location.

      We published a major update to the guide three months ago based on previous test taker feedback to incorporate all segments and information that is needed to pass. Since this update, the feedback and data we collected from our customers was in line with our content and expectations (not just for the guide but also for the practice questions).

      We’ll make sure to adjust this if needed over the coming days and weeks again.

      Kind regards,
      Florian and the team from

      • Florian

        I am happy to announce that we have adjusted the guide and practice materials over the last couple of weeks based on the feedback we collected in October and November. The new guide (version 4) is fully applicable for the updated SOVA and we have also added 60 practice questions to reflect the changes properly.

  2. Alejandra

    Indispensable for independent study! It is a really nice course and working through the exercises is kinda fun. Some parts reminded me of the GMAT others are either more personality focused or business centric.

  3. Xiaofeng

    The book is written very informative and the tricks are easy to implement, very very useful. I have already tried some practice exercises, found some of the them too easy but there are many more difficult ones that make up for it.

  4. Linh

    Perfect for the Sova assessment. Was very helpful in the preparation

  5. Mohsin

    Recently went through the process and found this course helpful to structure my approach and learning for the Bain test. There were no surprises for me in the actual test.

  6. Aleeya

    Very thorough with plenty of practice – can recommend it

  7. Omer

    I would recommend the course for mainly two reasons:

    1. Very detailed yet practical: It focuses on the biggest performance enhancers in a clear and concise way e.g., a strategy for every question, tricks and shortcuts, mistakes to avoid. The checklists are useful for tackling the different questions of the SOVA with a sense of direction and focus
    2. Enough practice questions from easy to hard: I was not even able to go through all sample question sets but I enjoyed doing them and the added timer for each set is great to practice under stress

    Overall a great resource for the Bain Sova

  8. Kumar

    Very extensive with a lot of difficult sample tests and questions. I like how the guidebook breaks down each question format and shows you an approach kind of a checklist and warns you of the most common errors and traps these tests contain. It’s a lot of pattern recognition you can train with practice.

  9. Michael

    Thank you for offering this great guide for free.

  10. salvatore

    thank you so much for working on this and providing such a great resource

  11. Sumedha

    The resource only provides links to external free practice websites with a few tips that are already available online. Please do not buy this.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Sumedha,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I would like to know about your experience in more detail.

      Out of the roughly 90 pages of this guide, there is one page in total that consists of links to curated and free external practice resources (if you would add all links up together since they are spread out throughout the document).

      We are aware that some other websites have taken part of the content from this guide and published it in the form of articles, however, this is not something we can control, nor is any free article out there as detailed or comprehensive (covering ALL Bain assessments at once) as this guide, which took us several weeks of research, interviews, and writing as well as continuous update cycles based on user feedback. You can see what the guide contains in the table of contents before you buy it and we stand by that.

      Looking forward to hearing more about your experience at and resolving this.

      Kind regards,

  12. Sarah

    I can highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to practice for Bain tests and interviews on their own. I have been using the other guides for McKinsey and BCG from here also and I believe they are slightly better and more focused because they cover one specific rather than all different kinds of potential tests. I guess this is because Bain has a less standardized process in different countries.

    Nonetheless I am very satisfied as the guide takes into account all different kinds of tests and with the help of the detailed explanations and prep/practice tips you can make quick progress.

  13. Aaron

    Not worth the money

  14. Marvin

    I find this book very well thought out, as many theoretical concepts are linked to practical examples. It covers so much ground which is not just helpful for the tests but also for your case interview preparation. Had a lot of aha moments going through it

  15. robyn silva

    Found this by accident. Great practical exercises and tips!

  16. Eric

    This book covers all types of Bain assessments, I only needed it for the SOVA-like test so I can’t comment on the other parts. The SOVA is explained really well how to plan your preparation what to do during the prep and how to approach the test day. Once started, I read the whole book in one go. Great resource

  17. Tianzan h

    When I was about to send my Bain application, I was looking for valuable tips on how to go through their screening. I came across an article on the SOVA on this website and was convinced to try out the product.

    The author is great at getting across the most important points. I personally took some of the tips to heart and consulted them again and again as I was working on my preparation and skill building, especially just before I took the test. In my opinion, this book offers clear added value for every career starter, but also for experienced professionals, who have some experience with hiring tests.

  18. Sasha

    The book provides a good view of the Bain entry tests and the explanations for each test are easy to understand. It helped me steer my preparation succesfully. A very good reference book for applicants.

  19. abinesh

    Comes with personal service and support. Did not expect the level of follow-up and care.

    Thank you for your kindness.

  20. charlie

    The book contains all the common tests for the Bain pre-screening and is well suited for getting a feel for them and how to approach them. It is very helpful and hopefully will help me pass. Everything is well explained and it has many tasks and tips to learn, approach and take the different tests. You still need to use the additional free resources pointed towards in the guide to practice (depends on what type of test you are preparing for) but it is priced fairly for the value and help it provides…

  21. James T.

    I recently took the Bain online case/Hirevue test and was successful in making it to the interview rounds. This guide played a key role in that as:
    1. It gave me an idea of what to expect on the test itself
    2. It provided great strategies to tackle the various problem types
    3. It pointed me in the direction of great resources to practice, especially for the online case.

    If you have a test coming up with Bain, this guide will definitely boost your chances 😉

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