BCG Aptitude and Math


BCG Aptitude and Math

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BCG Aptitude Tests Guide

The 88-page guide is your BCG assessment all-in-one solution that covers

  • The BCG Online Case
  • The BCG chatbot interview
  • The BCG one-way video interview
  • The BCG Pymetrics

It contains

  • The context of each BCG assessment
  • The different type of questions and logistics you can expect
  • Preparation plans, tools, and exercises to sharpen your analytics and logical reasoning skills
  • All mental and pen & paper math tricks and shortcuts needed to triple your calculation speed
  • Exercises to sharpen your mental approach to the test that will make you two times quicker and more effective going through the test
  • Game plans and core habits needed to elevate your score across all tests
  • Strategies packed into a framework on how to deal with each individual question most effectively
  • The guide is constantly updated with feedback from recent test-takers. The current version is v2.0

You can now download the guide instantly after purchase. The password is the email address you enter during the purchase.

Case Interview Math Mastery Drills

The ultimate case math preparation for McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

80% of the candidates we interview struggle with case interview math problems. Based on our experience, we have developed the ultimate Math package to help you prepare for your McKinsey, BCG, and Bain case interviews. The package consists of 2,000 math problems and detailed answer keys to upskill your performance before the interviews. 

With the purchase, you instantly download the program consisting of 1000 basic math drills, 720 advanced math drills, 100 business math problems, 50 chart math questions (21 in full cases and 29 individually), and 21 full case interview math problems.


  • Learn from our McKinsey interviewer experience and coaching of 100s of candidates
  • 5x your math performance by becoming both faster and more reliable in your logic and calculations
  • Practice your skills with the ample materials provided in the package and roughly 20 hours of practice examples to work through (with detailed answer keys)

Case Interview Math Mastery



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