McKinsey Solve Game Guide and McKinsey Interview Academy


McKinsey Solve Game Guide and McKinsey Interview Academy


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Ready-for-McKinsey Video Academy

🌟 Proven Track Record: Experience a training method so effective that 9 out of 10 candidates we coached secured a McKinsey offer, defying the stringent 1% acceptance rate.
πŸ“š Insider Knowledge: Navigate your McKinsey interviews with the wisdom of ex-McKinsey consultants and interviewers. Our program, a stark contrast to outdated resources online, offers 9 years of collective expertise, covering both Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.
🎬 Adaptive Learning: With a 40-part video series, our innovative contrast technique caters to allβ€”whether you're initiating or refining your preparation. Witness simulated interviews ranging from subpar to outstanding performances, honing your own approach.

McKinsey Solve (Imbellus) Game Guide

πŸŽ–οΈ Achieve McKinsey Mastery with Unlock a definitive edge with our pioneering guide curated by former McKinsey consultants, boasting an 86% Solve (Imbellus) Game pass rate. Dive into proprietary insights across 6 games, potent strategies, 3 intensive Red Rock practice tests, and bonus content including a 14-page McKinsey Interview Primer.
🌍 Trusted by Thousands Worldwide: With 8,000+ beneficiaries spanning 60+ countries since 2019, our dynamic 133-page guide, bolstered by 11 precision-focused videos, is founded on feedback from 450+ test-takers, game design experts, and our rich McKinsey heritage. Revel in the benefits of v18, updated in real-time for unparalleled relevance.
πŸ”‘ Immediate, Seamless Access to Your Dream: Begin your transformative McKinsey prep journey instantly upon purchase. Couple this with the knowledge that McKinsey's towering 99% rejection rate doesn't stand a chance against your newfound arsenal.


Prepare for your McKinsey assessments

Combine our Solve Game Guide with our McKinsey Interview Video Academy:

McKinsey Solve Game Guide by

Embarking on your McKinsey journey? Ensure you’re prepared with the McKinsey Solve Game Guide, your indispensable key to mastering the Solve Game.

A Pioneer in Preparation: Launched simultaneously with the commencement of the Solve Game in the McKinsey London office in November 2019, our guide holds the distinction of being the first-ever on the market. This guide has stood as a beacon of knowledge and strategy for those seeking to ace the McKinsey Solve Game.

Unmatched Success: Over 8,000 aspirants have trusted our guide, and the results are undeniable. With a striking success rate exceeding 85%, our accomplishments are more than just numbers.

Price Guarantee: We are able to offer our guide at a lower price than copycats since we are not selling it via a 3rd party platform that takes a large cut.

Continuously Updated: With the game’s evolving landscape, our 18th edition (as of September 2023) is refined whenever McKinsey changes the game, based on real recent test-taker feedback, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve at all times.

Dive Deep Inside the Guide:

  • Strategies & Tips: Gain the edge with game-changing strategies, insightful shortcuts, and crucial preparation tips.
  • Focused Content: Engage with current game topics, from the ecosystem game and plant defense to the formidable red rock simulation (in addition to all previous games of the Solve).
  • Excel Solver Tool: Approach the ecosystem game with precision and speed using our bespoke Excel solver tool.
  • Skill Mastery: Perfect your skills with the Redrock chart interpretation tutorial, essential math concepts module, and more.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Spanning 133 pages, every detail of the games is meticulously addressed.
  • Visual Aids: Elevate your grasp with 11 illustrative videos designed for efficient understanding.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Hone your capabilities with 3 red rock practice tests, crafted closely to mimic the actual game.
  • Personal Support: Reach out to us with any questions you might have and receive help within 24 hours.
  • FREE BONUS: Dive deeper into the McKinsey Case and PEI with our free 14-page preparation guide.

⏱️ Time-Efficient: Optimize your preparation with a succinct guide and videos, granting you more time to focus on the subsequent case interviews, which is the key challenge for every McKinsey aspirant..

πŸ“… One-Year Free Updates: Always be in the know with complimentary updates for an entire year, helping you with any unforeseen challenges and delays in your application timeline.

Equip yourself to conquer the McKinsey Solve Game with unparalleled knowledge, strategies, and confidence. Opt for the McKinsey Solve Game Guide by, and watch your aspirations come to fruition.


Ready-for-McKinsey Program: Your Essential Blueprint for McKinsey Interview Success.

Demystifying the McKinsey Interview: McKinsey stands as a beacon of consultancy excellence, and naturally, its recruitment process is equally exacting. Few make it through to the offer stage, but with our Ready-for-McKinsey program, you’re not just preparing – you’re strategizing for success. What’s our measure of confidence? An impressive 90% success rate with our 1-on-1 coaching candidates secure offers from McKinsey. In this video program, we share the exclusive insights typically reserved for our personalized coaching sessions.

Invaluable Knowledge from Former McKinsey Insiders: There’s an abundance of resources available for McKinsey interview preparation, but there is no video program that has actually been created by former McKinsey consultants and interviewers. What sets the Ready-for-McKinsey program apart is its pedigree. Designed and developed by McKinsey veterans who have experienced both sides of the table – as interviewees and interviewers – it offers an immersive experience of the McKinsey interview, its evaluation, and its challenges. With the collective wisdom gained from nine years spent within McKinsey’s corridors, candidates are primed to navigate the nuances of both the Business Case and Personal Experience Interviews.

A Comprehensive 40-Video Module: Irrespective of where you stand in your McKinsey preparation journey, our program has you covered. Introducing our unique contrast method, we simulate interview scenarios spanning from novice to expert performance levels. By discussing these situations and dissecting each in detailed filmed video sections, you gain a holistic view, distinguishing the do’s and don’ts of successful McKinsey interviewees. You will learn how to approach the different elements of the McKinsey case and how to communicate in the right manner. You will also learn what content, communication, and structure will give you the highest score during your Personal Experience Interviews.

Elevate Your McKinsey Journey: Explore the depth, rigor, and innovation that the Ready-for-McKinsey program brings to the table. Reframe your understanding and approach to McKinsey’s interview process – for those truly committed to making an impact and getting an offer from the world’s most prestigious consulting firm.



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