BCG Online Case and Sample Tests


BCG Online Case and Sample Tests

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The 111-page guide includes 2 Casey sample tests and is your BCG assessment all-in-one solution that covers

  • BCG Online Case Assessment
  • BCG Casey Chatbot Interview
  • Bonus: BCG one-way video interview
  • Bonus: BCG Pymetrics

It contains

  • The context of each BCG assessment
  • The different type of questions and logistics you can expect
  • Preparation plans, tools, and exercises to sharpen your analytics and logical reasoning skills
  • All mental and pen & paper math tricks and shortcuts needed to triple your calculation speed
  • Exercises to sharpen your mental approach to the test that will make you two times quicker and more effective going through the test
  • Game plans and core habits needed to elevate your score across all tests
  • Strategies packed into a framework on how to deal with each individual question most effectively
  • Now includes 2 full BCG Online Case Assessment (Casey Chatbot) sample tests with answer keys
  • The guide is constantly updated with feedback from recent test-takers. The current version is v3

You canΒ  download the guide instantly after purchase. The password is the email address you enter during the purchase.

25 reviews for BCG Online Case and Sample Tests

  1. oliver

    the solution strategies and exercises are a great help in internalising the different types of tasks and the guide also contains a lot of practical additional information about the test and BCG overall. I felt like I performed badly on my test as I was quite nervous while taking it. happy to report that apparently my performance was good enough as I just received positive news from bcg. πŸ™‚

  2. S.

    I was working with Florian on the McKinsey interviews and received an offer but due to geographical preferences I have also applied at BCG and used his guide to prepare for the chatbot interview. The book is an excellent tutorial for the real test and helped me to approach it with more confidence and skills. If you are thinking about BCG interviews or the online case you can’t go wrong with this well-researched and elaborate guide. S.W.

  3. Pamela

    The book is very helpful, because I didn’t know where or how to start learning and preparing for the test. This is how I approached it:

    – I started with a self-test as recommended by the author to see how the online case looks like and figure out what my main issues are
    – I read through the guide and then used the 2 weeks preparation plan with some minor tweaks for my personal situation
    – I practiced the recommended exercises religiously besides the case prep every day and have to say that it is very synergistic and also benefitted my analysis skills for the live cases. I really tried to implement all tips and tricks directly
    – Every 3rd day I did a mock test to see how I am improving

    I received positive feedback on my result from HR 2 days ago πŸ™‚

  4. Gustavo

    Excellent guide. I was looking for something that was as close as possible to the BCG test and this guide is super complete, lots of material with very clear strategies and practice material, comes with much more information than I expected, and proposes a preparation time plan of 2 or 4 weeks. It comes with personal support. Highly recommended!

  5. Anika

    Good for theory and practice that contains a lot of genuine information and preparation advice on how to deal with the chatbot, what/how to prepare, what to pay attention to. Happy with the purchase and my outcome

  6. Claus

    I found it a valuable addition to my case training due to excellent content and low price and learned a lot of things. It is a good mix of theory and practice materials. The sample tests are very similar to the real one.

  7. A.

    Without a doubt, the best BCG Online Case prep out there. I already bought the McKinsey guide, so I trusted their training materials and was not disappointed. With the prep I felt very confident, I experienced no surprises during the test and evetually cleared it. I shopped around a bit for this one too to have the direct comparison.

    I left some feedback on the quant questions and the guide was promptly updated and I was sent a new version 2 days later for future reference.

    All in all a great experience and customer service. 5*

  8. Yasmine H.

    Excellent primer and deep dive on the Casey. I bought the book to acquire the basics of the BCG case and was surprised to find the level of depth and detail that is conveyed from start to finish.

    While preparing for cases, I quickly realized that I am often struggling with the basics. These such as chart interpretation or math are explained in this book ingeniously in small steps using examples and with many exercises to go from. From there it expands far beyond and provides you with step by step logic for the complete preparation, the different question types, and the test-taking tricks. You can see the amount of work and case experience that went into the creation by the team.

    I ”only” had to sit the Casey and no Pymetrics or Video Interview but I am sure the material covering these is equally valuable.

  9. Sven

    Useful for the preparation

  10. Joana

    I received the PDFs right after purchase and I really appreciate the format of the book: a theoretical part followed by a guided practical part. All the different interview types and tests are well described and explained. If you want to practice, I recommend the two simulations of a Casey test, which are very similar to the test I got from BCG.

  11. Daniel

    Good resource. Gives a good overview of all tests and provides suitable exercises with solutions.

  12. Shawn

    Truly great product. It is full of great tips and prep advice for the OCSA but also beyond that I could learn a lot for my BCG interviews. I was happy to find practice tests apart from the one provided by BCG. The tests are very similar to the real one but I feel the math questions were a bit harder in my case.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Shawn, thank you for your kind feedback. We have noted your point on the math difficulty level and are currently adjusting our sample tests to reflect that based on other feedback we have received. All the best, Florian

  13. Barbara

    I prepared on short notice after a referral and a faster than expected invite to the chatbot case. I found this guide very helpful. Great detail with a wide range of topics covered that help you prepare and succeed

    The 2 mock cases were very similar to the one I had during my interview about a company that is selling agricultural vehicles

    Thank you for that wonderful product.

  14. J.Y.

    I would give the guide 4 out of 5 stars since there is some practice in preparation for the Chatbot AI case, which is not directly covered in the guide. The handbook tells you exactly what to expect, discusses strategies to take the test, provides exercises you can do and points to further (all free) practice resources. This is all excellent and very helpful. In fact, I applied the strategies in my assessment and it worked. -1 point here since I would have loved to have a sample test included for practice. I think this is the only thing that could make the guide better (in fairness, this is also not advertised to be included in the guide).

    But I rated it 5/5 because I had some questions and Florian took the time to call me and go over them. I did not expect that level of customer service for this kind of product.

    To sum up, I can definitely recommend the guide and the customer service, especially at this price. Consider adding one or two sample tests in future iterations as we discussed. πŸ™‚

    • StrategyCase

      Dear J.

      Thank you very much for your message and kindness. We are currently working on adding realistic practice tests in addition to the questions that are already in the guide and it should be available soon.

      Take care!


  15. G.

    The booklet gives detailed understanding of what is expected from you for each assessment, how to best train for it and how to tackle each question. I was going through the AI chatbot 2 weeks ago (benelux) and passed. I expected it to be harder.

  16. hei

    The pdf contains everything you need to prepare for the bcg chat case. Unfortunately, it does not relieve you of doing the exercises and preparation to master the skills, but it leads you on the right path. The book guided me in my preparation for the first round, and I passed it last week.

  17. Fabian

    The book is well structured and easy to understand and follow! It helped me fill a few blind spots I was not aware of in my approach and the questions in the chat case. Great as an extra help and I can recommend it. It is priced very fairly for the value you can extract

  18. markus

    A must if you go through the BCG hiring process. The insights I gained benefitted me more than just for the chat interview. Everything is covered, succinct and besides the tips on how to prep, approach and answer questions there is also lot of wisdom to develop a consultant’s mindset that I use now for the cases.

  19. nichola

    I’ve been using the book for the last week and a half to prep for the chatbot case that is apparently a new recruiting element. I am impressed with the level of detail of information and the insights into BCG and the approach to the different questions. It took away a lot of anxiety for me.

  20. Robert

    Amazing value for money. It helped me structure my preparation, identify my weaknesses, and taught me how to work on them. I found it useful for learning the quantitative methods and the nuanced approaches to the different question types with a decision tree.

  21. Emily

    You address all points well and it seems like a comprehensive prep guide. But do you have any information on the video recording?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Emily,
      Thanks for reaching out and for the kind words. Regarding the video recording: Are you referring to the video recording of the Online Case or the video interview? We have written about the Online Case here, with some information on the format that includes the video summary. Fundamentally, nothing changes on how to prepare and how to approach each question. As for the video summary, treat it like a typical summary of a case interview question (state your recommendation and then provide some supporting arguments based on your analysis).

      If you are talking about the one-way video interview, which is not related to the Online Case, check out this article here.

  22. Alexandria

    good program that covers all important elements. perfect as a standalone resource to guide and expedite my preparation. you still need to put in the work and work on your weaknesses etc.

  23. c.f.

    good intro to the bcg test, very structured and nice exchange after purchase on some discussion points.

    • StrategyCase

      Likewise! You raised some very interesting facts. πŸ™‚

  24. steph

    I feel very confident and motivated having read through the pdf once and having drafted my preparation strategy in line with their recommendations and plans. From my current pov the book gives you exact expectations on the test and shows you what and how you can prepare and also how to approach the actual test and be quicker.

  25. Michael S.

    Stellar advice, and prep plans. I would give 5 stars if you guys included a practice test or several more practice questions.

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