BCG Aptitude Tests Guide


BCG Aptitude Tests Guide

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The 89-page guide is your BCG assessment all-in-one solution that covers

  • The BCG Online Case
  • The BCG chatbot interview
  • The BCG one-way video interview
  • The BCG Pymetrics

It contains

  • The context of each BCG assessment
  • The different type of questions and logistics you can expect
  • Preparation plans, tools, and exercises to sharpen your analytics and logical reasoning skills
  • All mental and pen & paper math tricks and shortcuts needed to triple your calculation speed
  • Exercises to sharpen your mental approach to the test that will make you two times quicker and more effective going through the test
  • Game plans and core habits needed to elevate your score across all tests
  • Strategies packed into a framework on how to deal with each individual question most effectively
  • The guide is constantly updated with feedback from recent test-takers. The current version is v2.5

You can now download the guide instantly after purchase. The password is the email address you enter during the purchase.

10 reviews for BCG Aptitude Tests Guide

  1. hei

    The pdf contains everything you need to prepare for the bcg chat case. Unfortunately, it does not relieve you of doing the exercises and preparation to master the skills, but it leads you on the right path. The book helped me a lot in my preparation for the first round, and I passed it last week.

  2. Fabian

    The book is well structured and easy to understand and follow! It helped me fill a few blind spots I was not aware of in my approach and the questions in the chat case. Great as an extra help and I can recommend it. It is priced very fairly for the value you can extract

  3. lei

    A must if you go through the BCG hiring process. The insights I gained helped me more than just for the chat interview. Everything is covered, succinct and besides the tips on how to prep, approach and answer questions there is also lot of wisdom to develop a consultant’s mindset that I use now for the cases.

  4. nichola

    I’ve been using the book for the last week and a half to prep for the chatbot case that is apparently a new recruiting element. I am impressed with the level of detail of information and the insights into BCG and the approach to the different questions. It took away a lot of anxiety for me.

  5. Robert

    Amazing value for money. It helped me structure my preparation, identify my weaknesses, and taught me how to work on them. I found it useful for learning the quantitative methods and the nuanced approaches to the different question types with a decision tree.

  6. Emily

    You address all points well and it seems like a comprehensive prep guide. But do you have any information on the video recording?

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Emily,
      Thanks for reaching out and for the kind words. Regarding the video recording: Are you referring to the video recording of the Online Case or the video interview? We have written about the Online Case here, with some information on the format that includes the video summary. Fundamentally, nothing changes on how to prepare and how to approach each question. As for the video summary, treat it like a typical summary of a case interview question (state your recommendation and then provide some supporting arguments based on your analysis).

      If you are talking about the one-way video interview, which is not related to the Online Case, check out this article here.

  7. Alexandria

    good program that covers all important elements. perfect as a standalone resource to guide and expedite my preparation. you still need to put in the work and work on your weaknesses etc.

  8. c.f.

    good intro to the bcg test, very structured and nice exchange after purchase on some discussion points.

    • StrategyCase

      Likewise! You raised some very interesting facts. 🙂

  9. steph

    I feel very confident and motivated having read through the pdf once and having drafted my preparation strategy in line with their recommendations and plans. From my current pov the book gives you exact expectations on the test and shows you what and how you can prepare and also how to approach the actual test and be quicker.

  10. Michael S.

    Stellar advice, and prep plans. I would give 5 stars if you guys included a practice test or several more practice questions.

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