Case Math Mastery Course and Drills


Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

(80 customer reviews)


🌟 Case Interview Math Mastery Course: Elevate Your Math Skills for your case interviews with McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and all other consulting firms! 🌟

Facing challenges with math problems in elite consulting interviews? Gain an edge with our course meticulously crafted from a McKinsey interviewer’s lens. This comprehensive program ensures you approach every math question with a consultant’s mindset.

Why This Course?

  • 🚀 Top-tier Insider Knowledge: Gain insights directly from former McKinsey interviewers and case interview experts with the best track record in the industry.
  • 🎯 Strategic Approaches: Learn to derive calculation approaches and logic, quick calculation techniques, and avoid common mistakes spotted in thousands of interviews.
  • 📈 High Success Rate: Overcome the challenges that 80% of candidates face with case interview math.

Your One-stop-shop Solution:

  • 25 Insightful Videos: Step-by-step explanations with live examples and detailed guidance. Check the course content here.
  • Extensive Written Material: 40-page primary guide, a quick reference handbook, and links to detailed course content.
  • Practice & Excel: Over 2,000 math problems – from basics to advanced calculation drills, including 100 business math problems, 50 chart math questions, and 21 full cases. Perfect your skills with 40+ hours of practice examples complemented by detailed answer keys.

💡 Pro Tip: Amplify your math performance and speed up to 5x with our expert tips and tricks!

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Case Interview Math Mastery Course: Ace Every Case Math Problem!

Most consulting interview applicants struggle with case interview math. We have been there and done that – from both sides of the table as interviewees and interviewers.

Enhance Your Math Skills: Prepare for top-tier consulting interviews with our carefully curated program, designed with insights from former McKinsey professionals. Turn mathematical challenges during the case into opportunities and tackle them confidently.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the experience of ex-McKinsey interviewers and respected case interview trainers (with more than 2,000 case interview sessions)
  • Strategic Techniques: Learn how to chart calculation paths intuitively, embrace swift calculation methods, and avoid common pitfalls that most candidates face.
  • Stay Ahead: While 80% of candidates struggle with case interview math, our course is designed to help you stand out with accuracy and agility.

What’s Inside?

  • Comprehensive Video Modules: Explore 25 in-depth videos, blending detailed explanations (setting up the correct logic, calculation shortcuts, communicating answers in the context of the case) with practical examples.
  • Resourceful Documentation: Access a 40-page primary guide, a handy reference booklet, and a wealth of course materials.
  • Extensive Practice: Engage with over 2,000 math drills, ranging from basics to intricate calculations. Further hone your skills with 100 business math problems, 50 chart-based math questions, and 21 complete cases. With over 40 hours of practice exercises, check your solutions and monitor your growth.

Don’t be another case interview statistic who failed during the math portion of the case. Enhance your math acumen and increase your calculation speed with our proven techniques and equip yourself for success in the consulting interview landscape

80 reviews for Case Math Mastery Course and Drills

  1. Deema

    It comprises numerous useful mini-lessons that guide you on approaching the various math problems in case interviews. Each topic is thoroughly covered and explained. The practice drills begin with fundamental concepts, each building upon the other, leading up to more complex case examples. Quick support too!

  2. Abduhlraman

    I have interviews in December and was solely relying on this course to get me ready for math in tests and calculations in cases. It has been very helpful.

  3. Calin

    If you have done cases before you know how annoying math problems can be. Often they caught me completely off guard and then I lost my rhythm for the rest of the case. After going through the whole course and many practice questions it is still annoying but at least I have a clear plan now that I can fall back on plus my calculation speed has significantly improved. Overall, I feel much more comfortable now.

  4. Julius

    The course is really great if you want to approach case interview math systematically. I can only recommend it!

  5. Robert

    The video course is valuable. It’s all about being rigorous in the case math process and finding tricks and shortcuts quickly. Definitely helpful and appreciated.
    I have skipped some practice tests and went straight into the business and case problems. They are well-made and challenging. Here and there a bit more explanation would help me but I think for the price and quantity of examples and coverage you cannot go wrong.

  6. Chelsea

    What stood out to me was the fact that its an all in one offer promising a complete coverage of case math. Can confirm for the most part and the video course and guidebook were really helpful. So were all practice drills but maybe add some more market sizing to the mix.

  7. Leonie

    I found this program really helpful for my preparation. Math has always been the area in cases where I struggled the most either because I did not know what I needed to do or I was to slow or I made a mistake. I watched the videos twice and completed most of the drills which helped me figure out better ways to structure a case math problem and calculate more efficiently. Yes, you need practice and put in the hours but you also need the right tips and shortcuts to make it work. That’s what this program delivered and I am happy I took it.

  8. lorenz

    solid course with real practice opportunities that I was missing so far. It is easy to find case framework questions but I was missing good math examples to work on. I appreciate it!

  9. Abdellah

    Initially faced a download issue for the practice questions. Rest went smooth and the sessions are very good. Started to practice yesterday.

  10. A

    Thank you for this great course!


    This is an amazing course. It takes some time to get through it but this just adds to the value of the course. If you want to have the most detailed prep for case math I can highly recommend it.

    You can watch the video program in one go but I noticed myself coming back to it a few times to watch it again. I have worked through maybe 80% of the practice questions. Applying the content from the videos and the sample answers I haev really profited to get my skills to the next level.

    This course was an exceptional learning experience and I rate it highly!

  12. Wenbo

    I am halfway through the videos and started with the practice and I want to commend the attention to detail and logical flow of this course. I can highly recommend it and hope it will serve me well.

  13. gaurav

    I am using this product in conjunction with Florian’s case coaching and it really helped me

    1. Understand case math problems much quicker and break them down into the steps
    2. And become faster with mental math

    I think the program is very well thought through and the approach / tricks can be applied to all case math problems.

  14. Samantha L

    The transformation was evident. My math skills improved exponentially, making me more confident during my interviews at MBB.

  15. Khantar

    Can clearly recommend.

    1. Covers all bases of case math
    2. Teaches you how to think through math logic problems
    3. Makes you faster and more accurate
    4. Plenty of exercise content
    5. Responsive support for my questions

  16. J.Y.

    I liked this programme a lot. There are so many good practice materials to go through with very accurate and realistic case math examples for different skill levels. The descriptions and instructions in the videos and guidebooks are logical and easy to understand. All I needed.

  17. Maria V

    For all those who are interested in an effective math course for cases, this is a quick help. Quick in terms of the content that is very practical and easy to digest. Instant download and access to videos. If you want to practice you need a bit more time maybe two weeks to go through all examples in detail, better even three weeks or a month. The course is very thorough and it depends on what you make of the content provided. I think it is also intended for people who have little basic math knowledge and get up to speed quickly. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and unnecessary reading/practicing.

  18. Denis

    I wanted to know how to best prepare for math questions in a case interview and I think this package is very comprehensive in that regard. The video course teaches you what you need to learn and and also clarifies how you can make progress in a variety of ways (approach case math, calculation tricks and shortcuts, interpreting results, tricks to sanity check…). I think everything that is relevant is covered. The goal of the course is to become faster and more accurate and it gave me a lot of confidence to know what do do.

    The guidebook is a nice addition and helps if you quickly want to refresh a couple of things. The practice part is also addressed in this package and I am still working through the many questions and sample sets that come in different dfficulty levels from simple large number calculations, percentages to difficult logic and case math problems.

  19. Vincent

    This case math course was an incredibly beneficial experience. The course covered a wide range of consulting math concepts and techniques, and the instructions were top-notch. One of the greatest benefits of the course was the way it helped me to develop my problem-solving skills further. The assignments and problem sets provided ample opportunity to practice and improve what the courses teaches. There is an emphasis on hands-on learning and real-world case applications that gave me a deeper understanding of how to apply math in a real case interview, not just how to calculate but also how to approach it and then interpret it in the case context afterward. It makes you a stronger problem solver and case interviewee I guess.

    The one disadvantage of the course is that it has to be worked on while on the computer. But overall, the course was incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about case math and how to apply it.

  20. DC

    My girlfriend and I have been using it for our case interviews. Very practical and reliable program. tks

  21. U.

    I used this program for my MBB interview prep and found it extremely helpful and comprehensive

  22. Inês

    This course helped me a lot with the foundations and advanced case math. It really provides step-by-step guides for the common case math problems, shortcuts and tricks, and so much practice that I dont think I will finish. Almost all my questions were answered in this course. I wanted to clarify something and received a reply on the same day. Absolutely recommend the experience and the product.

  23. Jay

    What is case interview math? How should you approach and prepare for it? How can I become faster and more accurate with my calculations?
    These were the most important questions as a lateral hire and the course answered them all. Great explanations and well designed course flow and not just cryptic phrases that no one understands. Great and comprehensive practice materials included.

  24. Rain

    I wanted to get an overview of what to expect in terms of case math and this course goes waaaaaay beyond that. I was surprised at the level of detail. Every detail of approaching math problems during a case is explained like how to approach it mentally, methodologically, how to set up formulas, how to find shortcuts etc etc. This allows you to develop a deep understanding of the topic and practice until you get it down perfectly.

    It was exactly the right choice.

  25. T

    Since I did not like math in my studies, I got this course as a supplement for my case prep, with the hope that I understand it here. It is written and the videos directed very understandable, and I find it better explained than by my lecturers back in the day with more practical references. In itself, everything I needed was covered here and through the relaxed writing style and the pleasant videos I also got through quite well. Still working on the practice part

  26. lien

    I purchased the course after it was recommended by one of my seniors who got into an MBB last year. Very happy with it and as expected!

  27. A.D.

    I bought the complete package for case math because I wanted to learn it properly. I’ve gone through some online drills and other products and after going through the videos of this course and the first couple of practice examples so far I have to say that the whole package is just great. The video course offers an authentic insight into case math and is really useful if you want to get to a higher level. Each lesson is clearly presented with many key takeaways.

    Great learning package on all levels – interesting choice of topics, simply explained, well presented and more than enough to practice !

  28. Joel

    I actually considered my math skills as relatively strong. Accordingly, I thought long and hard about whether to buy this course. While I never really struggled with math, I was afraid of the great variety of case math problems that one could encounter and didn’t even know where to start.

    The great strength of this course is the structured delivery of the content and the practice examples ranked from easy to hard. The videos are well-made and comprehensively touch on everything you need to know (from a strategy about how to tackle every case math problem to the typical case math questions, the most important formulas, the communication and a lot of other things really). Thus, what you read and see is always engaging and comprehensible, so that you make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. For example, I could use the approach described in all my interviews and 7 out of 9 case math problems I had to solve in my interviews where similar or almost the same than what I worked through in the practice books here.

    All around recommended! The explanations are understandable and the selection of practice examples for different levels, in my opinion, appropriate and absolutely comprehensive.

  29. Hans

    Great tailored product! High quality MBB math practice that keeps you busy and on your toes.

  30. Aditya

    When I started reacquiring some of the math skills I lost since school I had the feeling that I was too chaotic and unstructured. So I first looked for a course that would help me get back into learning quickly. I have only completed 50% of the lectures and only tipped my toes into the practice materials but I think I found exactly the right course and it will save me a lot of stress. It already helped me a lot to organize myself and to approach my self-study.

  31. Ahmed

    I have never studied business administration, but since the math and financial concepts are needed for the case interviews I bought this course to learn more about it and practice. The course book and the videos provide really a lot of background business math. You learn everything about the basic and more advanced calculations used in case interviews. It is demonstrated well how it works and how business case math questions are usually structured. You also learn a lot about the process and the approach that leads to success. The course has helped me a lot to get a better at business math and to be able to solve most of those problmes.

  32. Eric

    Very clear and exhaustive coverage of case math in spite of the difficulty of the topic. I used the same course to prepare for all my consulting interviews and improved my math by a lot in terms of

    = how to think about it
    = how to approach it
    = how practice and become better at structuring math problems
    = how to become quicker and more correct for calculations

    The download and access to the videos and all materials was instant. I can truly recommend it

  33. Mousa

    The course has surpassed my expectations about the content of basic and advanced case math concepts and to become a master of it. All topics are covered and clearly and vividly explained in the videos and in the book. There are plenty of practice tests and questions for everything starting with simple arithmetic operations to work on your quick computational skills and adopting the tricks taught in the course. The drills become more complex as you progress. Then there are business math problem work sheets and case math questions taken from real cases. I worked for a while on the materials and was not able to go through all of them. I can highly recommend it to everyone who wants to focus on their case math skills.

  34. Xixi

    This course is great. There is a separate video or chapter for each mathematical topic, clearly laid out and well explained. For each practice task there is not only the correct solution, but also a solution path including an explanation. I can really recommend this package to anyone who needs to prepare for recruitment tests or case interviews to refresh their memory (or who was not particularly good at school math or whose school days go back years).

  35. Niamh

    The courses comes with many practice examples, everything is explained in detail and there are also extensive solutions with explanations. I used it to prepare for several consulting interviews, but also to prepare for the job once I accepted an offer.

  36. Nadine

    The books and videos are very helpful for case math preparation. In particular, the online videos linked to the exercise books makes it a comprehensive package. Of course it is important that you work and practice with it. I was able to get back on track and recover from a bad case interview experience with the help of this course. Watch the explanatory videos on and then practice, practice, practice. It is worth it.

  37. Torsten

    A great course, so that you can really prepare well for the math section of the case, something ive always had issues with. Highly recommended due to three reasons

    1. level of detail and exhaustiveness
    2. clear explanations
    3. endless practice materials

  38. Andreas

    A very well structured course, is easy to work with. It is really easy to understand and follow. Case beginners with little previous knowledge have no problems getting it. In my opinion, you need 1 or 2 weeks to really work through it (the videos and the drills) to benefit from it fully.

  39. Akhil

    The various books and videos are very varied and cover everything I needed, recommended for MBB preparation. Days of targeted practice materials also included.

  40. eddy

    First of all: my spouse and I are preparing for mbb interviews together. We have already tried a few other math courses and books and I am quite demanding 😉 But this course is really great! It’s very comprehensive and contains exactly the right material for the quant section of a case interview.

    The tests can be checked quickly with the help of the solution books and the whole process from simple to hard is very motivating for us. A clear buy recommendation from me 🙂

  41. Maurice

    How can case math questions be answered quickly and accurately? That is the starting point for this course and it does a damn good job at answering it in a series of videos and a guide book. The course shows how this can be done successfully in a way that is quick and easy to remember and jsut makes sense. Everything the authors say is well-founded and effective.

    A clear recommendation for all those who need to get up to speed with case math and want new ways of solving cases!

  42. arjun

    This video course gives many helpful tips and makes it easier to bring structure into your calculations and approach. It also contains many practice examples and tips to lighten up the daily practice routine. It helped me to keep a common thread and not get lost and stray from the path in my approach and calculations and communicate the outcome clearly

  43. Charlotte

    Useful for all levels of experience, whether it is just basic arithmetic or more complex problems or refreshing long-forgotten knowledge and shortcuts on percentages and ratios etc. All topics are covered and accompanied by many exercises. Good and simple explanations with many illustrations and guidance. Very good text exercises that examine what you have learned.

    Completely recommendable, even without considering the unbeatable price.

  44. Valentin

    Finally a case interview math program that deals in detail with the problems I encountered in my practice and explains the different case problems and background with many practical facets. The course goes beyond a beginner’s introduction and each chapter and video builds on the previous one to build up skills until you should be able to solve any type of math problem. It is also explained well.

    Great for practice too with real case examples!

  45. Oliver C

    I got this course since more and more often I struggled with the math portion of the cases, especially with the approach. I managed to improve that quite well with these materials. In tougher questions, I am no longer at a loss to figure out the problem and can respond in a quick-witted manner. What I also particularly liked about it were the great tips on how to improve your speed when calculating. I’ve always had a problem with that, too, and with a little practice, it works very well now. I am therefore really satisfied with this course and the practice materials.

  46. Nick

    A treasure trove for all consulting applicants and maybe also useful for other professions! Florian discusses all aspects of case math and has structured the course well.

    I myself used the course to familiarize myself with the case math approach and expand my fast-math repertoire. During my interview marathons, I used it again and again as a framework and structure for my practice where I switched between the course and the many practice exercise.

  47. Kathrin D.K.

    I bought this course because I wasn’t sure how consulting math is different from investment banking interviews. The videos are great and the practice books has many exercises that prepare you very well for all kinds of consulting math problems that I faced in my MBB interviews. I worked through all of them and aced all math questions in my interviews + received an offer with 2 out of 3 of my target firms. I can therefore recommend the course100%.

  48. Tatiana

    I really liked the course. It’s an ideal primer if you need or want to get to grips with case mathematics, especially if you always struggled with these questions or forgot most of what you learned in school. I think they manage well to cover all aspects in an efficient way. The course is detailed yet only a couple of hours long, divided into short videos that help comprehension.

    The exercise books that go with the video course are well structured. The tasks start out easy and quickly become more complex.

  49. c.j

    The program is clearly structured (the video course and booklet) and the tasks are clearly formulated with rising difficulty levels. I use it in parallel with case practice. I am satisfied with this collection and also find the price very reasonable.

  50. Silvia

    The course is straightforward and to the point, you get an insight into how case math contrasts with universities or school math without any prior knowledge. Plenty of practice materials included and a quick reference handbook.
    For these reasons, I can recommend the course for everyone from beginners to experience case solvers, especially if you are interested in applying and working at MBB

  51. Fouad

    Well made with challenging content. The educational program (videos and guidebook) is really well structured and the practice books give you ample opportunity to practice. The business math and case math examples resemble the consulting math challenges I faced very closely.

  52. Claire W.

    I decided to take the course to get an idea of what consultant math looks like and get ready for my interviews. A friend recommended me this one.

    Two things stood out:

    Firstly, the course provides a great insight into case math and everything that is related to it (the typical questions, the ways to tackle them from start to finish including the communication, fast math and calculation shortcuts…) and secondly, that I can use this course to prepare myself for them with tons of practice exercises.

  53. Greg

    Great help!

    The course provides a great overview of the types of possible math questions in a case interview but also teaches you how to approach math logic and calculations in a broader sense to be fit for any problem. Plenty of practice exercises to keep you busy. It was the only resource for the math section in my case prep and more than sufficient. Would buy again.

  54. Eliška

    I bought the math course as one of the last preparation materials for my mbb and tier2 interviews and am glad that I went through it in great detail. Thanks to the videos, books and the exercises I felt much less stressed and better prepared. You learn to understand typical math questions and rationale that goes into designing the questions to test new hires and that helped me a lot in my understanding of how to tackle it.

    The level of difficulty in the full case math exercises is, in my opinion, even a little higher than that of the real MBB math I experienced. I could thus cope with the tasks more quickly in the interviews. I only wished I got this course earlier in my prep.

  55. Luke

    To be honest, I did not buy this course to study for case interviews, but because it was highly interested in the process of it. I am soon going to start interviewing a couple of candidates for my team and want to use case studies in the process. I am using the course as a reference to create my own problem statements.

    I am very satisfied with the purchase. It is well written and communicated in a very understandable and detailed way. The structure of the course is clear and very helpful. It was really worth the investment and will be an enrichment for my professional life.

  56. Janice L.

    This course is a great resource for all things case interview math.

    I have become a bit rusty with quick mental math and wanted to get back at it before applying at MBB. This course covers much more than just quick math but the whole process of case math, how to create structures and approaches for every math problem, how to communicate and many other things ; and yes there are also quick math tips and tricks.

    The course It is supplemented with tons of practice material, which I am currently working through every day.

    It is easy to follow and well structured and for that price is a steal.

  57. fernanda

    the package is very comprehensive. I downloaded a theory book and several workbooks and answer key books right after purchase and got access to the video course. The content is exactly the same as advertised and you can see that the authors have deep knowledge of the consulting interviews and specifically the math aspect of it. I really regret not buying this earlier in my preparation as I am now thinking to push back the interviews to practice more on the math side (my weakness).

  58. Sam

    The videos and book explain each topic in an understandable and comprehensive manner. It feels quite exhaustive and I don’t think there is much more to consulting math than what is presented in the materials. The video program is structured nicely as they start with the basics and then go into more advanced consulting math concepts and the approaches. I particularly liked the collection of exercises (the actual chart, business and case problems since for simple large number calculations you can also use a number generator on google) because they force you to apply what you have learned right away.

  59. Kristi

    Fantastic teaching and training material. I bought other consulting math programs and this is by a large margin the most tailored and effective one. If you need

    a. brush up on your high school math and learn all types of arithmetic operations for cases
    b. learn how to structure case math problems
    c. practice to become faster and more accurate

    this is the program for it! I highly recommend it.

  60. Hen.

    Very good program to review all the math problems faced in case interview before actually going for the interviews. The learning and practice materials are recommended.

  61. Deliah

    Brushed up on everything I’ve ever learned in school and reinforced topics that came easily to me. Very well summarized and laid out and organized. There are also a lot of helpful tips on the specific exercises that you don’t even think about.

  62. Alexander

    Very fast introduction to case math, I am completely satisfied. The program is very well structured and easy to follow. I can only recommend it, also the practice questions are well compiled.

  63. Brady

    All important topics are presented and explained in a simple manner. The many examples help with the understanding and the exercises help to strengthen the skills. Take this from someone who always had a hard time with math from high school on. Clear recommendation from me!

  64. Georges

    I had an issue with the download that was promptly resolved on a Sunday afternoon.

    The program is worth every penny. I have a non-quant background and so far I have found an understandable explanation and answer to all questions I had for case math as I have encountered it in some case books I practice with. I just started using the practice materials yesterday and still have a long road ahead of me until my interviews in June.

  65. Krish H

    I was very slow at arithmetic and by practicing daily since two weeks I am now coping much better with case math tasks. The videos teach you how to approach and calculate quickly and accurately and the practice books are great. The tasks are divided into different difficulty levels and the business and case examples are designed according to the tasks in the interview.

  66. L A

    I wanted to prepare for consulting interviews in a boutique firm and read a lot about the math needed. Since I already graduated from high school 9 years ago and haven’t used any math over the last years I bought this program.

    The videos and book are really good to prepare for that part of the interview and the practice question give you a structure to follow in your preparation. It was very helpful to learn the basics again, learn new relevant concepts and how it is applied in an interview context. Clear recommendation.

  67. Turki

    The videos give a good overview of consulting math and all elements. The explanations are particularly easy to understand without much expertise but also for people who are already more familiar with more advanced math concepts, the it serves as a good reference. In the drills, many practical examples have been included, which facilitate theoretical understanding, but also, practical skill building (what really matters when you sit across the interviewer).

  68. Marie

    I can highly recommend this program and the drills. The basics and more advanced topics are all explained very well with explanatory texts and videos and examples. It serves its purpose and as a refresher and gives ample opportunity to practice

  69. Stella

    Every question I had about case math was answered in the video course. I think the biggest benefit is that it teaches you basics and relevant concepts (ROI, break-even,…) but also not to just blindly memorize an approach but come up with your own for each case, learning how to think. The video course is excellent and I’m currently working through the drills. Happy with the purchase and hopefully it will work out with the offer…

  70. stephen

    The tips you find in this program are very helpful and the PDFs/Videos contain a lot of information that is crucial for case math. I watched the videos twice and now am working through the drills. I have tried some other resources but this product is for sure the most exhaustive and comprehensive I came across, and also frankly the lowest priced. thank you guys!

  71. sofia

    I like the different levels of difficulty for each exercise. The videos on each topic are helpful and I felt well prepared after spending 2 weeks with the materials. I appreciate the work.

  72. Tomas

    Very well explained and exhaustive, with many exercises and the corresponding solutions. Helps to refresh school knowledge and beyond.

  73. Björn

    Bought the program to practice and review my math skills for upcoming MBB interviews. The topics are very well explained and there are several PDFs with exercises and separate booklets with solutions. Exactly what I was looking for.

  74. Vasili

    I used this as the backbone of case math studies and I felt very well prepared since this was always a weak spot for me and all angles are cover. It is not a magic bullet, because you need to invest the time and put what you learn into practice.

    The program is very well structured, is very detailed about all aspects of case math and gives you more than enough exercises to practice what you learn. The pace is good and the Corona discount is a nice gesture.

    If you are serious about getting an offer in MBB, I think there is no way around putting in that time for your weak spots.

  75. Karol

    I advocate everyone who is struggling with math problems during the case to work through this program. It picks you up from the basics and then moves to more advanced concepts. It teaches you an approach that you can use for every math question and all the concepts, tricks and calculation shortcuts. The first part is intuitive, the latter needs you to work through the exercises.

    If you are like me who hasn’t done any math since high school the program will definitely bring you up to speed quickly.

  76. Jacques M.

    This is a good prep workshop, The videos are easy to follow, I learned a lot which I implemented in the mock sessions and the interviews. 5 stars!

  77. A.L.B.

    The videos and the exercises are the perfect combination to learn and practice approaching case math questions. It took me roughly 2-3 hours to go through the videos, then another maybe 30 to actually do the exercises. In total I spent maybe 2-3 weeks on it and repeated some of the math problems after a while. I can highly recommendend this package if you are serious about approaching math problems properly and then becoming faster in execution and better at communicating resutls.

  78. chris

    this is a good program. the videos are very concise and easy to follow. the exercises are a great mix to build your performance. the handbook is handy too as a quick reference guide. overall a definitive recommendation from my side

  79. P. W.

    Hey guys,

    despite I have studied statistics in depth and worked in the field I struggled a lot with the case-math. I tried LOMS, Pre-Lounge and other programs but I did not ace the math in the way that is necessary to be a top performer during an interview.

    The document Florian wrote has everything that is necessary to such a performer, and it is the best program on the net for math because

    (1) it includes all variants of math-problems,

    (2) it shows the best possible solutions, and

    (3) if you can master the all skills needed in the document, you are completely prepared for the math-part.

    Furthermore, Florian is an extraordinary empathic person and, therefore, a perfect coach. Please consider taking sessions with him if you are unsure about a point in the process. It is a save opportunity to get an offer in the competitive environment with e. g. McKinsey. He is just marvelous and gives you the competitive edge.

  80. Manuel

    Ive been working closely with Florian on my case performance over the last couple of weeks for the Big 3 and have consistently struggled with the math section and problems. Im having a much better time with structure and chart interpretation.

    The drills in this package I can do by myself and are a perfect add-on for the case interview program and it is currently the focus of my preparation to become faster and stop making mistakes 50 percent of the time.

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