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The ultimate case math preparation for McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

80% of the candidates we interview struggle with case interview math problems. Based on our experience, we have developed the ultimate Math package to help you prepare for your McKinsey, BCG, and Bain case interviews. The package consists of a 40-page guidebook explaining how to tackle case interview math, provides you with tips and tricks to 5x your math performance and speed, as well as gives you 2,000 math problems and detailed answer keys to upskill your performance before the interviews. 

With the purchase, you instantly get access to the video course with 25 videos and download the program consisting of the StrategyCase consulting math guidebook, 1000 basic math drills, 720 advanced math drills, 100 business math problems, 50 chart math questions (21 in full cases and 29 individually), and 21 full case interview math problems.


  • Learn from our McKinsey interviewer experience and coaching of 100s of candidates
  • 5x your math performance by becoming both faster and more reliable in your logic and calculations
  • Practice your skills with the ample materials provided in the package and roughly 20 hours of practice examples to work through (with detailed answer keys)

Case Interview Math Mastery Drills

2,000 math practice exercises with 1000 basic math drills, 720 advanced math drills, 100 business math problems, 50 chart math questions (21 in full cases and 29 individually), and 21 full case interview math problems.

Case Interview Math Mastery

Case math learning program with 25 videos and a 40-page PDF.


28 reviews for Case Math Mastery Pro

  1. Claire W.

    I decided to take the course to get an idea of what consultant math looks like and get ready for my interviews. A friend recommended me this one.

    Two things stood out:

    Firstly, the course provides a great insight into case math and everything that is related to it (the typical questions, the ways to tackle them from start to finish including the communication, fast math and calculation shortcuts…) and secondly, that I can use this course to prepare myself for them with tons of practice exercises.

  2. Greg

    Great help!

    The course provides a great overview of the types of possible math questions in a case interview but also teaches you how to approach math logic and calculations in a broader sense to be fit for any problem. Plenty of practice exercises to keep you busy. It was the only resource for the math section in my case prep and more than sufficient. Would buy again.

  3. Eliška

    I bought the math course as one of the last preparation materials for my mbb and tier2 interviews and am glad that I went through it in great detail. Thanks to the videos, books and the exercises I felt much less stressed and better prepared. You learn to understand typical math questions and rationale that goes into designing the questions to test new hires and that helped me a lot in my understanding of how to tackle it.

    The level of difficulty in the full case math exercises is, in my opinion, even a little higher than that of the real MBB math I experienced. I could thus cope with the tasks more quickly in the interviews. I only wished I got this course earlier in my prep.

  4. Luke

    To be honest, I did not buy this course to study for case interviews, but because it was highly interested in the process of it. I am soon going to start interviewing a couple of candidates for my team and want to use case studies in the process. I am using the course as a reference to create my own problem statements.

    I am very satisfied with the purchase. It is well written and communicated in a very understandable and detailed way. The structure of the course is clear and very helpful. It was really worth the investment and will be an enrichment for my professional life.

  5. Janice L.

    This course is a great resource for all things case interview math.

    I have become a bit rusty with quick mental math and wanted to get back at it before applying at MBB. This course covers much more than just quick math but the whole process of case math, how to create structures and approaches for every math problem, how to communicate and many other things ; and yes there are also quick math tips and tricks.

    The course It is supplemented with tons of practice material, which I am currently working through every day.

    It is easy to follow and well structured and for that price is a steal.

  6. fernanda

    the package is very comprehensive. I downloaded a theory book and several workbooks and answer key books right after purchase and got access to the video course. The content is exactly the same as advertised and you can see that the authors have deep knowledge of the consulting interviews and specifically the math aspect of it. I really regret not buying this earlier in my preparation as I am now thinking to push back the interviews to practice more on the math side (my weakness).

  7. Sam

    The videos and book explain each topic in an understandable and comprehensive manner. It feels quite exhaustive and I don’t think there is much more to consulting math than what is presented in the materials. The video program is structured nicely as they start with the basics and then go into more advanced consulting math concepts and the approaches. I particularly liked the collection of exercises (the actual chart, business and case problems since for simple large number calculations you can also use a number generator on google) because they force you to apply what you have learned right away.

  8. Kristi

    Fantastic teaching and training material. I bought other consulting math programs and this is by a large margin the most tailored and effective one. If you need

    a. brush up on your high school math and learn all types of arithmetic operations for cases
    b. learn how to structure case math problems
    c. practice to become faster and more accurate

    this is the program for it! I highly recommend it.

  9. Hen.

    Very good program to review all the math problems faced in case interview before actually going for the interviews. The learning and practice materials are recommended.

  10. Deliah

    Brushed up on everything I’ve ever learned in school and reinforced topics that came easily to me. Very well summarized and laid out and organized. There are also a lot of helpful tips on the specific exercises that you don’t even think about.

  11. Alexander

    Very fast introduction to case math, I am completely satisfied. The program is very well structured and easy to follow. I can only recommend it, also the practice questions are well compiled.

  12. Brady

    All important topics are presented and explained in a simple manner. The many examples help with the understanding and the exercises help to strengthen the skills. Take this from someone who always had a hard time with math from high school on. Clear recommendation from me!

  13. Georges

    I had an issue with the download that was promptly resolved on a Sunday afternoon.

    The program is worth every penny. I have a non-quant background and so far I have found an understandable explanation and answer to all questions I had for case math as I have encountered it in some case books I practice with. I just started using the practice materials yesterday and still have a long road ahead of me until my interviews in June.

  14. Krish H

    I was very slow at arithmetic and by practicing daily since two weeks I am now coping much better with case math tasks. The videos teach you how to approach and calculate quickly and accurately and the practice books are great. The tasks are divided into different difficulty levels and the business and case examples are designed according to the tasks in the interview.

  15. L A

    I wanted to prepare for consulting interviews in a boutique firm and read a lot about the math needed. Since I already graduated from high school 9 years ago and haven’t used any math over the last years I bought this program.

    The videos and book are really good to prepare for that part of the interview and the practice question give you a structure to follow in your preparation. It was very helpful to learn the basics again, learn new relevant concepts and how it is applied in an interview context. Clear recommendation.

  16. Turki

    The videos give a good overview of consulting math and all elements. The explanations are particularly easy to understand without much expertise but also for people who are already more familiar with more advanced math concepts, the it serves as a good reference. In the drills, many practical examples have been included, which facilitate theoretical understanding, but also, practical skill building (what really matters when you sit across the interviewer).

  17. Marie

    I can highly recommend this program and the drills. The basics and more advanced topics are all explained very well with explanatory texts and videos and examples. It serves its purpose and as a refresher and gives ample opportunity to practice

  18. Stella

    Every question I had about case math was answered in the video course. I think the biggest benefit is that it teaches you basics and relevant concepts (ROI, break-even,…) but also not to just blindly memorize an approach but come up with your own for each case, learning how to think. The video course is excellent and I’m currently working through the drills. Happy with the purchase and hopefully it will work out with the offer…

  19. stephen

    The tips you find in this program are very helpful and the PDFs/Videos contain a lot of information that is crucial for case math. I watched the videos twice and now am working through the drills. I have tried some other resources but this product is for sure the most exhaustive and comprehensive I came across, and also frankly the lowest priced. thank you guys!

  20. sofia

    I like the different levels of difficulty for each exercise. The videos on each topic are helpful and I felt well prepared after spending 2 weeks with the materials. I appreciate the work.

  21. Tomas

    Very well explained and exhaustive, with many exercises and the corresponding solutions. Helps to refresh school knowledge and beyond.

  22. Björn

    Bought the program to practice and review my math skills for upcoming MBB interviews. The topics are very well explained and there are several PDFs with exercises and separate booklets with solutions. Exactly what I was looking for.

  23. Vasili

    I used this as the backbone of case math studies and I felt very well prepared since this was always a weak spot for me and all angles are cover. It is not a magic bullet, because you need to invest the time and put what you learn into practice.

    The program is very well structured, is very detailed about all aspects of case math and gives you more than enough exercises to practice what you learn. The pace is good and the Corona discount is a nice gesture.

    If you are serious about getting an offer in MBB, I think there is no way around putting in that time for your weak spots.

  24. Karol

    I advocate everyone who is struggling with math problems during the case to work through this program. It picks you up from the basics and then moves to more advanced concepts. It teaches you an approach that you can use for every math question and all the concepts, tricks and calculation shortcuts. The first part is intuitive, the latter needs you to work through the exercises.

    If you are like me who hasn’t done any math since high school the program will definitely bring you up to speed quickly.

  25. Jacques M.

    This is a good prep workshop, The videos are easy to follow, I learned a lot which I implemented in the mock sessions and the interviews. 5 stars!

  26. A.L.B.

    The videos and the exercises are the perfect combination to learn and practice approaching case math questions. It took me roughly 2-3 hours to go through the videos, then another maybe 30 to actually do the exercises. In total I spent maybe 2-3 weeks on it and repeated some of the math problems after a while. I can highly recommendend this package if you are serious about approaching math problems properly and then becoming faster in execution and better at communicating resutls.

  27. chris

    this is a good program. the videos are very concise and easy to follow. the exercises are a great mix to build your performance. the handbook is handy too as a quick reference guide. overall a definitive recommendation from my side

  28. P. W.

    Hey guys,

    despite I have studied statistics in depth and worked in the field I struggled a lot with the case-math. I tried LOMS, Pre-Lounge and other programs but I did not ace the math in the way that is necessary to be a top performer during an interview.

    The document Florian wrote has everything that is necessary to such a performer, and it is the best program on the net for math because

    (1) it includes all variants of math-problems,

    (2) it shows the best possible solutions, and

    (3) if you can master the all skills needed in the document, you are completely prepared for the math-part.

    Furthermore, Florian is an extraordinary empathic person and, therefore, a perfect coach. Please consider taking sessions with him if you are unsure about a point in the process. It is a save opportunity to get an offer in the competitive environment with e. g. McKinsey. He is just marvelous and gives you the competitive edge.

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