Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Guide Bundle


Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Guide Bundle

(51 customer reviews)


📈 Boost Your Consulting Application with!


🔥 Unlock Your Dream Interview: Introducing the “Killer Consulting Resume Guide” – your essential weapon in cracking the stringent 75% screening barrier in management consulting applications. Remember, recruiters give a mere 20 seconds to your resume. With us, those seconds count.

🚀 Why This Guide is Your Game-Changer:

  • 🎯 Former McKinsey Recruiter’s Lens: Dive deep into the mindset of those who hold your future, understanding what truly captivates them.
  • 📄 Effortless Resume Craft: From structure to content, master the art of resume creation. Leverage a meticulously designed Word template, bursting with compelling examples, key phrases, and the essence of top-tier consulting dynamism.
  • 🚀 20-Second Impact: Captivate within the first glance! Our strategies ensure your resume doesn’t just pass through but stands out, resonating with the core values of your dream firm.
  • Maximize Efficiency: Why spend hours when you can craft excellence in 20 minutes? With our guide, efficiency meets efficacy, paving a smoother path into the consulting big leagues like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

🔒 Seamless Purchase: Dive into our 29-page guide and resume templates to transform your narrative immediately upon purchase.

Take the Lead, Stand Out, and Shine: In the challenging realm of consulting applications, let your resume be the beacon. Don’t let your potential fade into the crowd.

Cover Letter

🔥 Ace Your First Impression: Presenting the “Ultimate Consulting Cover Letter Guide”. In a world where 75% of consulting applications are sidelined, make sure yours tops the recruiter’s list. A well-crafted cover letter can be the gateway to your dream consulting interview.

🚀 What Makes This Guide Unparalleled:

  • 🎯 Decode the Recruiter’s Mind: Gain insights into what top-tier consulting recruiters truly look for in a cover letter.
  • ✍️ Masterful Letter Drafting: Comprehensive guidance on structure, formalities, and impactful content, complemented with potent examples and phrases tailored for students, graduates, and experienced professionals.
  • 🚀 Tell Your Story Powerfully: Learn the art of converting your qualifications and experiences into compelling narratives that bolster your application.
  • Efficiency at its Best: Craft a standout cover letter in as little as 10 minutes with the help of our templates. With our guide, precision meets speed, propelling you closer to the doors of consulting giants like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

🔒 Instant Purchase: Dive deep into our 24-page guide, rich with template paragraphs, phrases, and 3 full cover letter examples, immediately after purchase.

Stand Tall Amongst the Crowd: In the competitive consulting landscape, let your cover letter be the difference. With, channel your unique story and passion effectively.


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Pass Your Consulting Application Screening with Ease

Strategize for Success: Introducing the “Killer Consulting Resume Guide” and the “Ultimate Consulting Cover Letter Guide.” When 75% of consulting applications don’t make the cut, every detail matters.

Consider this: Recruiters spend an average of 20 seconds on each resume. Our guide ensures those seconds count in your favor. Additionally, a well-crafted cover letter can be the key to unlocking that sought-after consulting interview.

Resume Guide – Features Designed to Distinguish Your Application:

  1. Seeing Through a Recruiter’s Lens: Gain insights into what decision-makers truly value and prioritize based on the insights of former McKinsey consultants, who have screened thousands of resumes over the course of the last 10 years.
  2. Crafting a Stellar Resume: Embrace a comprehensive approach that covers structure, content, and aesthetics. Our Word template, infused with apt examples and critical phrases, encapsulates the essence of top consulting brands.
  3. Making an Impact in Brief Moments: Beyond grabbing attention, your resume should leave a lasting impression. We equip you with strategies to make your credentials memorable and aligned with your desired consultancy.
  4. Quick and Quality Deliverance: Design a top-tier resume in about 20 minutes. Our guide marries efficiency with quality, paving a smoother path to giants like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

Stand Out in the Crowd: In the challenging world of top-tier consulting applications, reimagine your professional journey. Dive into our comprehensive 29-page guide and tailor-made resume templates for a quick but transformative experience.


Cover Letter Guide – Tell A Story That Matters

  • Recruiter’s Insight: Gain clarity on what top-tier consulting firms truly look for in a cover letter based on the insights of former McKinsey consultants, who have screened hundreds of cover letters.
  • Crafting Excellence: Benefit from detailed guidance on structure, form, and content. Our guide comes complete with relevant examples and phrases suitable for students, recent grads, and experienced professionals.
  • Telling Your Story: Learn to integrate your qualifications and experiences into a cohesive, persuasive narrative to amplify your application’s impact.
  • Efficiency Meets Quality: Utilize our templates to produce a standout cover letter in just 10 minutes. Our approach marries precision with speed, bringing you a step closer to leading consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

Stand Out in a Sea of Applications: In the competitive world of consulting, your cover letter can be the deciding factor. With, express your unique story and motivation in a way that resonates with recruiters. Ready to make a lasting impression? Dive into our 24-page guide, complete with template sections, handpicked phrases, and three full cover letter examples.

51 reviews for Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Guide Bundle

  1. Anshul

    Very easy to write a nice resume and cover letter with these tools and templates

  2. Oliver

    Getting these two guides and template collection was a great start for my consulting applications. They contain all tips and tricks you need to create outstanding application documents, even if you are somewhat lacking in one of the required areas. I can also attest to the personal service I received. When I emailed a question about a specific job I held for just a couple of months, Florian answered me a detailed and helpful response in a couple of hours.

  3. Bárbara

    Very useful templates and information!!!!

  4. Rodolfo

    On the one hand, the books explain the basics of cvs and cover letters in detail and what is mostly relevant for consulting firms. On the other hand, they are, what I particularly like, linked with many simple practical examples that you can just copy and paste.

  5. Filip K

    Reading through the guides you can spot the many years of experience in recruiting the authors have. Both guides take you and guide you step to step to craft your resume and cover letter with plenty of examples and templates. I finished writing both documents in less than two hours following their approach:

    – Think about the experiences and skills you want to display
    – Take their templates and replace their examples with your own
    – Change a couple of sentences to fit your application


    The documents look good, are clean, and contain the key pieces of information that catch recruiters’ attention. I got invited to all interviews or screening tests I applied to.

  6. c.m.

    The resume and cover letter pack is good if you want to compile an application quickly. There are a lot of templates with proper formatting and text elements that should be included. You only need to replace part of the content with your own experiences and away you go. It is easy to create meaningful and appealing documents. Good stuff!

  7. Tereza

    When hiring started again after corona, I had to update my resume to re-apply. Both guides are quick to read in one go and very actionable. Instead of updating my old resume and cover letter, I decided to draft new ones by using the templates, keywords, and samples provided.

  8. Eduardo

    Good product! It is nice that the basics of McKinsey application documents are explained very extensively and every part of the cover letter and CV is discussed from the recruiters perspective with an eye on the details. The guides give you a content and communication strategy. The templates give you the right format for different backgrounds. Mix all 3 together and its easy and simple to write your own application documents.

  9. Anand

    GREAT. Very helpful for swiftly drafting your cover letter and resume in with the appropriate format and content for MBB.

    I briefly scanned the guides, took their templates to include my own information (copy and paste the information from my old resume for example), adjusting the key points and phrases, changed the cover letter stories a bit to tell my stories. Did the final check as recommended at the end. Took me me maybe 1 hour for the whole process

    Highly recommended!

  10. Dani

    The books give very practical tips and suggestions on concrete examples of how to apply successfully with MBB – especially how to highlight strengths and mitigate or leave out weaknesses or blanks. Furthermore, there are template phrases, example paragraphs and tips for the layout and the scope of an application. 5 stars and recommended for a quick fix.

  11. Y.M.

    Great help. Both PDFs are full of useful examples, tips & shorts cuts. I didnt use the resume template but if you are starting from scratch that might be useful too.

  12. Rico

    Superb customer service and help! The product itself, two documents and many templates, were very useful for my application marathon. Easy to tailor and work with, saves time and polishes the application. It was a good purchase decision.

  13. Richie

    I paid and when downloading got an error “Unable to serve the file at this time. The file does not support watermarking.” Nothing in my email as well.

    • StrategyCase

      Dear Richie, thanks for your purchase! Apologies for the server error. We resolved the situation immediately and have sent you the files manually via email 5 minutes after your purchase. If you have trouble with the download, please contact before writing a negative review about the product. We usually provide instant support. 🙂

  14. t

    concise and to the point. thanks!

  15. W

    I was looking for a quick and efficient fix and the materials got me all interviews I applied for. Would buy again.

  16. chao

    Super structured advice and templates. very efficient

  17. Sai

    very detailed and informative but a bit pricey

  18. Rob

    Straightforward content and templates, easy to use and tailor to my own story and a big time saver.

  19. Benjamin

    The intro is not really needed if you already know about the consulting industry. However, the content covering the cover letter and CV is solid and a big timer saver. Overall I am very happy with the purchase.

  20. wei li

    As advertised! I also used it to draft my IBD applications.

  21. Aditya

    The content is super detailed and you will for sure benefit from it a lot. Extra point for the personal customer service to answer some of my questions after purchase

  22. Jen

    highly recommended!

  23. Piotr

    Came here via Quora looking for advice on my application with McKinsey and BCG. I can highly recommend these guides. They made a difference for me for sure!

  24. David

    These guides saved me tons of time and the content is phenomenal

  25. Josh

    I thought its a primer but its super super detailed. I think everyone can take their own chunks out of the information that is most helpful.

  26. Luke Hall

    awesome! tried and tested with MBB and some tier 2s

  27. Samuel U

    I highly recommend both the application helpers and the mock interviews. You really get the last 10-20% out of it!

  28. Mike

    Good value!

  29. Flo B

    It’s really easy to write the application documents using the templates. It’s mostly copy and pasting the elements and formatting while changing the details to fit your resume and cover letter story. Can’t complain! Thanks!

  30. Steven

    up-to-date info and super convenient to use the format and snippets to draft one’s own documents quicly…

  31. Z.S

    helped us a lot!

  32. Jonathan S

    Descritpion of the product is accurate. Saved me a lot of time and it helped me to polish my application documents

  33. anne

    Good value add and value for money. The information is definitely much more tailored than what you learn in university consulting clubs. i think the German market is big enough to warrant a German version?

  34. Patrick

    Loved it! Also got some personal feedback along the way – thanks for that! Cheers, Patrick

  35. sebastian

    3/5 since I needed the documents urgently for my application deadline – there was some issue with getting the templates on time after I paid. I only received them with a ~1 day delay. content is 5/5, delivery of content for me was 1/5. not sure if it was a one time issue.

  36. Malin

    I like the two-in-one offer. The content itself is excellent. Thank you!

  37. tim

    I liked it. It complemented quite well what we learned at our local student consulting club.

  38. Gonzalo

    Amazing guides! I wish there was some translations into Spanish though – maybe in the future?

  39. julia

    Value for money is good. I was not sure to buy or not at first but there’s a money back clause so I did. I had a follow up question, which was promptly answered via mail. All in all, I can recommend the guides, especially the cover letter

  40. F.D.

    Bit pricey but effective…

  41. David A

    Saved me a lot of time! Wish me luck for MBB 🙂

  42. Aaron

    Good materials! Totally worth it!

  43. Sanil

    I can recommend it because of the time savings and templates

  44. kaankyildiz

    The guides are written pretty concisely and provide valuable advice that are hard to find anywhere else. The template and the tips are useful for both undergrad students and experienced consultants. The customer service is quick and super kind too.

  45. Josh F.

    Super helpful!

  46. Johannes

    As advertised. I shared it with my gf who is applying for industry roles since the content is quite transferable.

  47. Max E.

    The two guidebooks provide very structured advice and templates. It was quite easy to develop my ‘own’ story/ experience from it. Saved me quite some time, especially since the CV is pre-formatted to a very high standard.

  48. Henrik

    Material is good. -1 stars since it is only in English. Would be cool to have a German version also…

  49. Marcus S.

    Worked for me. The templates are super useful!

  50. Sandra

    Content is worth the money. Had issues with the payment process – but was resolved swiftly.

  51. Alex

    The CV template and cover letter snippets helped me to compile my application documents in less than 2 hours. I think I was able to really tailor the content to what the firms are looking for. I applied three weeks ago the tier 1 and a selection of 2nd tier firms abroad and got invited to all tier 1 first rounds already.

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