Case Interview Examples (2024): A Collection from McKinsey and Others

case interview examples from consulting firms such as mckinsey, bcg or bain

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

Whenever you prepare for case interviews, you have to practice as realistically as possible and mimic the real case study interview at McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and others. One way to do this and make your preparation more effective is to practice real cases provided by the firms you apply to.

It will help you to understand what the differences are across firms, how they structure and approach their cases, what dimensions are important to them, and what solutions they consider to be strong.

Below is a steadily expanding selection of real case interview examples provided by different management consulting firms.

Before wasting your money on case interview collection books that use generic cases, use original cases first. Additionally, use professional case coaches, who interviewed for the top firms, to mimic the real interview experience and get real, actionable feedback to improve.

Please be aware that cases are just one part of a typical consulting interview. It is equally important to prepare for behavioral and fit interview questions.

McKinsey Case Interview Examples

We have written a detailed article on the McKinsey application process, the McKinsey interview timeline, the typical McKinsey case interview, and the McKinsey Personal Experience interview here. You can expect similar cases regardless of your position (e.g. in a McKinsey phone case interview or interviewing for a McKinsey internship as well as a full-time BA, Associate, or Engagement Manager role).

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Case interview Examples

Bain and Company case interview examples

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Deloitte Case Interview Examples

Strategy& Case Interview Examples

Accenture Case Interview Examples

Kearney Case Interview Examples

Roland Berger Case Interview Examples

Oliver Wyman Case Interview Examples

LEK Case Interview Examples

Simon Kucher Case Interview Examples

OC&C Case Interview Examples

Capital One Case Interview Examples

Bridgespan Case Interview Examples

Consulting Clubs Case Interview Books

Contact us at for a collection of consulting club case interview books (from Harvard, ESADE, LBS, Columbia, etc.).

How We Help You Ace Your Case Interviews

We have specialized in placing people from all walks of life with different backgrounds into top consulting firms both as generalist hires as well as specialized hires and experts. As former McKinsey consultants and interview experts, we help you by

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